Manchester Marine Veteran Pays $75 Parking Fine in Pennies; Cop Lies to Cameraman

As reported over at Photography is Not a Crime today, a veteran of the US Marines, Billy Spaulding, recently attempted to pay a parking fine in pennies at Manchester city hall. Initially, police responded and lied to Billy’s cameraman, claiming he wasn’t allowed to record them without informing them. The cop claims, “You have to advise us that you’re recording us. You can’t record audio.” The reality is that recent New Hampshire court precedent says otherwise – not only can you record police in New Hampshire, but you can secretly record them. Unfortunately the videographer appears to have shut off the camera as a result of the cop’s lies. Based on the comments on the youtube video, he now knows better.

After the police apparently escorted them out, they returned a few days later with a bucket of $75 in pennies and this time were unmolested as they successfully paid the fine:

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  1. Just because there is new legislation doesn’t mean it is in effect. No one lied Ian so just relax.

  2. Good for you guys, you didn’t get molested by the pigs! You showed that nice old man what’s up? You should be proud of yourselves!

  3. This is a good example of using anger constructively against tyrannical government.

  4. People are allowed to pay as they wish in this country I paid this way because I am an activist. Back in the day farmers had to pay their land taxes this way and the government was repossessing land from farmers because they would not except coins as payment that’s part of why this law took place. Send all the negative comments you wish I was well within my rights and trying to prove a point that pennies are still Currency to this day. I will always make a stand for the small people in this world and the blue-collar workers

  5. Speaking of relaxing, Jacks, will you be kicking back into your easy chair tonight so you can learn more about NH SB 3 | 2017? Not to give too much away, but you should know that it’s an exciting bill that establishes new guidelines for your favorite activity. It’s definitely right up your alley.

  6. Thank you sir for fighting the good fight. We need more warriors like you.

  7. I’m humbled by your courage, William.

    You know, you’d think that the Manchester Parking Division could provide much better service to a customer paying a hundred times the rent of a normal parking space. But I guess that’s what you can expect when engaging in honest commerce with an organization whose business model would be unprofitable if it couldn’t threaten its customers with incarceration.

  8. Court Rulings are not “new legislation”, they go into effect immediately. The first amendment and the constitution have been in effect a lot longer than any new legislation.

    Yes, it was a lie.

  9. Government agencies don’t accept Bitcoin. They only accept payments that are in Federal Reserve Notes or US government coins.

  10. Oops! Steven’s got you there, now doesn’t he Jacks? Goodness gracious, you’ve been suffering quite a long losing streak, now haven’t you dearie?

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