Candidate Profile: Ian Freeman, Democratic Candidate for Governor

Thanks to Darryl W Perry who again has invited candidates on the primary ballots in Keene to drop into the Cheshire TV studios to record a five minute candidate profile. Here’s mine, which I winged on 7/21 after having just got back to the Shire from D10E, the decentralization conference in San Francisco:

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  1. Candidates spotlight, eh Ian Bernard?
    It’s a good representation of the spotlight that the FBI will use whist investigating your deviant ass before they “cage” you for a long time.
    You my friend are going to be the perfect candidate for Federal Prison! Good luck!

  2. What is the purpose of Ian “running” for governor? He has multiple arrests and convictions, he is currently under investigation for child pornography and has another investigation going on for drugs. You couldn’t get a worse candidate.

  3. Jumping Jacks

    Could you please list all of the people that Ian has caused personal harm to ?   I’m not aware of anyone individual he’s aggressed against, are you?

    Anybody can be “convicted” of breaking a law.  For instance I’m sure even you would assist a runaway slave escape from his masters if he asked for your help despite it being completely illegal to have done so.


    Oh c’mon.   Maggie Hassan spit on federal drug schedule rules / laws when she  “allowed” medical marijuana in NH.   You don’t think Maggie would let  feds harm Ian do you ?  She’s obviously a big time secessionist and champion of freedom.

    Oh by the way, didn’t the Feds themselves run a kiddie porn site illegally ?

    Geez it’s a little fuzzy just which laws are meaningful these days eh?

  5. someone should do it for senate candidates

  6. WEEDA CLAUS Jumping Jacks The people he hurt are those the prosecutor represents. The prosecutor represents the people. He is being investigated for child porn. He has an open drug case against him. He also has multiple convictions. For him to even post a statement of running for governor is hilarious and stupid at the same time.

  7. Jumping Jacks WEEDA CLAUS

    Everyone is being “investigated”  Jumping Jacks, that’s how a police state works. 

    If a person in Berlin NH ingests an “illegal drug”, do “the people” in Portsmouth somehow feel a sharp pain at the moment of the ingestion?  How does that work?   Who, which person, specifically is harmed?

    Who, specifically, has Ian aggressed against?

    Prosecutors represent laws, whether the law itself is moral or not.   Thus prosecutors agree to commit immoral acts for pay on a nonconsensual basis, as the money they receive is taken forcibly from others.  I don’t want people like that representing me, do you?   That sounds hilarious and stupid.

  8. WEEDA CLAUS Jumping Jacks No, not everyone is being investigated. Your paranoia has no bounds. Ian will never be elected. He is a known convicted criminal with an open investigation for child porn and drugs against him. Just the fact that you stand up for that idiot only shows how brainwashed you truly are.

  9. Jumping Jacks WEEDA CLAUS

    Doesn’t the NSA record just about everything, including the discourse you and I are engaging in?  

    You still haven’t told me which individual Ian has aggressed against.  I mean if prosecutors represent the “the whole state”, you’d think even a state worshipping sychophant like you could come up with just one name of a person he harmed.

    I don’t think Ian’s an idiot, I’d guess his i.q. puts him in the high 90 something percentile.   So, hardly an idiot.  If a person is convicted of  a”victimless crime” and you go along with that, I’d posit you could be the one brainwashed.

  10. WEEDA CLAUS Jumping Jacks If you’ll remember WEEDA, Jacks has indicated in previous threads that he would in fact not help a runaway slave. To him, his viewpoint on right and wrong is perfectly sound – he believes that moral principles are determined by what is popular at the time, and not by more objective characteristics such as intent to do harm or the existence of victims. Jacks prefers to follow this sort of moral template because he believes that it’s society that should be the authority that guides behavior, not personal choice, and certainly not reason. He’s completely broken by these ideas. This is why he despises anyone who suggests that there are other templates one could peacefully live by.

  11. Jumping Jacks WEEDA CLAUS You know Jacks, considering that you’ve been such a zealous detractor of Edward Snowden, I would have thought that you would be able to show at least some familiarity with the scandal concerning the NSA’s US spy program. I wonder how you missed reading about that? It was all over the news. You didn’t forget, did you Jacks?

  12. The FBI ran a kiddie porn site to try and catch sick bastards like Ian Bernard, Richard Paul, and David Crawford! It’s not illegal if your trying to catch criminals, it’s illegal to watch and view such sick shit. I hope that it wasn’t even Ian Bernard who was viewing such deviant web sites at his home, and that it was his friends who were, because that would make Ian guilty by association and the whole lot of them would be “caged” for a long time!
    I hope they all rot in a jail for the rest of their insignificant lives!

  13. GGGMAN Michael darling, are you still unable to grasp the essential principle that good governance is derived from the accountability of its administrators? How can you expect anything other than chaos when exceptions are made for government agents who purposely violate the law?

  14. You know Jacks, now now Michael darling, nip, humiliation successful blah, blah, blah…..
    Sincerely Mr. Boredom.

  15. GGGMAN My goodness, Michael dear. You’ve managed to last almost three whole days before posting another of your magnificent temper tantrums. That might be a new record, don’t you think lamb? And I see that you’ve even signed it off using an inspirational new pen name. How delightful! You know Michael, maybe next time you could sign off as “Mr. Shear Boredom” instead? And please don’t trouble yourself in spelling the word “Sheer” correctly, darling. I don’t think you’d be making the name truly yours if you did.

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