Libertarian Candidates Under Attack Statewide As Election Looms

Keith Ammon Hitpiece Flyer

This Evil Man Wants You to Be Free

Across the state, libertarians are under major attack from the powers-that-be. This sort of thing doesn’t happen to libertarians anywhere else but New Hampshire. In other states the republicans and democrats in the establishment can safely ignore the libertarians, but in NH we are a real threat to the status quo. This year (as in previous years), untold thousands of dollars are being spent to publicly out candidates statewide as “free-staters” via blog posts and even fancy full-color direct mail propaganda flyers. Despite the haters’ efforts to stop us, our share of the legislature continues to grow.

As they did in 2014’s state elections, statist group “Granite State Progress” has published names of the people they believe to be “Free Staters”, aka libertarians who are running as republicans and democrats for state rep and state senate.

Granite State Progress did the same thing in 2014. They thought they were going to hurt the Free Staters, but all they really did was inadvertently promote the libertarians’ campaigns! The haters are publishing attack blogs and spending who knows how much money to mail hitpiece flyers to households in various towns. For a recent example, check out this year’s attack on incumbent state representative and Free State Project early mover Keith Ammon. They try to make the liberty-loving family man look like he hates families. Of course, anyone who knows Keith knows that’s not true. He loves liberty and the freedom to choose.

Carla Gericke Keenevention 2014

Former Free State Project President Carla Gericke Calls Out the Haters

In their 2016 blog expose, Granite State Progress outs dozens of alleged “Free Staters”, but as with the previous year they miss some and misidentify others. Technically, a Free Stater should be defined as someone who moved to New Hampshire as a participant in the Free State Project, but over the years the people who want to protect the status quo have turned it into a pejorative meaning anyone active at reducing government. No matter. The candidates who were named should thank GSP for the free publicity for their campaigns. They’ve effectively published a handy voter’s guide for liberty!

Nowhere else in the United States does this happen to libertarians besides New Hampshire. That’s because in no other place are the libertarians any sort of threat to the status quo. Here, we are because we’ve chosen New Hampshire to concentrate our efforts. Thousands of libertarians have moved here in the last decade-or-so and the statists hate it. The government’s supporters are desperate to stop the inevitable death of the decrepit, inhumane institution of “the state” but their efforts to publicize will only help us grow stronger. Former Free State Project president and now secessionist leader and candidate for state senate Carla Gericke called out the haters in an excellent recent blog post, so be sure to check that out.

If you haven’t yet made the move here to join the largest concentration of libertarians, voluntarists, and liberty-loving anarchists, what are you waiting for? How much more evidence do you need that we can actually win here?

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  1. Jumping Jacks Just Libertarians, Jacks? What about Democrats? Or Republicans? Or Communists? I know how much you admire dishonesty, Jacks, so do you consider the “good” ones as being the ones who never get caught?

  2. It’s true. Most people I’ve spoken to never heard of the FSP before they saw these pathetic ads.

  3. Nobody wants to be a serf to the Koch Brothers

  4. The gig is up! We all know FSP and FK are front groups to Koch heads

  5. Free stater aka Koch employees running as Republicans. How not shocking

  6. I wouldn’t call it under attack as suppose to lack of influence by libertarians.

  7. Poor FSP victims.

  8. This is great. I’m amazed at how stupid the democrats and republicans are. They think Free States are hiding behind democrat and republican labels when that’s not the reality. The reason we’re having to do that is because it’s harder to run as a libertarian. Third party candidates are made to do work that republican and democratic candidates aren’t. If you look at the polls most people want less government so this theoretically is going to hurt the republicans and democrats by introducing liberty-minded people to the fact they have a third option.

  9. Jumping Jacks How does that work? The people not contributing are the ones on welfare and similar. While some libertarians are on welfare it’s not because they believe in welfare. It’s because the money has already been stolen from them. They still want to eliminate welfare. Most free starters are employed and the only reason people say otherwise is because they aren’t letting the government deprive them of there hard earned money.

  10. Jumping Jacks

    The State of NH holds a forcible (criminal) monopoly on the sale of hard liquor.  Having a forcible monopoly on the sale of something, puts them on the same page, tactically speaking, as the mafia.   

    I’d like to put a huge distance between myself and people who use offensive force as a primary means.

  11. What you’re saying is that Free Staters are too lazy to do the extra work to run as libertarians. That’s no surprise. Voting Republican isn’t hiding behind a label. It’s what they all do. They are not a third option. Liberty for white men!

  12. WEEDA CLAUS  You mean you want to be the offensive force.

  13. powertool WEEDA CLAUS

    No, that’s not what I mean.  I understand the difference between offensive force and defensive force.
    Nobody, including government, has any right to use offensive force.  Everybody has the right to use defensive force.   I hope that clears things up for you.  Have a great day.

  14. WEEDA CLAUS The FSP wants to take over the state of NH, by forcible means, if necessary. Spin that into “defensive” for us.

  15. WEEDA CLAUS Jumping Jacks Like it or not there will always be government

  16. powertool WEEDA CLAUS So you’re acknowledging that you understand that the democratic process is a form of force? That’s bold admission for you to be making, isn’t it powertool? You probably shouldn’t be giving away the secret of what democracy is at its core, dear. The rest of the leftists might get very cross with you.

  17. Jumping Jacks WEEDA CLAUS And like it or not, Jacks, there will always be groups of people who oppose it.

  18. Jumping Jacks
    They demand that they not be forced to “contribute”, being forced to contribute is not a contribution, it is a taking, aka stealing.

    However, even when not forced to contribute, they in fact do contribute voluntarily.

  19. Drac Vermell powertool WEEDA CLAUS
    An honest democratic process, is the means by which collective decision making is accomplished.
    As humans, we have an individualist nature, and we have a socialistic nature.
    Since we do live together as a community/tribe/society, and we share resources, there needs to be a method to determine what the fair average sentiment of the society is, and what it wants to do collectively.
    That is of course all subject to the individuals’ desire to interact with society, which trumps anything that society proffers to the individual.

  20. garyonthenet Drac Vermell powertool WEEDA CLAUS
    There are three things missing from your statement that you failed to address, Gary.
    1. There is no such thing as an honest democratic process.
    2. Democracy does precisely what it’s designed to do – steal other people’s property.
    3. A system already exists that allows the sharing of resources – it’s called the free markets.

  21. Drac Vermell Jumping Jacks WEEDA CLAUS Which means what? Nothing

  22. garyonthenet Jumping Jacks If you live in a city you reinvest within that community. I see no libertarians doing that.

  23. democrats and republicans  dont want  3rd parties  ,throw obstacles in the way and then complain “oh hes not a democrat” … and all the complainers here  are like monkey sheep doing the same thing but yet everyone …knows there needs to be drastic chaange  and  the ones that complain about third party infiltration   are electing hillary and trump…

  24. Jumping Jacks Drac Vermell WEEDA CLAUS Well then what are you so worried about, Jacks? I mean, you sure do complain an awful lot for a guy who has nothing to worry about.

  25. DavidCrawford4 I’m surprised to hear you calling your buddies “monkey sheep.” No matter how much they complain, that does seem unkind.

  26. Jumping Jacks garyonthenet No Jacks. When you invest in something, there is the expectation that it will yield some sort of return. As it is, most “investments” towards government yield nothing but rising costs and terrible service. That’s why these “investments” aren’t voluntary in the first place.

  27. Drac Vermell If you stopped inventing “acknowledgements” you’d be left with nothing to say, Drac. How unfortunate that would be.

  28. Drac Vermell Jumping Jacks Whereas your responses are rife with jackoffisms.

  29. Jumping Jacks WEEDA CLAUS

    I freed a thousand slaves and could have freed a thousand more if they’d only known they were slaves – Harriet Tubman

  30. powertool Drac Vermell Jumping Jacks Now, now, old bean. If you’re so offended, then why don’t you help Jacks in this noble crusade of his and start flagging my comments? That’s what you left-wingers do when you can’t hold up your end of the argument, isn’t it?

  31. powertool Drac Vermell Well now, I didn’t actually have to invent those pesky problems with democracy, not did I old bean? Those flaws were well understood long before you or I were born. It’s a damn shame just how much democracy hurts the ones it intends to help, isn’t it? I sure hope you’re enjoying those 25% higher Obamacare premiums.

  32. Drac Vermell garyonthenet powertool WEEDA CLAUS
    1. Yes there can be. The quality control on the process determines how fair it is.
    2. Democracy that does not trump personal liberties and property does not steal other peoples’ property.
    3. Yes.

  33. FSP runs as republicans because they align to the right wing teabaggers and conservatives in supporting every regressive backwoods policy in the NH state house. Makes American Enterprise Institute, their paymasters, very happy.

  34. Sorry assnuts- we are not going to let you LIbertarians sell off Keene and other fine well run towns to the Koch brothers. Go back to Florida and finish the destruction of that shithole state.

  35. garyonthenet Drac Vermell powertool WEEDA CLAUS
    1. & 2. There can’t be any effective quality control process here because democracy is a plurality system at its core. This means that in every democratic contest there is no way to ensure that everyone will be happy with the result. This is especially true for those who (for whatever the reason) refuse to participate in these contests in the first place. Perhaps if those who refused to vote were not obligated to abide by the decisions made by those who did, then you might have a point here. But that scenario would be more in line with a contract negotiation wouldn’t it?

  36. DoubleDoh I’m sorry DoubleDoh, but leftists like yourself won’t have any say in this. You might want to move to Massachusetts or Vermont where there are more of your types around.

  37. Yawn…

  38. Drac Vermell garyonthenet powertool WEEDA CLAUS
    Democracy would deal with any commonly shared service, resource or product.
    It would have no purchase on individual liberties or private properties.
    That is how you can reconcile democracy with libertarianism.

  39. DoubleDoh
    You don’t sell off resources you need.
    I don’t think you understand libertarianism much.

  40. powertool WEEDA CLAUS

    Panarchy is a mode of co-existence.  A neutral situation.

    A coercion based state, like New Hampshire, is not.   It is formed and maintained via offensive force as a principal means.

    Your question was flawed from the get go and sort of like “do you still beat your wife” ?

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