Celebrating Ten Years as NH’s Liberty Activism Destination!

Celebrating 10 YearsWow, what a decade! For a full ten years we’ve covered liberty-oriented news, opinion, and activism here at New Hampshire’s Liberty Activism Destination – Free Keene. We’re celebrating nearly 5,000 posts and over 62,000 comments since December 27th of 2006.

From civil disobedience to political action, from breaking local news coverage to the migration of libertarians here, Free Keene has covered a huge range of activism. In fact, our coverage is so ubiquitous and consistent, in fact that we are frequently accused of creating the activism that we merely reported on.

Without a doubt, Free Keene is the site of record for much of the most noteworthy activism over the last ten years from across the Shire. Other libertarian blogs from across the state have tried to compete, and failed, sadly. I really take no pleasure in this. My initial vision for this site did not include statewide coverage. I’d hoped other blogs would crop up and report on their area’s activism, but we ended up expanding to do that after the ball was dropped everywhere else. (See Free Manch, Free Grafton, etc.)

Some bloggers, like the movers here, have come and gone. The haters have also come and gone over the last decade. Despite our bloggers being targeted for arrests, lawsuits, and physical attacks, Free Keene has not been stopped. To the contrary, while the haters scream out from their comments and blogs about how irrelevant we are, they refute their own assertion by their very attention to us.

The critics might say, “Well, it’s been a decade – why aren’t you free yet?”

Free Keene Square LogoThese critics are people who don’t understand that liberty is a lifetime project. Change is slow and can be frustrating at times. While our ideas are right, our numbers are still small. We have a long road ahead of us, but thankfully that road is easier here in New Hampshire, already the freest state and only getting more free as thousands of libertarian migrants arrive here as part of the Free State Project and Shire Society.

Ten years is only the earliest stage of this long-term path towards a paradigm shift, a renaissance in thought. We’re seriously proposing that people end their belief in “the state”. That decrepit old idea is not going away without a fight. Too bad for the statists we at Free Keene dedicated to Peaceful Evolution. The state people have shown over the years that they aren’t prepared to handle peaceful tactics. Their BEARCATS and other violent tools aren’t designed to stop ideas and love.

The fact is, we still need thousands more libertarians, voluntarists, and liberty-loving anarchists to move to New Hampshire, ASAP. As we launch into our second decade of reporting Free Keene will continue be the call into the wilderness. Ours is the signal broadcasting to all who love freedom, letting them know that something special is happening here in New Hampshire. We have the largest concentration of liberty-loving people and activists here already and it’s only growing. Check out this hour-long documentary called “101 Reasons Liberty Lives in New Hampshire” and see why you should move here and join the fun!

Meanwhile, stay tuned here to Free Keene for the latest from the front lines of the Peaceful Evolution and migration for liberty here in the Shire. Don’t forget to subscribe to our email updates using the signup box below and share your favorite FK stories on social media. Thank you for reading!

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  1. Since December 2016?

  2. You lost a lot of freekeeners. Your numbers are dwindling. copblock’s numbers are dwindling. Just how many movers moved to Keene to support you? Maybe a couple. The freekeene movement is falling apart. All of your media outreaches have basically dropped you and made fun of you. The FSP dropped you, Porcfest dropped you. It doesn’t sound as if freekeene is going anywhere but backwards.

  3. “We are celebrating nearly 5,000 posts and over 62,000 comments since December 27th 2016.” So you guys have done all of that in 5 days? I think it’s time you put the bong down and step away from the pills.

  4. Oh and don’t forget Jacks there is a high probability the FBI or the IRS will be knocking down their doors in the coming future because of their shortcomings and devious like behaviors.

  5. Damn, I even proofread it. Thanks Riaz Kahan

  6. Jumping Jacks And yet you are still here spending your valuable free time when you could help all the recovering addicts in your rehab centers, right Jacks?  For that alone you deserve special recognition.  After all, Free Keene would have never reached 62,000 comments without you providing about half of those, now would it Jacks?

    Happy 10-years!

  7. Milwaukee The FBI and IRS provide a valuable service.  Why, without those and other valuable services the government provides, there wouldn’t be much to post about on this blog to generate income from advertising, now would there Milwaukee?

  8. Great write-up, Ian.  Multiple great points, especially the following:

    To the contrary, while the haters scream out from their comments and blogs about how irrelevant we are, they refute their own assertion by their very attention to us.

  9. Happy 5+ days Free Keene!

  10. You are truly yesterday’s news. Your group is a pathetic bunch of mental patients.

  11. Milwaukee No worries, Milwaukee.  I’m sure we’ll have lots more time to spend together in the coming years.  Happy 10!

  12. its too bad Ian is a scumbag….. Libertarianism fails if Ian is the test case   🙂

  13. Intrigare so being disliked is a win?  lol…. alota people take being disliked as   a  sign that  a approach should be changed  🙂

  14. i would give credit to some FK activists for the town accepting  accountability cameras…..like the cops….and i think it has improved the cops behavior…. but  it needs to be vigilant because this town has corruption

  15. I’ll give you 1 to 2 years of a run hanging with this group of misfits, then you’ll just fall off like the ones in this group in the past. Good luck!

  16. Certainly when I think of the ‘peaceful evolution’ I will think of Chris Cantwell

  17. DoubleDont I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t know that you can’t point to Cantwell being violent. He’s a racist homophobic bigot maybe. He’s not a violent lunatic and I wouldn’t say he’s a libertarian

  18. No its not. Because unfortunately for him and Ian Bernard, there’s lots of video out there showing his unhinged self. The one he confronted a bunch of drunk coeds in downtown Keene and pulled out his gun when one drunk college kid told him to fuck off.

  19. DavidCrawford4 Are you suggesting Ian is violent? There is zero evidence of Ian being violent. If he was then I’d like to see whatever this supposed physical aggression is. Libertarianism is about peace and not utilizing violence, theft, coercion, or fraud against peaceful people or to achieve political or social aims. Ian is not the failure. He is the success. He has demonstrated peace even to those whom are despicable. And for that you accuse him of being despicable. The most despicable thing is your libelous accusations and/or implications of things he’s never done nor said. From your twisted perspective I’ve said far worse things than Ian has ever said. But that is because I put logic above emotion. I prioritize freedom above safety and keep things in logical perspective. You don’t ban something just because it saves a few lives. Especially when its insignificant relative to the other things you could do to reduce deaths. Life has risks and more risk would be a good thing for freedom. I’m not against reducing overall risk, but doing that means focusing on the places we have the most risk. Not comparatively insignificant risks. Gun violence is insignificant relative to all leading causes of death for instance. Focus on things that actually kill significant numbers of people, not things that to reduce risks require the killing of freedom.

  20. DoubleDont He pulled out his gun when a drunk college kid lunged at him in a violent manor. That’s self defense and he would have been justified in shooting that kid. Despite that he took actions to avoid having to do that in the dangerous situation you speak of. If that is the best you can do your pathetic. Your twisting the facts to suit your twisted reality.

  21. Milwaukee I can’t speak for Intrigare, but many have just moved to other parts of New Hampshire. They’re still here. Some have left with plans to return and many have returned. I for one will not be leaving. I have firmly planted my feet here. I recently bought a house in Keene, own a business, and am perfectly stable. Unlike others who have been forced to move due to the lack of jobs here I’m not one of these people and instead have brought jobs to Keene so in its little way will reduce some of the movement of those here to other parts of the state/bigger cities.

  22. He was following them around and the kid turned around and told him to fuck off and mind his own business. He was looking to provoke a confrontation. Perhaps that kid had a gun he should have shot first? Absurdity.

  23. DavidCrawford4 Intrigare And that is why most people fail at business and life. There is success in focusing on niches. Just because you don’t dominate the market doesn’t mean you haven’t been more successful than most. Ian has been extremely successful in many walks of life. He has a thriving business, brought significant publicity for a movement he cares about, and so on. That’s hard to compete with and that’s coming from someone whose been very successful in multiple different areas of life (business, politics, activism, significant others, etc).

  24. Milwaukee Humorously half that was from haters like you.

  25. Jumping Jacks The FSP, Porcfest, and NH Liberty Forum are all the same thing, but it’s hardly fair to imply it’s failing given Ian’s a huge part of the success of the FSP and its events. It’s actually the other way around. The FSP is declining in value and new groups and events are springing up. Change doesn’t mean decline. What we’re seeing is decentralization and that is actually a good thing. I know that is a big word for you, but basically it means you have many groups to attack rather than just one. It’s much harder to fight an enemy that has no single point of failure. The FSP will now have to stand on its own two feet whereas before it was propped up by Ian and his supporters.
    Your efforts to undermine us have only made us stronger.

  26. Milwaukee Great- that means more publicity. What you fail to realize is even negative publicity is going to attract more people of the sort you dislike. You can libel Ian by calling him a pedophile, but it’s just more evidence that this movement is succeeding. Despite what your saying the number of counted movers have increased in 2016. The number of uncounted movers (people who don’t wish to be associated with the FSP project) has almost certainly increased greatly as well.

  27. libretea DavidCrawford4  none of what you said changes what i said 🙂

  28. libretea DavidCrawford4 Intrigare what you said has nothing to do with what i said so i dont understand why you said it  🙂

  29. libretea DavidCrawford4 Intrigare what you said has nothing to do with what i said so i dont understand why you said it  🙂

  30. libretea DavidCrawford4 you should read what i said and not make up  all kinds of things i DIDNT  say; unlike your blurb; mine was short and to the point….  where you get all you said from my 2 very clear sentences  …says …. i just guess you failed at reading comprehension

  31. DoubleDont Cantwell has done more for the liberty movement doing his activism than you ever will do sitting around on the internet all day, faggot.

  32. DavidCrawford4 libretea I dissagree.

  33. DavidCrawford4 libretea Your point or whatever you were trying to say wasn’t clear or maybe I would have responded differently. You sometimes need to use more than one line to explain what you are trying to say.

  34. Intrigare Jumping Jacks What do you care how I use my time? It’s a private business. I believe freekeene would have fudged the numbers to look more successful then they really are.

  35. libretea Jumping Jacks The FSP was never on Ian’s shoulders. You can try and justify freekeene’s dwindling numbers but what I and many others see is dwindling activists. All your heavy hitters are gone. Your sarcastic responses only prove I am right.  Ian used to hang on the coat tails of FSP hoping to get a little limelight and nothing else.

  36. Jumping Jacks Intrigare My goodness Jacks. This is quite daring of you!  Are you basing your presumption of dishonesty here on the fact that you’re always lying about your own personal successes? You should be more cautious about this, Jacks. One might be encouraged to accuse you of projecting.

  37. Milwaukee There’s a law somewhere out there that criminalizes “shortcomings” and “devious-like behaviors”, Milwaukee darling? I don’t believe I’ve ever come across that one before, poppet, at least not in the US. But you’re the expert here. So what do you think the law says about threatening to bash someone’s head in with a socket wrench, sweetums?

  38. DoubleDont Now DD darling, it’s very naughty of you to be going about misrepresenting this incident when an unedited recording of it still exists on YouTube. Perhaps you should consider watching the video first before pretending to be an authority on what actually happened?

  39. Milwaukee And if it takes longer you’ll be sure to speed things along with some phone calls to the Walt Disney Company, right sweetums?

  40. No worries? The fact that most of you guys are and have been mental patients is worrisome! Again put the bong down and step away from the pills.

  41. Milwaukee You seem more obsessed than worried, Milwaukee darling. Have you considered seeking some counseling about this, dear?

  42. Intrigare Jumping Jacks Our dear friend Matthew must be very proud of this! I’m certain that his clever interjections of “yawns” and “blah blah blahs” over the years played no small role in assisting Free Keene to reach this milestone.

  43. Oh, Cantwell’s own video. It in no way was edited down. No way at all. Hilarious.

  44. Well, Hey there Cantwell. Still go those rage issues, I see. At least you still cling to your inflated sense of worth.

  45. libretea DavidCrawford4 i was trying to say exactly what i said  lol

  46. DoubleDont You know what, DD darling? I think you really might be onto something here! After all, the officers who approached the scene reviewed that video themselves and actually let Cantwell go on his way, now didn’t they? My goodness, sweetums, you don’t suppose the Koch brothers have gotten to the cops as well, now do you?

  47. DoubleDont Not as much as you cling to conspiracy theories rife with bad spelling and grammar, right DD darling?

  48. Drac Vermell Jumping Jacks Intrigare Peaches, I see you are back at your trolling job. Funny how you write all these rants and raves and say nothing at all.

  49. DavidCrawford4 libretea Intrigare It goes back to what you said about being disliked. Sometimes being disliked is a win. Winning isn’t always about being liked. You can succeed and be disliked if that is your goal.

  50. Jumping Jacks libretea Freekeene is just a blog, or I’d argue it’s more of a news outlet given that there is actual reporting going on and does a better job in the news department than most newspapers. What you mean is the number of Keene activists is going down. You have no basis for that assertion and even should numbers decline there are new movers replacing those leaving. Just because someone moves to a different part of the state does not mean the movement is declining. Even of those who have left the state you’ll see many are still participating even in writing articles for freekeen.com and/or have plans to return to other areas of New Hampshire for the purpose of spreading liberty. Keene is a breeding ground for activists and if everybody stayed in Keene it would not be optimal. There are not enough jobs to sustain a large liberty population in Keene. It’s the same reason non-activists leave Keene. Most of the Stop Free Keene haters don’t even live in Keene any more either. 

    It’s a good thing to disperse “heavy hitters” in particular to other parts of New Hampshire. It’s just plain silly to argue that it’s somehow a movement in decline given the objective was never a movement intent on focusing on Keene specifically, but is a movement that focuses on New Hampshire as a whole. There are many other groups across New Hampshire besides those in Keene as you would know if you read Freekeene.com.

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