Portsmouth Increasingly Becoming International Free Trade Zone

December 8, 2016

PORTSMOUTH – Local businesses, bitcoin users, local artists, entrepreneurs, and international travelers rejoice. A diverse set of people are sharing art and talent, health and beauty, and creating community in a new, exciting way.

img_20161206_144732With the installation of the seacoast’s first ever bitcoin vending machine at the Seacoast Repertory Theater they are dropping their tired old central bank notes into a local bright orange, wall-mounted machine in exchange for bitcoin, cash for the twenty first century.

Dozens of local vendors and some prominent store front businesses are using bitcoin as a backbone of the local economy alongside the federal reserve dollar system. Many businesses are happy to have new, interesting customers who are seeking local places where they can spend the bitcoin they earn doing business online and in person.

Understandably many Portsmouth denizens are cautious toward new technology, especially an evolved form of money, but are surprised how easy it is to use bitcoin like cash. Most often one is astounded that no registration, email, name or identity is required to use bitcoin and participate in the global market economy. All it takes is downloading any one of dozens of free apps from the app store.

14890551_10207051101305364_8684483900867726712_oOther bitcoin users are excited by the idea of taking responsibility for the money that supports and grows their community, engaging in an international effort to democratize access to money online, or the nearly unlimited access to online shopping of all kinds.

Understandably many Portsmouth denizens are cautious toward new technology, especially an evolved form of money, but are surprised how easy it is to use bitcoin like cash.

Organizers at the Seacoast Rep hope to draw new theater-goes from the growing bitcoin economy, and local bitcoin entrepreneurs are aiming to expose local artists and theater lovers to the world’s best form of money.

In yet another step toward peace and international free trade to and from Portsmouth, International flights on Norwegian Air likely to begin out of Pease International Trade Port as early as July 2017.

Want to opt out of the federal reserve? Want to get ahead of the curve and get in on trade with people from all across the globe?


Head on down to the Seacoast Repertory Theater at 125 Bow St, Portsmouth, NH 03801 and trade in your cash for bitcoin. You can buy theater tickets, or eat brunch at STREET, or do Bikram Yoga, or shop at thousands of online stores.

Support peace and free trade and go check it out. In the mean time tap for iphone or tap for android to get Mycelium, a free, easy to use bitcoin wallet app in under a minute. It’s easy and fun!

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  1. That’s awesome! I’m amazed at the general acceptable and adoption by the masses that BitCoin has achieved. It is really quite impressive. I’d never thought I’d stumble into a BitCoin vending machine at a traditional theatre. It’s hard enough to find a traditional ATM at one. New Hampshire has really become a wonderful place to live thanks to all the activists here doing good work on things like this. Back where I used to live the nearest BitCoin accepting business besides an online operation I own was a good half hour away. Now I’ve got dozens of places in my very own little town accepting BitCoins and I get to spend it on a regular basis off-line as well as online.

  2. libretea Yes it is very awesome.

  3. Now now Jacks, Bitcoin is know to be… Um Jacks “hello, is it me your looking for?”

  4. Attention FK homophobes and misogynists. Our city supports feminists and the LBGTQ residents. Go do Koch Bro’s bidding elsewhere

  5. DoubleDoh You do realize that the author of this article is gay, as are other contributors to this blog and most people involved in the FSP or any other organization in 2016 give zero fucks what your sexual orientation is. Someone who supports freedom, generally, wouldn’t give a damn who you choose to have sex with as it’s none of his business. I’m willing to bet the villainous Kochs that you have such a hard on for, probably don’t care either. Just a hunch.

  6. It is so amusing to watch freekeeners get so excited about something they had nothing to do with. It would appear there is only one of those machines in town and it has a lot of cobwebs around it.

    Paying with bitcoin still results in you paying your income taxes.

  7. Jumping Jacks  Income taxes? Are there any employees? Jacks can you show me a signed W-4 with a Socialist Slave Number obligating a US person to pay the federal income tax? I’ll be here patiently waiting.

  8. Oh really? Ask your buddies Kyle Tasker, ‘Ademo Freeman’, and Chris Cantwell how they feel about gays and especially women. Naturally your FSP buddies like Murphy and Abramson ALWAYS align with the Teabaggers in NH house to vote against any sort of freedom and liberty for women, immigrants, and LBGTQ.

  9. DRACdouble It’s “known,” DD darling. How do you expect to get even with me when your fingers aren’t even strong enough to type in all of the letters you need to chastise me properly?

  10. Jumping Jacks Free Keene blogger Steven Zeiler both wrote the article and runs the machine in Portsmouth.  Stop lying.

  11. Jumping Jacks DavidJurist How do you know a US person has signed a W-9? Is the business a sole proprietor, C Corp, S Corp, Partnership, LLC or none of the above? What part of the IRC is applicable to them?

  12. Jumping Jacks DavidJurist Jacks do you know if Steven is an alien or a US citizen? Is his business registered in the United States or offshore? Is he “without the United States” per 28 USC § 1746(1)? Does 26 CFR 1.1-1 apply to him? Please answer and provide evidence.

  13. FTL_Ian Jumping Jacks Jacks assumes facts not in evidence.

  14. Jumping Jacks DavidJurist I move Jacks to provide written findings of fact and conclusions of law.

  15. DavidJurist Jumping Jacks That would defeat the purpose of what Jacks is trying to do, David. You might as well move to have the wind stop blowing.

  16. DoubleDoh You confusing libertarians and republicans. I pretty darn closely resemble what an actual libertarian is and Chris Cantwell is hardly a libertarian. I am gay too, libertarian-ish, and oppose the very idiotic laws that socialists and democrats push like ‘hate crime’ legislation, copy”right”, and intellectual property, permission slips (drivers licenses, vehicular registration, license plates, social security numbers and the numerous places they are required). 
    These hate crime laws are abused and nobody should be entitled to extra protections under the law. This does nothing more than punish unpopular speech which is exactly the kind of speech that needs to be protected. And now some states have even added police to this protected class. Which means if you curse at a cop they’ll add ‘hate crime’ charges to whatever else they decide to throw at you. These laws are used for little more then further abusing an undesirable and unpopular minority. It’s sad and pathetic that the majority of people who are in a minority class are too stupid to see this sort of legislation for what it is. It’s paints a target on other minorities who are being oppressed. It’s not just those in the LGBT community (not that I’d say it’s everybody), a good percentage of those in the black community (black lives matter protesters) and others fail to see there cause as a cause for all oppressed minorities.

    There are plenty of other people in the community which claim to be libertarian too and are not (ie we do have a republican crowd here who are too stupid to understand underlying libertarian philosophy and thing libertarian just means small government) or are otherwise associating with libertarians and not libertarian. But not everybody who associates with libertarians even claims to be a libertarian. A great example of a republican in libertarian clothing is someone who supports boarder guards. * board guards means big bureaucratic government *. You can’t near eliminate government and then expect to be able to put up guards on the boarder to try and keep out ‘illegals’ (which in a free society that libertarians are for wouldn’t even exist because citizen is another word for slave and contradictory libertarian values).

    Ian Freeman is pretty darn close to libertarian. Cantwell not so much, Vincent on FTL, not so much. Melonie on FTL pretty darn close (claims to be an Anarchist, but that’s not far off from libertarian anyway so… you could almost say she is more libertarian than a libertarian). Darryl W Perry pretty darn close.

  17. DavidJurist Jumping Jacks You can try to justify not paying taxes all you want but there are laws in place that say you have too.   But hey, what ever helps you sleep at night.

  18. FTL_Ian Jumping Jacks I never said anything about who runs this machine. I suggest you re-read my posts. You would be the one lying.   By the way, any business who accepts bitcoin still has to pay income taxes. You cant’ get around that

  19. DavidJurist Jumping Jacks You still have to pay income taxes. If you don’t want to pay income tax, there are consequences to your actions.

  20. DavidJurist Jumping Jacks I suggest you do a little research and see how wrong you are.

  21. Jumping Jacks DavidJurist Will you explain to your loyal readers just what those consequences are, Jacks? I’m very curious who you’ve been told gets hurt when a person decides to stop paying taxes.

  22. FTL_Ian Jumping Jacks My, my, Jacks, aren’t you just the budding psychological warfarist?  Your diversionary tactics are coming along quite well.  Maybe you could at the very least get Ian to expend energy unnecessarily reading your post, when its clear he already understood it the first time.  Who knows, maybe one day you could get Ian to doubt himself!
    Do you use these tactics in your profession, Jacks?  When family members want to administer Narcan, do you keep redirecting them to the law, even when its clear they already understand they can administer it legally?

  23. Intrigare FTL_Ian Jumping Jacks Another freekeene troll.  You launch a personal attack rather then educate yourself about the issues. You’re statements mean nothing

  24. Jumping Jacks My, my, Jacks, your disinformation campaign is in full swing isn’t it?  I just did a site search for “Kyle Tasker,” and have trouble finding much mention of him here on Free Keene at all before his arrest.  Free Keene hero there!

  25. Jumping Jacks Intrigare FTL_Ian Oh Jacks, I was expecting some reply containing “Jackisms” as Drac puts it, but this is more than I could have ever hoped for.  To be labeled by you as a freekeene troll, really reminds me why I’m doing this.  Thank you.  I’ll let Drac address the “you’re” while I enjoy my time on cloud nine.

  26. Intrigare Jumping Jacks FTL_Ian No, no! You’ve got it all wrong, caro mio! That was another one of my white whales! The famed “educate yourself” Jacksism! Why Jacks hasn’t used that phrase in well over a year! Well done, caro mio!

  27. Drac Vermell Jumping Jacks DavidJurist First I was ignoring this because its off-topic, but now it’s starting to get interesting.  Yes, Jacks, tell us.  45% of the US population pays no income tax.  What is going to happen to them?

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