Cop Block Founder Ademo Freeman Arrested in Ohio for Drug Trafficking/Possession – VIDEO

Cop Block founder and Free Keene blogger Ademo Freeman has been arrested while driving in Lebanon, Ohio by Ohio State Police. Despite Ademo not consenting to a search, trooper Jeffrey Martin claimed that because he allegedly smelled the odor of cannabis, that he had probable cause to search.

Ademo was placed into a cruiser, then the trooper(s) broke open a lock on a suitcase. They asked him how much marijuana he had, so presumably that’s what they found inside – at this point we can’t know for sure. Ademo was placed under arrest and taken to the Warren County Jail, all while asking trooper Martin his thoughts about victimless crimes. All of this is heard on a 40+ minute video recorded and live streamed on Ademo’s cell phone to his facebook page.

I’ve taken the time to edit the video down to less than 15 minutes as well as boost the audio levels. I included portions that I couldn’t make out what was being said, in case you can. Here’s the edited video, which does not have long periods of silence and noise of cars passing:

According to Ademo’s jail record, he’s expected to be arraigned at Warren Municipal Court in front of judge Robert S. Fischer on Tuesday, February 14th. He’s facing three charges including “trafficking in drugs“, a third degree felony, and two counts of “possession of drugs“, one a third degree and the other a fifth degree felony. Ohio actually has their criminal court case records online and you can see Ademo’s case record here. (The jail record says the other count of possession is class three, but the court record says class five.) He’s also been charged with a burnt-out tail light.

Ohio state statutes say that third degree possession or trafficking of marijuana is between 1,000 and 20,000 grams. Fifth degree possession is between 200 and 1,000 grams. Both are felony level charges, and he could be facing as many as eleven years in prison. There is a fundraiser to assist with legal fees that you can help with here.

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Should you wish to call the jail to let them know you are paying attention, you can call 513-695-1287 and choose extension 8 to reach a corrections officer. Remember Ademo’s legal name is Adam Mueller. If you’d like to contact the Warren court prosecutor to request they drop the charges, you can reach them at 603-695-1000, Mon-Fri 8:30a-4:30p Eastern. According to the Warren Municipal Court website, the prosecutor is named Cynthia Ellison. Though, there’s another website that says the county prosecutor is named David P Fornshell at 513-695-1325. It’s too late on Friday at the time of this writing to determine which is going to be handling the case.

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  1. “probable cause”.. literally the lowest legal precedent and entirely subjective.

  2. Stupid games, stupid prizes.

  3. This is 20 minutes from me, if yall want me to visit him or deliver any print outs.

  4. Stupid people, stupid comments.

  5. Jonathan Bennett everyone knows Ademo has been pushing the limits of legality w his conduct. I love the cop block site, just seems like he overplayed his hand. I’m a big no victim, no crime person, but come on, the law is the law and it’s a stupid game to play. Until we actually get people elected who will overturn these laws, it’s just tempting fate.

  6. What is a law?

  7. It’s a declaration of acceptable conduct enforced by violence. Next question.

  8. My next question is how will I be able to eat all of this molcajete by myself? My other thought.. from the sound of the video, he was pulled over for a missing light, and the guy smelled cannabis. What game was Adam playing?

  9. this is hay I walked away from the Free State Movement and Cop Block, ya all want to antagonize.

  10. Hear ya, Kat. Jon, he was playing the interstate trafficking game.

  11. I thought a reasonable articulable suspicion was lower.

  12. How dare he!!? If only he had gotten a job with CIA… He would be a hero.

  13. Jonathan Bennett you’re being obtuse. Of course we all hate our corrupt government and the police state but you can’t just cry about it and not put up a candidate to represent your concerns.

  14. Mere smell alone is not probable cause.

  15. Of course we do. I don’t live in Ohio, so I’m not sure how me “putting up a candidate” is going to change Ademo’s right to travel freely situation.

  16. “Of course we hate our corrupt government “… let’s put up someone in our corrupt government to represent us… in the corrupt government…. genius.

  17. He broke the law. Obviously drunk driving and trafficking weed should be legal, but it’s still against the law. Until we change the laws, we shouldn’t be surprised when someone gets nicked.

  18. Jonathan Bennett what’s your point? The government is occupied by individuals who have taken secret oaths. We need representatives that represent our interests. The interests of the people.

  19. Hey man, different strokes. Different ways of trying to affect change. You seem to be of the internal mindset. Ademo seems to go about it by trying to live freely, and not harm anyone. Doesn’t make him stupid. To each their own. I’m going to finish this molcajete?

  20. Tell it to the judge and hope he isn’t corrupt like the pigs.

  21. I hear ya, but yeah, getting arrested when it could have been easily avoided makes you kind of a dummy.

  22. Hey, I want some Molcajete too. Drink one for Ademo. No one wants to be in jail. Fuck jail. Don’t put me in a cell unless I’m being murdered in the morning.

  23. Crazy. Best of luck to him.

  24. If a cop smells alcohol on you at a stop you’re likely to be tested for DUI. I don’t like that marijuana is illegal, but if you can smell it in a car that seems like probable cause.

  25. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.

  26. I think the supreme court has ruled that the “smell of marijuana” isn’t allowed to be probable cause anymore… Love cop block, great contribution!!! But he should save his activism during arrests and shut the hell up! Activism is better served outside of prison..

  27. I called to request full prosecution

  28. Actually smell IS probable cause moron

  29. He lied to the police. He obviously had an amount that falls in the trafficking level. With his extensive criminal record and multiple felonies, he maybe looking at some serious time. He knows the consequences of his actions. By the way, you can smell marijuana which the officers did. Again, Ademo lied.

  30. DavidJurist I believe you threw your money away

  31. DavidJurist How are the police corrupt. They caught Ademo red handed.

  32. Nope. Look up terpenes. So many things have a similar scent. A skunk for example.

  33. it is  probable cause according to “flex your rights”

  34. Question is;why is there no bail…   Maybe its cause he’s traveling?

  35. its pretty low if it can be  a smell… you cant prove you smelled something..  i guess another copper could back you up…but …

  36. obviously coppers are halo heads hence they can be relied on  because of their purity and  integrity and honesty… so their words is all ya need….so actually itsa really high standard because of the high standard of haloheadness

  37. unfortunately Ian grossly over blows things so ,who knows the reality of time in prison he faces…..he said Rich paul was facing like 80 years so…..

  38. Ha so glad this loser is off the streets ! Hahahaa laughing my ass off!

  39. Doesn’t matter what NY does, this is in Ohio. 🙂

  40. There’s no way a smell should be considered probable cause. Anyone can say “I smell weed”. There’s no way to prove if the smell was actually present or not. What are they gonna do, take an air sample? Where’s the proof that the smell was present?

  41. There’s no way a smell should be considered probable cause. Anyone can say “I smell weed”. There’s no way to prove if the smell was actually present or not. What are they gonna do, take an air sample? Where’s the proof that the smell was present?

  42. Oh Dear, at one time he and Peter Eyre were Koch employees. When two ancap loons piss off the paymasters….

  43. Drunk driving should be legal. Please slither back to the southern american swamps, hillbilly

  44. How is it different than sight being used as probable cause? If it was proof, it wouldn’t be probable cause.
    And honestly, taking all that weed across state lines, when your know how illegal it is in those states, is either reckless or stupid. The law is stupid too, but I don’t see how getting yourself thrown in jail helps change that.

  45. So it looks like Ian Bernard is still showing his loyalty to snich bitches like Ademon Freeman and Superliar JP Freeman. Not surprised.

  46. Jumping Jacks

  47. Once again, Ademo played the game and got nailed. The law is certainly silly, no doubt about it, but you know what’s sillier? A  34 year old man who has never held a real job for any extended period of time, who has no funds because of that decision and believes others should pay for his defense. Absolutely insane.

    The most ironic and hypocritical thing about this is watching him try and suck up to the cop. “You don’t like cops?” “I didn’t say that, my shirt says I don’t talk to cops, not that I don’t like them” – come on Ademo, tell the truth you preach. Oh things change now that you know he’s got you by the balls.

    Get a job, contribute, and perhaps one day you’ll have some sort of life instead of chasing around the one girl who talked to you in years and selling pot to get by. Zero pity here. Ademo sold out a long time ago and is noting but a dirt bag.

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