Liberty Lobby – Week 5 – Videos

Liberty Lobbyist Darryl W Perry and I once again dropped in on a bunch of hearings at the state house legislative offices. Here are multiple videos of full and partial hearings:

HB 634 would repeal the 24% “penalty assessment” on criminal court fines. This would be a big help to the victims of the court system. I testified in favor. Here’s the full hearing video:

HB 622 would allow all NH voters to opt into an absentee ballott. Darryl W Perry, Liberty Lobbyist, spoke in favor. This is a partial hearing video:

HB 541 – Representative Dick Marple proposes paying state reps 100 ounces per year of silver instead of $100. I opposed the fact that the bill would increase the take-home pay of the reps, while supporting the idea of giving them an option to receive silver. Here’s the full hearing video:

HB 300 would make it so state agents who are crawling all over the state house (and testifying for bigger government) would have to wear identifying badges like paid lobbyists do. I testified in favor. Here’s the full hearing video:

HB 618 would eliminate the bureau of certificate of title and provides for the prosecution of its supervisor. I testified in favor. Here’s the full hearing video:

HB 204 by representative Dick Marple would allow NH inhabitants to target the bonds of public employees. Here’s the full hearing video:

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  1. thanks for posting !

  2. So basically you just crash these meetings, voice you’re propaganda, and then leave while being laughed at.

  3. Jumping Jacks

  4. way too much background noise on the  Title vid

  5. makes it a bit unlistenable…i hope the thing passes tho

  6. DavidJurist Jumping Jacks No, they don’t do a great job or any job for that matter. IF this garbage expects money from donations, then it isn’t worth it.

  7. Jumping Jacks DavidJurist Now Jacks, it’s really naughty of you to be lying here again. You know very well that Ian owns his own business. His radio show is being transmitted by over 150 radio stations in the United States alone. Instead of being envious of Ian’s success, perhaps you should direct more effort into improving your own lot in life instead? I’d imagine that your own job as a pilates instructor isn’t making you much of a hit with the young ladies, now is it dearie?

  8. Now now Jacks, we all know your lying because, and Ian has been so successful at being free, hence his chosen last name. I mean look at how many times he has not been to jail or in the court system, nevermind the fact that the FBI is investigating him and his church members. He has done so much for the community and the world, darling. Pilates instructors, and successful dearie’s, Jacks.

  9. DRACdouble Writing bad checks is a crime, now isn’t it DD darling? Knowing that, don’t you think it’s being a tad ignoble of you to be associating with such ne’er do wells in your free time? You don’t want to give the impression to the rest of us that you don’t actually practice what you preach, now do you sweetums?

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