Bill Weld Says He Agrees With Non-Aggression Principle – Video

Bill Weld

Bill Weld Confronted in Keene About the Non-Aggression Principle

For those who are new to libertarianism the most important thing to learn about is the non-aggression principle, which says that it’s wrong to initiate force against others for any reason.

To libertarians, the use of force is only acceptable in defense of yourself, others, or property. As former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld told me Friday, it’s the “bedrock principle” of the libertarian movement.

Given Weld’s public statements that have been very unlibertarian, I was surprised when not only did he acknowledge its existence, but even claimed to agree with it. Is this video the first time Bill Weld has talked publicly about the non-aggression principle during the whole campaign?

Since Weld and Gary Johnson were nominated in May by the national Libertarian Party, many libertarians have been sharply divided by the decision.

Some, like Free Keene blogger Darryl W Perry have criticized the national LP for watering down the message of liberty. Darryl even recently reactivated his campaign for president as a write-in candidacy in several states to give principled libertarians a choice.

Others, like Free Keene blogger Rich Paul are enthusiastically behind the Johnson/Weld campaign, excited that their “pragmatic” approach will bring more votes and publicity to the LP.

It’s important to remember that Weld and his co-presidential candidate Gary Johnson are both professional politicians. That means they are smooth, good with people, and are likely liars. I’d love to believe that Weld believes in the non-aggression principle, but if he’s not talking about it in his mainstream media interviews and taking positions on issues based on that principle, then I can’t support his campaign in any meaningful way besides to say that Johnson/Weld are the best choice of the candidates on the ballot. That said, I’ll be writing in Darryl W Perry.

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