WMUR-TV’s Amy Coveno Assaults Independent Reporter on Video

Dave Ridley of RidleyReport.com was outside a primary voting location in Bedford where he encountered slimeball mayor of Manchester Ted Gatsas being interviewed by WMUR-TV reporter Amy Coveno. Ridley at one point steps into the shot of the WMUR camera and Coveno responds by nervously shifting her position before actually physically assaulting Dave by grabbing his camera.

As she does it, she says “Hey, you’re distracting me from my job, thanks.”, then lets go. As though him being a distraction in a public place gives her the right to commit assault against him. Here’s the video evidence:

The real shame is that you’d think reporters would respect and understand the freedom of the press, but clearly Ms. Coveno believes there are a special set of rules that apply to mainstream media. And, she’s probably right. WMUR-TV is licensed by the FCC and that licensing scheme keeps out potential competitors from the marketplace. WMUR is literally paying a criminal gang for protection.

Some would argue that Dave should not have gotten in their shot, but a more respectful, professional response from Coveno would have been to stop her questioning of Gatsas for a moment and then ask Dave to step out of their shot. Whether he would have or not is another question, but part of the risk of recording video in public places is that someone can either on purpose or inadvertently get into the background of your shot and do something stupid or offensive.

Coveno should know better and she owes Dave at least an apology and she’s lucky she didn’t damage his camera.

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  1. He got what he deserved for being an obnoxious fuck. But then again WMUR sucks.

  2. He was standing in the way. He was asked to move and he acted like a baby and threw a temper tantrum. freekeeners are not victims and never have been. Ian wrote an article wondering why the freekeeners numbers are going down, This is one reason. Acting like self entitled idiots won’t get you very far. Why won’t Ridley do a story on Ian being investigated for child porn. Oh wait, you own Ridley. Pull up your big girl panties and quit with the school yard he said she said.

  3. Big deal. Did he go to his corner and suck his thumb and pout?

  4. You guys make me laugh! Thanks

  5. What was Ridley doing so close to the action?  His usual mode of operation is to stand out in the hallway (if inside) or off to the side (when outside) and waylay people when they are coming to and/or going from whatever it is that he is ostensibly covering.

  6. Hahahaha you got your ass kicked by hot reporter

  7. She sure acts like she works for the system.

  8. I love how the “friend” starts telling Ridley what to do.

  9. Ridley probably got such a huge boner when Coveno touched his camera. Probably jerked off to the though of all the hits his video would get. He’s lucky she didn’t actually assault him, I bet she could have knocked his teath down his throte.

  10. why be an ass to Amy? just wait your turn, oh that’s right you have to cause problems so YOU can get the air time. Get a life

  11. That’s “ASSAULT” BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! what kind of p&ssy are you???????????

  12. Cry baby. She touched my camera. Lol reslly snowflake

  13. Putting your hand over someone’s lens is not assault.

  14. I can show real Crime and Corruption. I have irrefutable evidence of the Merrimack Police Department committing state crimes, federal crimes and deprivation of rights under color of law. I can show how the courts have deprived me my rights as a victim of crime, victim of domestic violence and a tenant who was unlawfully removed from his home, through self help eviction by the Merrimack police and no judicial process. I have emails between the police and my landlord conspiring to violate my rights. I was unlawfully arrested without warrants, drugged and sexually assaulted in police custody. I was arrested fourteen times in a row and over two dozen charges, all dismissed (lack of prosecution).You want a story, get back to me.
    New Hampshire is the State of Corruption!!!
    Corrupt Judges protect Corrupt Cops!!!
    I have had my life threatened by police and attempts on my life.


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