Free NH Documentary Screening on 9/17 in Portsmouth to Feature Q&A, Poster Raffle

Only five DJVCS posters exist - one will be raffled at the screening!

Only five DJVCS posters exist – one will be raffled at the screening!

Recently Derrick J Freeman announced a special five-year anniversary screening of his documentary film, “Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree” to take place in Portsmouth this Sunday 9/17 at 7pm at the Seacoast Repertory Theatre. Admission is free, first come, first seated. Refreshments will be available for cash, bitcoin, or DASH. If you’re new to Victimless Crime Spree, it’s a feature length, 90min documentary that was originally recorded and edited in Keene, NH (with a little footage from Derrick’s previous home of Philadelphia). Here’s how Derrick has described the movie from his perspective today which he included this on the facebook event for Sunday’s screening:

Victimless Crime Spree is the story of Derrick J, a lovable rebel on a mission to achieve freedom and independence from government. He moves from Philadelphia to New Hampshire for the Free State Project and almost immediately finds himself behind bars. Despite his friendliness to the cops and government bureaucrats, they keep putting him in cages. Inspirational, intelligent and fearless; this documentary demonstrates the will and perseverance of civil disobedience activists that risk their liberty for hope of a better world. If you don’t already, this movie will leave you questioning your relationship with “authority.”

After the screening, we’ll have a Q&A with Derrick J and also do a raffle for one of only five existing original theatrical release posters from the movie’s theatrical premiere in Keene back in September of 2012.

Since its release, the movie has racked up more than 175,000 views on YouTube, sold hundreds of DVDs, and received plenty of positive reviews and ratings, with an 8.6/10 on IMDB and 4.3 stars on Amazon! Those aren’t the only measures of the movie’s success, however. It’s also accomplished helping turn libertarians on to the NH Freedom Migration and multiple people have cited it as their reason for moving to New Hampshire. It’s also introduced new people to the ideas of liberty. I really couldn’t be more proud of what Derrick and editor Beau Davis created and am honored to be the film’s executive producer.

Whether you’re new to the movie or are a longtime fan, we’ll look forward to seeing you at the Seacoast Rep in Portsmouth at 7pm this Sunday, September 17th for this special theatrical presentation. Bring a friend! If you can’t make it on Sunday, you can always watch it for free online anytime or hold your own screening where you live!

Finally, if you’re around Portsmouth a little earlier in the day, be sure to stop into Derrick’s new “Free State Bitcoin Shoppe” as they are having their grand opening from 12p-6p!

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  1. Derrick trying to keep himself in the spotlight. This is a tired old video. Apparently Derrick has done nothing with his life so he keeps showing this ridiculous video he made in hopes to get a little attention. As far as the IMDB rating, only a couple of activists in freekeene gave the video a thumbs up the same goes for Amazon’s rating so I wouldn’t go overboard. You had once claimed the video is in all Walmart stores. It never was. They people at Walmart have never heard of it.

    “It’s also accomplished helping turn libertarians on to the NH Freedom Migration and multiple people have cited it as their reason for moving to New Hampshire”. I seriously doubt that. I’m willing to bet 99% of NH have never heard of this video or Derrick and you.

  2. Jacks, Jacks, Jacks, when are you going to learn that these Jacksisms of yours just won’t pass muster amongst the civilized people found in here? You know perfectly well that no one has ever made the claim that Derrick J’s video could be found in a Walmart store. It was however available for order at one time. Would you care to go look for yourself? Here’s the link, Jacks. Presuming you can gather up the courage, feel free to thank me later.

  3. It appears that this Derrick J is in desperate need of attention. Walmart would never have a controversial video made by a felon for sale in its stores.

  4. Hillary Clinton just may be a criminal, but she has not been convicted as a felon. Derrick J has a felony record which he foolishly bestowed upon himself. People can gather this from watching his videos. Hillary Clinton’s books are sold in Walmart and various other places because her lifestyle is titillating to the masses, the same cannot be said of the feeble and misguided choices in life that this Derrick J has chosen.

  5. Oh, I see Ernesto darling! So you’re proposing that Derrick J should be deprived of his right to peacefully make a living in whatever way he sees fit because you’ve presumed that he’s a CONVICTED felon! Well now, sweetums, thanks for making these intriguing beliefs of yours perfectly clear!

    Say, Ernesto, did you know that Derrick J’s convictions were all MISDEMEANOR offenses? Well that makes him very much NOT a felon, now doesn’t it dear? Does this mean you’ll be taking back your previous statements, or will you be amending them so that they include misdemeanor convictions as well?

    Oh, and Ernesto? Since you’ve been trying very hard to affix a moral component to this argument, don’t you think it’s a tad ignoble of you to be perfectly OK with Walmart selling Hillary Clinton swag when the only reason she’s NOT in a jail cell is because she has dear friends in high places to keep her safe from the long arm of the law?

  6. @jumpingjacks

    You don’t like it well no one is forcing you to watch it & the more you bitch about it the more you give it publicity

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