Cop Block Founder Ademo Freeman Offered Plea Deal Before Indictment

Ademo Freeman in Warren County Jail

Ademo Freeman in Warren County Jail

In February, Cop Block founder Ademo Freeman was arrested in Warren County, Ohio after a questionable roadside search of the car he was driving, on multiple felony counts of possession of and intent to distribute cannabis. Saturday night, he called from jail into my talk radio show, Free Talk Live, to update us on the situation.

Amazingly, he’s already been offered a one year prison term plea deal, despite the fact that the grand jury has yet to even return an indictment! Now, it’s highly likely that they will hand down an indictment, but regardless – it’s pretty clear that the prosecution doesn’t want to have to take this to trial. While Ademo had said previously he’d accept a plea of six months (he’s already done one awaiting trial), it doesn’t sound like he’s willing to take the year deal without having seen discovery or even the indictment. Otherwise, he’s doing alright in the jail. You can listen to the full interview here – the link jumps you straight to that part of our Saturday show.

Ademo would love to hear from you. Here’s the address at which you can send him mail. Sorry, the backwards-ass jail in Warren County won’t let you send him books.
Warren County Jail
C/O Adam Mueller – 61437
P.O. Box 309
Lebanon, Ohio 45036

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  1. The truth is prosecutors and judges absolutely HATE taking cases to trial. Especially jury trials. It’s a lot of work, time and money that they would prefer to avoid. The longer you can stretch out your case and the closer you get to trial, the better the plea deals these criminals will offer you. Speaking from experience. Stop taking plea deals or don’t take the plea deals until right before trial.

  2. And NEVER accept the government’s first offer, ESPECIALLY in any case a juror might nullify.

  3. Whether he takes the deal or not, the most important thing is does he take responsibility for his actions. Also, will it be a felony conviction considering he already has two felonies after his name. He has a long track record of losing in court. People are tired of drug dealers. Should he be convicted, he would be looking at some serious time.

  4. You are wrong. Prove judges and prosecutors hate taking cases to trial. Ademo has a long history of taking plea deals. Your track record is as bad as his. Your advice is severely flawed.

  5. Now Jacks, I’m sure that you hate teaching pilates all day to out-of-shape middle-aged women, now don’t you? By that same token, do you really think that this prosecutor relishes the idea of spending all day in a court room when it’s much easier to exploit the risks of an expensive legal defense and even more prison time by intimidating the Ademo into pleading guilty to something else?

  6. As cannabis is slowly being legalized all over the country, this prosecution seems like a waste of taxpayer dollars…

  7. Jacks, So your quote: “does he take responsibility for his actions”. What harm can there be to take responsibility for? No harm no crime! The fiction of central governments can never be a proper arbiter of real men/women. 🙂 <3

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