Muslims Fundraising to Open Full Time Mosque in Keene

Ernest Hancock and Will Coley Broadcasting from Shirefest 2017

Ernest Hancock and Will Coley Broadcasting from Shirefest 2017

“America’s Favorite Redneck Muslim”, Will Coley has made a major announcement! The host of Muslim radio show, “Call to Freedom“, and his family are moving from their longtime home of Tennessee to beautiful Keene, New Hampshire and they’ll be opening a full-time mosque in property donated by the Shire Free Church! Fundraising has begun over at Muslim fundraising site Launchgood with an $11,000 target, the Coleys have already raised over $2,000 with just over two weeks to go.

He’s calling it the Masjid al Latiff and Interfaith Community Center, (aka the MALIC Center) and on his fundraiser page says it will be the first house of worship of its kind in all of New Hampshire! Though it looks like Concord’s Muslim community is also making similar plans, Keene’s seems on target to open its doors sooner than Concord. As one of the founding ministers of the Shire Free Church, I’m elated to be able to dedicate our property to this historic and worthy religious purpose. If it were just a full-time mosque, that would dovetail perfectly with our interfaith church’s mission to foster peace, but Will has promised that the space will also be usable at times by other area religions of peace, such as the Quakers.

In addition to the goal of creating a Muslim community in Southwestern New Hampshire, Will is also planning to conduct outreach to the community and helping dispel the pervasive myths that many Americans mistakenly hold about Islam. When I was in jail for civil disobedience I took the time to read the entire Quran and studied with a Muslim who was in my cell block. I’ve been grateful for Will’s many appearances on my talk radio program, Free Talk Live. We’ve had him on for multiple segments of “Ask a Muslim”, where he fields all kinds of questions from listeners who know little about Islam. I’m excited to have him on more often live in-studio.

Will Coley Conducting his Ramadan Dawah at Porcfest

Will Coley Conducting his Ramadan Dawah at Porcfest

Many who have attended the Porcupine Freedom Festival will recognize Will as the generous man who each year has come up from Tennessee to serve food to the festival-goers during Ramadan as his “dawah” (Muslim outreach). In addition to his generosity, he’s a talented speaker and is currently completing his Islamic jurisprudence and Islamic studies training in the Maliki school.

It’s truly an honor to assist in this new addition to the Keene community that will hopefully attract more Muslims to the area and bring a new level of understanding about Islam to the community at large.

Do you have a few dollars you can spare to help Will and his family make their move to the Shire? Please contribute to the Launchgood fundraiser here (you don’t need to be Muslim to contribute). Here’s Will’s vision for the MALIC Center:

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  1. This is such complete bullshit. You are insulting a culture and religion for for hype. No way will the city allow you to place a mosque in a residential area. I know you are going to insult a religion and that will cause a lot of problems within the Keene community.

  2. What in the hell are you talking about, Jumping Jacks?

  3. Now, now Jacks, You should look on the bright side. Even though Ian’s beaten our dear tolerant friends in Keene’s rival group to the punch this time, there’s still plenty of other work you can do to stop Elm Street Extremism. For instance, you’ve already noted that Dave Ridley has been dutifully ignoring this new and exciting rumor concerning Ian’s conversion to Islam. You should spam his comments section relentlessly to persuade him to change his mind. Oh! And make sure you use your real name too. Our dear friend Susan here seems to think that anyone using an internet handle is both duplicitous and ungallant. I’ll bet that’s why Dave’s always ignoring you.

  4. Lol. Ian has not converted to Islam. He has donated a commercial piece of property to someone for the purpose of opening a mosque. Ian nor Free Keene have anything to do with the leadership or fundraising, outside of donating the property itself.

  5. Ian is throwing out his current renters to do this project. It is not commercial land, it is residential. This is just another ridiculous attempt to get a little limelight since Ian is not high profile anymore. I’m sure they will piss off the muslims who live in and around Keene and cause problems for the city. Just another freekeene joke

  6. Again this property was donated to muslims, ian has no dealing with the mosque save the donation itself. Muslims are donating money to the effort, muslims are celebrating the effort as well. Also you are welcome to check with the city assessor like i did monday..the property is zoned commercial.

    You can take your personal grudge against Ian out on the people he donated the property to, or you can celebrate a new mosque and interfaith community center in keene.

  7. I just got off the phone with the former imam of the Islamic Society of Greater Keene. He now lives in Arkansas, having left specifically because of the lack of a masjid in Keene. The structure they previously occupied was unsustainable.

    You should have heard the happiness and excitement in his voice when i told him that we were raising money to remodel a property in Keene into a full time, 5 prayer a day masjid.

    Help us offer a gift to this community that they have worked unsuccessfully to attain for years. Your small contribution can make a large impact in this community.!/

  8. MALIC center. Ian still owns the land and the building. Second, his former house is zoned residential. He went through this before when he was trying to dodge paying taxes on his home by trying to turn it into a church. What you got off the phone with is another idiot redneck who will perverse the Muslim religion.

  9. I’m sure Jacks and the rest of his dear friends will do just that, MALIC Center. But not face to face. They’re the timidest of creatures, you know. Outside of yelling out insults from their car windows as they drive by, they do little else but trade gossip on their Facebook page.

  10. obvio we’ll see if theres muslims in keene … if now it will just be a cavernous echo chamber

  11. i do hope it success…it would be a good offset to cantwell

  12. so…who is the priest or whatever the muslim equivalent is? is the muslim redneck the priest or whatever the muslim thing is?

  13. i hate the word “interfaith” …its so dumb and probably isnt even a word and if it is a word ,whoever made it a word should be FIRED

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