Liberty Lobby – Week 10 – Videos

Liberty Lobbyist Darryl W Perry and I went to the state house this week to testify on more legislation. Here are three full hearing videos from this week:

HB 372 would change definitions of resident and inhabitant. Darryl W Perry testified against this dangerous bill. Here’s the full hearing:

HB 94 is a confusing bill. It purports to protect victims of sex trafficking, but the language is about punishing johns who have sex with a consenting teen, with felony charges. I testified against it. Here’s the full hearing:

SB 248 intends to address the elections that were allegedly illegally postponed in multiple towns due to a blizzard. Liberty Lobbyist Darryl W Perry spoke in this lengthy hearing. Here’s the full hearing:

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  1. I’m curious Ian with your fascination to age of concent in your eyes? Did your ex girlfriend Renee concent to you when you were dating her as early as 15 years old, maybe earlier, or did her parents approve of your ideas of concent? You realize she has 20+ years to understand what you did to her right? Its amazing that you seem to not care that the FBI is investigating you for similar crimes? Keep setting up more fodder on your Tor Node for the FBI, they will thank you later when your behind bars.

  2. KC darling, are you really trying to make the case here that someone could retroactively withdraw consent even twenty years after the fact? You know, lamb, I’m quite astonished that someone of your age and experience still doesn’t understand how consent works.

    But let’s entertain the fact that you are able to magically determine when things like consent are given – you know – without knowing the specifics of the situation or any of the parties involved. One would think that someone with such an amazing gift would be using it to benefit their own life and family rather than wasting it in this manner.

  3. So what’s the problem with HB 372? Just because you claim to be from different cities and states doesn’t mean it’s dangerous. It sounds like you are trying to save your butt. Darryl continues on with the same old rhetoric.

  4. Well Jacks, if this isn’t a safety issue, then by your standard of logic the bureaucrats of New Hampshire really don’t need to be in the business of classifying its denizens as “residents” or “inhabitants” at all, now do they? And since NH doesn’t have any formal procedure for establishing residency anyway, then why is this amendment being considered in the first place?

  5. Why don’t you prove what your stating. Show me where it would be “dangerous”

  6. I made no such argument, Jacks. I was questioning NH’s entire notion of classifying its denizens as “residents” or “inhabitants” in the first place. And as I pointed out already, NH has no formal procedure for establishing residency anyway – outside of proof of a rental or mortgage payment that is. Since this is the case, why is there suddenly a demand to redefine this statute?

  7. was at the resident etc bill… i intend to testify at sb3 bc i have a better understanding of it ….my idea was that hb372 was the same but.was not certain and everyone but the SOS’s office was against it… the election weather one didnt seem that troublesome….suffice to say i wouldnt advocate for the exploitation of misguided teens …it makes me feel sick…

  8. i think it was 14… Drac, it has more to do with AGE …a child might agree to anything…

  9. Drac The population of a state, county, or city is important as far as federal and state funding goes. Welfare, and other social programs are also based upon those population numbers.

  10. True David. But intellectual maturity varies from person to person – especially with teenagers. As these statutes stand, consent is presumed to be illegitimate no matter what the circumstances and no investigation to find the truth is required. This position has led to all sorts of grave injustices.

  11. US Census forms will be mailed to addresses in NH no matter how NH decides to classify its citizens. The federal government only cares about the total head count in the state. Maybe you should try again, Jacks. I believe in you, you know.

  12. Drac, as I stated before is the population of a state county or city directly affects the funding for social programs, grants, and other monies from the government. It also aids in fire protection, ambulance, and police. Obviously the larger the population, the more coverage will be needed and the more money will be needed.

  13. And as I stated, Jacks, NH’s statute designating its denizens as either “residents” or “inhabitants” has absolutely no bearing on the total head count – which is what’s used when distributing funding for those distribution schemes you’re so fond of. If more precise demographical data is needed to determine the government’s allotments, it’s collected from those charming long-form questionnaires passed out during US Census years.

    You know Jacks, I was all excited that this time around you were finally going to try harder. You wouldn’t care to have another go at this, now would you? I’m game if you are. It’s not like I can have any less faith in you now than I already do, you know.

  14. Drac – Your constant childish rants and raves not to mention your idiotic sarcasm only show how little you know about this subject. I’m the one who tried to have a decent conversation with you and as usual you were unable to follow through. You are a fool and a troll. How pathetic.

  15. Now, now Jacks. Please try not to lose control of yourself in public. It’s quite undignified. But to address your complaints, you should know that I’ve always been open to having an intellectual sort of discourse with you. The problem is that you’re incapable of restraining your prideful nature every time you’re facts are challenged. Until you can learn to control this, conversation will never be able to fall into place naturally.

    Case in point, Jacks, I clearly know more about this subject than you do. HB 372 has absolutely nothing to do with the government’s funding distribution schemes which you’ve been repeatedly asserting. It’s purpose instead is to redefine residency definitions in anticipation of the passage of SB 3. In case you didn’t know, SB 3 is a bill NH Republicans are counting on to close the so-called “voting domicile loophole” which currently allows anyone in NH to vote, provided their domicile is located inside NH. I generously gave you two chances to look this stuff up, Jacks. Instead, you doubled down on your original erroneous statement. How do you think that makes you look to me?

  16. Drac, again your arrogant and childish behaviors are the best you can do. The only thing you know about this bill is what you think you have read on the internet. I suggest you get a personality before continuing on with any conversations.

  17. My goodness Jacks, you’re quite the hard case, now aren’t you! Why we’ve been at this back and forth for what must be ages now, and you still haven’t gotten it through your thick skull that you can’t win a debate with Jacksisms! Fortunately, I’m here to help you, Jacks. Your road to improvement will start by reading more about NH SB 3 | 2017. Trust me, Jacks, doing this is going to change your life for the better. You’ll see.

  18. HB 94 is not “confusing.” It prevents old pervs buying sex from underage girls from using the “I thought she was old enough” defense.

  19. So Jacks, have you taken the time to look into all the hubbub surrounding NH SB 3 | 2017 yet? I’m still biding my time waiting for a well-reasoned argument to come from you, you know. Now please understand that I’m well aware that this takes you far, far away from your own comfort zone, dearie, but I’m still crossing my fingers that you won’t dash my hopes this time.

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