Secessionist Candidate for NH Governor Appears on Manch Morning Radio’s “Girard at Large”

I spent most of an hour with Rich Girard on his morning show, “Girard at Large” at WLMW-FM in Manchester, bright-and-early at 6:20am on Friday. It was my first time on his show and we had a good discussion about secession, the state and religion, drug prohibition, the death penalty, and abortion. Thanks to Rich and his crew for the opportunity! Here are the show segments:

Part 1 of 2:

Part 2 of 2:

Girard’s comments after the interview was over:

As you may be aware, I am running for governor as a democrat and member of the NH Liberty Party, a pro-secession political party. For more campaign media, see my page over on

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  1. Another loser trying to grasp some limelight.  Gov. Hassan has absolutely nothing to worry about. She does a great job and has kept her campaign promises.

  2. x

  3. Jumping Jacks

    So, when Maggie Hassan told the feds to take their controlled drug schedule and pound sand she WASN’T committing a disobedient secessionist act ?

  4. I thought Ian did a good job of describing am important difference between “state approved churches” and real churches.
    Thanks Ian !

  5. WEEDA CLAUS Jumping Jacks Nope

  6. Jumping Jacks WEEDA CLAUS

    I’m no fan of Maggie or any other politician for that matter, but hasn’t Maggie explicitly disobeyed a federal edict  ?    

    Isn’t that what secessionists do, disobey, rather than comply with the central authority which claims dominance over them ?

  7. WEEDA CLAUS Jumping Jacks You are grasping at straws. Besides, Ian is under investigation for child porn. He doesn’t have a snowballs chance in hell.

  8. Jumping Jacks WEEDA CLAUS

    If this were Animal Farm, right about now, you’d be proclaiming, “Snowball did it” .

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