Poker Legalized In-Home in New Hampshire!

Home Poker Games Legalized in NH!

Home Poker Games Legalized in NH!

The political wins for libertarians in NH just keep coming! Home poker games will become legal in New Hampshire on September 16th! Last week, the new governor, Chris Sununu, signed HB 164 which makes legal:

A poker game held in a private residence so long as the house takes no compensation from the prize pool, no admission fee or seat fee is charged, no one receives any money or anything of value for conducting the game, for allowing the use of his or her residence for the game, or for any other reason except his or her own winnings as a player, the game’s odds do not favor a “house” or any player, there is no house bank, the game is limited to no more than 10 players, and the game is not advertised to the public.

Thus far in 2017 we’ve seen lessened penalties on cannabis, concealed carry with no permit, bitcoin and cryptocurrency protection, legalized firecrackers, and now this news. New Hampshire is clearly on a positive trajectory towards freedom. It’s thanks in part to the ongoing NH Freedom Migration and the liberty-loving natives who’ve lived here for generations, protecting NH from the ravages of big government.

We need more liberty-minded people to move here, ASAP and help us end prohibitions entirely. Here are 101 reasons why you should join us in the Shire.

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  1. Big deal. People have poker games in their homes all over the USA. When you get high from the marijuana call me, I know I would clean up at the table. I don’t take bitcoins.

  2. Big deal? But Jacks, private poker games are unsanctioned acts in most states! I thought you always insisted that everyone obey the law no matter what, or suffer the consequences, however harsh? I must say you’ve been demonstrating quite an extraordinary reversal in character as of late. I mean first you support the City of Keene’s refusal to follow USDOT codes and now this? This is quite remarkable. Have you fully considered the ramifications of this newly found rebellious spirit of yours? I’ll bet you haven’t.

  3. This is great news- another thing I don’t do- but that’s OK! At the end of the day more freedom is the goal and I’ll take whatever I can get.

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