Area Police Chief Sentenced to Decades in Prison for Multiple Rapes

Former Police Chief and Convicted Child Rapist Robert K Chambers Sr.

Former Police Chief and Convicted Child Rapist Robert K Chambers Sr.

The reason why the government police can be so corrupt and violent is because they have a monopoly on violence. There’s no competition allowed in the marketplace. Worse, you’re forced to fund the police, even if they are doing things you disagree with, like arresting people for possession of cannabis, teens for alcohol, or committing multiple counts of rape against a child.

Area former police chief Robert K Chambers, Sr, who’d been the head of both the Gilsum and Marlow New Hampshire departments was recently convicted on several counts of aggravated felonious sexual assault and sentenced to decades in prison, according to the Keene Sentinel. Chambers is 65. Here’s video of the harrowing victim impact statement his victim made at Chambers’ sentencing, as published by The Jail Paper Keene, a new court videographer on facebook.

Many people mistakenly believe all Cop Blockers are against the police. The truth is, I’m not against the police. I’m in favor of when police protect people from real crime involving a victim. I have even assisted the police when they were investigating real crimes. However if police are arresting people for victimless crimes, I will oppose that. I’m a police accountability activist, which means holding the cops to their promise of doing good by reporting on the bad ones. The worst cops are those like Chambers, who are clearly people in search of power over others, as this recent despicable example sadly proves.

It’s of course, not the first time that NH’s top cops have been caught up in ugly news, revealing some of them as corrupt, power seekers. Don’t forget the New London, NH chief who allegedly coerced college girls to take nude photos in the police basement when they were arrested for some victimless crime or another. Or how about the Canterbury, NH chief who allegedly used his position of power to engage in sexual acts with a female teen police explorer? There’s the Haverhill, NH chief who resigned after being busted for DUI. Obviously not all chiefs are low-life hypocrites, but you have to wonder how many of them are corrupt. There’s no way to stop a corrupt officer from rising through the ranks of power, since if you withhold taxes in protest, the very same police will come and attack you and your family.

Manchester Police State

Manch Cops Unnecessarily Intimidate Innocent People in Search for Suspect

Obviously Chambers is the lowest of the low – a now-convicted child rapist who also has previous murder allegations hanging in his past. However, as long as the state exists, power-seeking psychopaths like Chambers will continue to wield as much as they can, undetected for decades, if ever. Until taxes are made voluntary, there is no way for people to do anything more significant than continue to uncover, publicize, and complain about corruption.

Luckily, there’s an ongoing NH Freedom Migration where liberty-minded, peace-loving people are moving to New Hampshire and working to reduce the government here. Perhaps someday the state’s violent monopoly will be ended and the market will finally be able to provide important services like protection, where competition and the ability to say “no” to a bad company’s product or service will raise quality, service, and lower price. That will result in better protection services, provided by those seeking customer satisfaction rather than power.

If you are libertarian of voluntarist, especially if you’re interested in police accountability, here are 101 Reasons Why Liberty Lives in New Hampshire, and why thousands of people who think like you are migrating here, ASAP.

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  1. Yeah, FORMER police chief. Keep that in mind. If he was a current cop, this would be swept under the rug like all the other things they do.

  2. Ian Bernard – you and your crew have zero moral authority. About your buddy who killed a hotel employee in Florida? Yeah. Thought so.

  3. I’d feel better if this former police chief had grown a moustache to go with his beard. He looks like a little like the long lost 8th dwarf…Gropey.

  4. I hope he rots in jail. There is no excuse for that kind of behavior. In the article, it said Ian helped with investigations. I seriously doubt that. Sorry but what you call “victimless crimes” are crimes and just because you want to fry your brains on illegal drugs doesn’t make them victimless crimes. Don’t forget, there are people who do despicable things in all professions. Activism is not a profession but you are being investigated for child porn. Two of your friends killed themselves in Mexico after raping a minor. How about David “Jurist” or Ademo. They are in deep shit with the police. So the next time you nail yourself to the cross I suggest you look at the damage your criminal friends are doing.

  5. My goodness, Jacks, what an impassioned invective! Someone went to church this morning, now didn’t he? All fire and brimstone like any good preacher! But in all seriousness Jacks, don’t you think it’s safe to say that the FBI’s investigation on Ian has long since been abandoned? After all, had they found anything of interest they most assuredly would have arrested him by now, right?

    Oh, and I see that it still hasn’t sunk into that thick skull of yours that words actually mean things, eh Jacks? How unfortunate. Perhaps I should explain this concept to you again? I’ll try to keep it brief. You see Jacks, victimless crimes cover a wide range of peaceful activities which have been criminalized in spite of the fact that all parties have consented to them and no party has been injured. And unlike verifiable acts of violence – like say armed robbery and murder – victimless crimes are quite innocuous in nature. Don’t you think it’s quite imperious to be demanding the meting out of punishments towards individuals whose actions have harmed no one? I sure think it is.

  6. the “helping” ian said is no doubt the video he took aat the bottle wars during the pumkinfest riots… the video showed people throwing bottles

  7. DoubleDoe: “About your buddy who killed a hotel employee in Florida? ”

    This is entirely misleading. He’s not a some wack job that got a kick out of killing someone nor did he ever intentionally kill the guy. It just happened. Alcohol, a bar, and a bad situation turned into a nightmare. He regrets the situation and you sir are a jack ass. You don’t help the situation one bit. Your worse than a murder. You go in for the kill you sick fuck for which there can be nothing but further suffering.

  8. Ian, I thought you believed that VERY young people are capable of consenting to sexual acts? How do you know this isn’t a case of consent? You seem to have some very fluid opinions and moral depending on what kind of attention you can get.

  9. I’m looking at this and shaking my head. Bob Chambers hasn’t worked in Law Enforcement for nearly 30 years at the time of his arrest. He drove trucks, worked in logging, plowed snow and operated equipment. Linking Bob’s conviction and his past Police work is a real stretch to smear cops.

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