“Dash Force News” Covers New Hampshire’s Bitcoin, DASH Outreach

Dash Force News Covers NH Cryptocurrency Activism

Dash Force News Covers NH Cryptocurrency Activism

Originally, Keene, New Hampshire was the civil disobedience capitol of the libertarian movement. The new activist zeitgeist across New Hampshire and especially in the activism epicenter of Keene, is around cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and DASH. Spreading cryptocurrency is a great method for helping keep wealth in the community and hopefully enrich it, presuming Bitcoin and the others continue to rise against fiat currency like the US Dollar. Bitcoin has been very good at this over the years.

While some old organizations like some big banks and the governments of the world may feel threatened (every activism has its haters, if it is effective), cryptocurrency is rising worldwide and there’s little the old money people can do about it.

Even better, the real strength in Bitcoin and most of its competitors is that of decentralization. The more people get into decentralized currency, the more power transfers from the government and bankers’ hands to the hands of the people, like you.

To that end, the Shire Free Church entered the Bitcoin vending world in 2014 with a mission of spreading bitcoin and therefore, fostering peace. I believe cryptocurrencies are one of the greatest tools for working towards peace, as every dollar that transfers to bitcoin is one fewer with which governments can go to war with the world, or against their own people.

Because of our efforts at spreading bitcoin in the area, Keene has become the city with the most bitcoin-accepting businesses per capita in the world. I recently had the pleasure of sitting in with Joël Valenzuela as his guest on the YouTube version of Dash Force News. We discussed the ongoing merchant recruitment, outreach, and bitcoin vending projects happening in New Hampshire, along with the recent rise in DASH acceptance and vending:

If you’re a libertarian who loves cryptocurrency. You really need to plan your move to New Hampshire and join the fun. We need your help making sure New Hampshire stays a haven for cryptocurrency users and businesses. To connect with others already here, check out the Shire Forum, which also as areas about cryptocurrency.

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  1. “Originally, Keene, New Hampshire was the civil disobedience capitol of the libertarian movement.”
    “Originally” and “was” is correct, unfortunately.

    “I believe cryptocurrencies are one of the greatest tools for working towards peace…”
    No, it’s not. Cryptocurrencies alone will not end tyranny and neither will political participation.

  2. idk but my guess is the SFC …doesnt exist except that it gets pointed to in FK’s articles

  3. More overly exaggerated statements by Ian. You should be writing for Disney. You make a lot of claims you cannot support with real facts.

  4. it was a good video…so far i havent bought anything with my crypto…i wish i knew about the free bitcoin 10 $ foraa email

  5. Ian’s a pedophile and a kike so I’m sure Disney would hire him

  6. Now, now Jacks. Let’s not get distracted with all of these irrelevancies. Remember, it’s evidence we want, not excuses. You need to keep your eyes on that prize. Focus, Jacks! And don’t forget that we believe in you!

  7. calling people kike isnt being a “american patriot” … it is being a bigot which isnt patriotic at all..

  8. Also his first name is english (Ian) and his born name (bernard” )is ,i believe, french… so i guess you are just itching to cast aspersions on Jewish people ;to the extent of finding them where they arent…and you cant even spell patriot or american correctly…wtf

  9. ok my bad Bernard is actually german…GERMAN you dummkopf

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