Jail Guards Caught Smuggling in Heroin, Impersonating Cops, Preventing Inmate Mail

You won’t believe this. Even I can’t believe it. I had to stop investigating this story because the rabbit hole of corruption was so deep that I lost sight of where it began. So let’s start at the end and work backwards…

Chris Brackett, the head of the jail in Dover, New Hampshire decided to impose a policy of obstructing all inmate mail. No more letters from the outside world. An article published by the Portsmouth Herald cites recent inmate overdoses as the potential justification for this excessively restrictive action.

There are two problems with that theory. First, the jail doesn’t allow packages of any sort, including birthday cards or anything other than ink and paper (at least, until last week’s new policy took effect). Second, it is policy for jail employees to physically open and check the contents of all inmate mail for any contraband and remove it before it reaches the inside. There is no way inmates were receiving heroin through ink and paper letters, and preventing their delivery will have no effect on inmate overdoses.

How are the overdoses happening? To find that answer, we need look no further than an article by the Portsmouth Herald from May in which one of the jail guards was caught bringing heroin into the housing unit of the jail. Case closed. It’s not the mail. It’s your employees.

Who’s in charge of hiring these top-notch individuals working at the Dover jail? Well, none other than Bruce Pelkie, the Superintendent of Strafford County Jails, who was himself arrested earlier this year on felony charges of impersonating an officer. Apparently while enjoying more than a year on paid vacation on taxpayer’s dime, Bruce thought it would be great fun to get his personal vehicle outfitted with red and blue police lights and pull people over. Is he a cop? No. Does he have the authority to pull anyone over? No. Then surely the local police would notice this happening and stop him? Nope. A State Trooper was finally the one to catch the Superintendent of the jails pulling people over in his personal car. And all while he is out on “administrative leave” for what he claims are medical reasons. Surely this means he loses his job, his pay, and the taxpayer-funded medical insurance he’s been collecting? Also no. The superintendent of the jails continues to receive paychecks for not doing his job, and committing crimes on the side.

There are countless more crimes and stories of corruption emanating from this public embarrassment of a facility — too many to list in this one article. I had no idea what a can of worms I’d be opening when I dug into the first story about jail guards obstructing inmate mail. Is this even legal? Should groups like the ACLU and prisoner’s rights groups file a lawsuit against Chris Brackett and the people who are obstructing mail delivery to inmates? Please share this article and video with your friends and family and ask them what they think. Building a free society depends on people like you to think, speak, and act — especially when it is easier to do nothing.

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  1. While sickening, it is hardly a surprise. We have known for far longer than Acton’s axiom where to find corruption and that corrupt people seek power

  2. Too bad they got caught, correctional officers are criminally underpaid to work with scum inmates.

  3. Lets release 99% of the prisoners. Everyone other than the murders basically- and heck- lets even release of them too for good measure. A good percentage of people serving are innocent and if it’s the sort of situation where someone isn’t likely to commit murder again there probably isn’t a good reason to keep them in prison. Prison should be severely restricted to those whom are violent- and to that degree only to the extent necessary to protect the rest of society. Within the confines of that prison they should be entitled to the freedoms of the outside to the extent reasonably feasible. The idea that punishment works is severely limited. Most criminals didn’t think “what will the punishment be if I do this crime?”… heck most criminals probably don’t even realize they’re committing a crime (except for the cynical like me) given how complex the law is. Nobody knows it and if nobody knows it how can one avoid breaking it? Answer: you can’t. The only reason your not in prison is because the state hasn’t put you there- yet.

  4. Libre T that is the stupidest shit I’ve heard.Everyone knows the laws and when they r breaking them.An inmate loses all rights at the door and yet co still being paid. The jail is messed up and no clue how they continue to pay a CO with those charges. Its not like pelkie is just being accused of something.He was physically caught in uniform, on the highway in the off duty vehicle with the illegal emergency lights.

  5. You’re a frigging idiot Bruce hasn’t been there for 2 years. Get you facts right before you spout bullshit. It’s against the law stupid to slander.

  6. That jail has always been a mess back in the late 90s some of the male gards got introble for strip surching woman and a few of the female gards strip surched men and look at the canteen scandal oh yeah most of the gards that work there should be there themselves with the exception of a very few of the gards that place is messed up

  7. More Derrick paranoia and BS. Where do you get you’re facts from? The only one crying are the criminals who were convicted by a jury and sent to prison. Just paranoia and BS

  8. I believe they are doing what they can to keep the inmates safe as far as the your concern about them having no contact with family and friends, they can make phone calls have visits any day of the week and be emailed pictures… They are doing everything they can to try to keep this under control they are only human and as far as the men who were charged with crimes they are being held accountable and I believe it was a lesson for the caption and the other staff at the facility. I was an inmate for 7 months in 2016 and the programming and the staff helped me rehabilitate in more ways than one. Out of all the facilities I’ve been incarcerated, this was by far the best. The decisions of former employees may have been poor but the conditions and programming in impeccable.

  9. I live right here, grew up in Dover all my life. The level of corruption in this state can be linked to a small few number of prominent families and their corruption has tentacles that reach into all aspects of official NH operations/departments etc.

  10. They cover up crimes here so often its common knowledge. Their power base, though, is QUITE secure.

  11. Bruce is a scumbag he should be in a place called concord state prison

  12. That 1 guard isn’t the only problem. A couple weeks ago there were 5 overdoses in one pod. That guard in the photo hasn’t been there since his arrest. I know for a fact that there are other guards bringing alcohol and obviously drugs into the facility. They don’t need to stop inmate mail to stop the problem. They need to do a full investigation and not use 1 guard as a scapegoat.

  13. Now, now Jacks. Don’t get testy with Derrick J. Unlike you, he’s actually trying to help. And he makes an important point. With the arrests of Brian Shipman in March, and Bruce Pelkie in May, all of this hubbub surrounding the Stafford County jail system is hardly just a happy coincidence. Now we all know you feel the outcome here is justified, but some of us would rather see justice triumph over exitus acta probat for once.

  14. Check the people doing laundry for the county home. Its done by prisoners and sent in by other employees of the county home right next door. Its been done before and the person doing it got caught and fired. Its not just guards.

  15. Probably ought to spend more time researching instead of drumming up outrage and paranoia.

  16. Hmm if this man is so concerned about this… Can someone please tell him to go over to Valley street & get that shithole in line before he destroys southern NH’s ONLY decent facility that actually works towards rehabilitation?! PLEASE??

  17. Great story. Half of you commenting on this are fucking jokes. Smuggling drugs into the jail you work at that’s disgusting that’s a true piece of shit they just had another officer fired for snap chatting him blowing a line of coke off a chicks tit, there’s a lot of good officers there but theres a lot of shitbag, Bruce Pelkie who does this guy think he is, it’s all pretty comical.

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