Manchester Checkpoint

On July 15th members of the Manchester PD and New Hampshire State gangs set up a roadblock on S Willow St near the TD bank and detained drivers and passangers at random. As is usual, several people showed up with signs to warn drivers of the aggressions ahead while there was still an opportunity to turn onto another street. That night however, we were not at site when the checkpoint started. For a while the gang members had always detained people on Bridge street, and that is where we anticipated that they would be, though it was not the only location that we checked. We were beginning to think that the checkpoint had been called off when we heard a call on the scanner

about an arrest at a checkpoint. Approximately 10 people, most of them libertarians, held signs warning drivers of the impending aggressions ahead. Reactions from drivers and passengers were varied, as they always are, and ranged from waving and yelling “fuck the police,” to one individual who stopped in the road to ask us if we had anything better to do at 1am on a Friday night and that we should go home. What that individual was doing at 1am on that Friday night is unknown. Most driver, including most drivers who gave us negative reactions, were able to turn onto a side road and avoid the gang members.

178 people, not counting passengers were temporarily kidnapped that night. There were 5 arrests, only one of which was for DWI. The other four victims were arrested for a bench warrant, disobeying a gang member, driving without papers, and possession of an undisclosed substance.Source I saw one car being stolen, presumably it was the car being driven by the person who was unable to prove that they were sober to the gang members.

Warning people of police aggressions at checkpoints is relatively safe in New Hampshire. I am never in any real fear of gang members when I engage in checkpoint blocking, and as far as I know, no one has been kidnapped or robbed for doing it here. Gangs in other states can be more aggressive than those in New Hampshire, and people have been kidnapped Checkpoint Arrest  and robbed Checkpoint Citation for warning others of checkpoints in other places.

I always knew that knowing the location of the checkpoint ahead of time would not last forever. We were not able to warn as many people last Friday as we usually are, but it’s worth it if we are able to save just one person from police aggression.

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  1. The new normal is one of shifting rights to revocable privileges, ie , “a Police State”.  

    Thanks to all those who resist.

  2. When I think of pretty much everything I could be doing on a Friday night at 1am, participating in an effort like  this with fellow libertarians, ranks way up there.

  3. It would seem the activists think they are winning some war on checkpoints.  You are not.  These checkpoints do work. Catching even one DUI driver can save tax payers a lot of money. Should that driver hit someone or kill someone, that can run into major $$$$$ NH allows this because the states constitution allows checkpoints. In the long run, they will continue for many many years.

  4. Jumping Jacks

    I  don’t think your state heinie lick maneuver will save you from choking on your own cognitive dissonance.

  5. Jumping Jacks By this “logic”, we should just bring back Prohibition.  How can we ever exist without your ilk “saving” us from ourselves?

  6. WEEDA CLAUS Jumping Jacks Since you don’t have anything intelligent to say, it would appear checkpoints will continue on.

  7. lcharles14 Jumping Jacks No one is saving you activists from “ourselves”. People like you eventually go away and never heard from again.

  8. The “heinie lick” maneuver? Smoke another one yah libertard. Get a clue.


    Please refer to me as an Extra National Man of Intrigue, rather than a libtard.    I don’t think I qualify as a libtard.   Thank you.   BTW, since you seem to have the mentality of a regular television game show watcher, would you like to buy a vowel?  Your name  seems a little consonant heavy.

  10. It’s libertard asswipe, OK man of intrigue Austin Powers? Now it’s get a fucking clue to you sir.

  11. WEEDA CLAUS GGGMAN  That G triade is awful, isn’t it WEEDA? I suppose Michael believes this new moniker of his looks more menacing than “BSIZZLE”. Personally, I prefer to use his God-given name. Someday, WEEDA, you’ll have to ask Michael how I inveigled him into revealing it.

  12. Jumping Jacks lcharles14

    Please be more specific.

    Gulag ?  Fema Camp ?     Or were you just referring to the USA having the highest prison population in the world ?

  13. WEEDA CLAUS Jumping Jacks lcharles14 As usual, you will not see what reality is. These checkpoints work. You can say what you want but the fact is these checkpoints will be around a lot longer then you and I.

  14. Jumping Jacks WEEDA CLAUS lcharles14

    Doesn’t the State of NH sell alcohol via a forcible monopoly  ?   

    Your pious piety is a little pedantic, platitudinous and petulant.

  15. GGGMAN

    The “extra national” part was what I wanted you to notice dammit!  The “man of intrigue” was kinda just filler for a lengthy boastful title.  Geez!

  16. WEEDA CLAUS Jumping Jacks lcharles14 You really have no clue. I suggest you study what these checkpoints are and what they are for. Remember to keep your personal bias out of your research. No one is forcibly selling alcohol. You can either take it or leave it.

  17. WEEDA CLAUS GGGMAN  You might want to avoid using figurative language with Michael, WEEDA. He only understands abstract intellectual concepts when they’re presented to him with the help of visual aids.

  18. Jumping Jacks WEEDA CLAUS lcharles14

    Well Jacks while you’re still looking for clues, I believe I’ve solved the riddle.

    My personal bias is that I own myself and so do you.  Which part of that would you like me to discard when doing my research?

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