Become Familiar with Cell 411 Now, Handle Emergencies Tomorrow

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Preparation is the key to success. Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. Many oft-quoted phrases underscore the benefits that can stem from acting in the now. In maximizing your time today, so that your tomorrow will be more productive.

As a reader of there’s a strong likelihood that you’re familiar with the smartphone app Cell 411. You’re aware that with the app, you can send an alert to those in your sphere, so that they respond to help address whatever situation you’re facing. And you can, in turn, be there for them.

You can also choose to stream your footage, which keeps it safe on an offsite server and is viewable in almost real-time by those who receive your alert — a first for any app to my knowledge. This functionality is impressive. Indeed, Cell 411 is uniquely positioned at the nexus of civil society and technology.

To help you become more familiar with the app today, so that you are better positioned to handle any emergencies you may face tomorrow, download Cell 411 and put it to use. Get connected to those you trust.

And if you have it in your heart to help strangers, you may also want to check out area Cells Nearby and ensure that your Patrol Mode is on.


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