Fundraiser Launched for Manchester Shooting Victim

At 2:20 in the morning on November 5th, 2016 Jarrod Ean-Dixon was shot four times

The Free State Project flag replaced the traditional Gadsden snake with a porcupine, a more peaceful creature - unless it's provoked

The Free State Project flag replaced the traditional Gadsden snake with a porcupine, a more peaceful creature – unless it’s provoked

in his abdomen, at close range.

The shooting occurred in Manchester NH as the result of an argument that started over a flag. Offended by the porcupine used on the Free State Project‘s flag, the gunman became aggressive both verbally and physically until ultimately he drew a gun and pulled the trigger four times.

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Being an active member of the liberty community, Jarrod has earned the love and respect of many activists in and around Manchester, New Hampshire.  His close friends have started collecting funds for his rising medical bills and day-to-day costs.  Jarrod will be unable to work while he heals, and he is the father of three children.

In just 5 hours, the community has raised nearly $2,000, which includes over $300 in bitcoin donations.  Activists are also purchasing clothing and other items with the porcupine flag’s image on them, in order to raise funds and to show solidarity with Jarrod.  We still have a long way to go in making Jarrod whole.

More information and updates are available at  Please consider donating.

Jarrod Ean-Dixon, with the youngest of his 3 children

Jarrod Ean-Dixon, with the youngest of his 3 children

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  1. What about innocent woman caught in the crossfire of this stupid teabilly fight. She caught an errant bullet while she was trying to change a tire. You all are really turning our peaceful mind your own business state into some sort of violent XBox video game – go back to Florida and shoot yourselves to death there.

  2. DoubleDoh  So much for being peaceful and minding your own business…

  3. It was a ridiculous reason to pull a gun on someone and shoot. I sincerely hope he recovers. Unfortunately this is the type of behavior that has come out of these activist groups. They are unpredictable, dangerous, and disorganized.

  4. Jumping Jacks No this is the type of behavior that you can expect from your criminal government and the sheeple who worship it. Free Staters and Keeniacs are for the most part very peaceful people.

  5. Jumping Jacks  I feel as though you are having trouble understanding what was written in this “article”.  It wasn’t the activist who shot someone..  The activist was shot..

  6. DavidJurist Jumping Jacks No, no they are not. Being peaceful doesn’t mean being arrested for solicitation of children like Kyle Tasker, Ian and his child pornography investigation, Chis Cantwell with his pathetic violent behavior. Lark Rose with his BS when to shoot a cop. Copblock with it’s losers advocating violence against police officers. And the list goes on

  7. BrianWirth Jumping Jacks Yes I know. When there is trouble, you will find an activist in the middle of it. I’m sure he could have backed out of that situation but instead stayed and got what he didn’t want. It probably would have ended if he walked away before it got out of control.

  8. I hope he fully recovers from his injuries.
    All of this violence over a flag.

  9. “Free Staters and Keeniacs are, for the most part, very peaceful people.” David you just blew it for you’re credibility as a peaceful group by stating that “for the most part” we are a peaceful bunch. It’s startling how much violence and hate you people have caused and been part of over the years. Thank you for your honesty.

  10. Milwaukee Now Milwaukee darling, do you really think that you’re presenting an honest argument here by blaming this incident solely upon its victim and the organization to which he belongs? After all, the victim here was shot by a man who was not part of the FSP. It’s almost as if you’re trying to justify an attempted murder simply because the victim here belongs to an organization that promotes ideas which you disagree with. I thought that you were trying to rise above such sophist arguments, dear?
    Oh, and Milwaukee? You keep misusing the words “you’re” and “your.” This is starting to become a particularly peculiar habit with you.

  11. Thank you. Your welcome.

  12. Milwaukee I trust that in your next message you won’t be telling me that this is all just a waste of time, right Milwaukee darling?

  13. Darling? You’re calling someone who YOU think approves of attempted murder, darling? You have some deep seated (seeded) issues, Jacks is right. I think you need to scroll up and look at my earlier post about how I feel on the shooting of this innocent man.

  14. Milwaukee Now Milwaukee darling, your kind words towards Jarrod at the top of the comment section comes in stark contrast to your following message to DavidJurist where you blamed the FSP for fomenting the incident in the first place. Tell me, Milwaukee, do you feel the same sorts of sympathy towards rapists who claim they would never have committed such acts if their victims weren’t dressed in ways that invited it?

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