Ridley Sics Garret Ean on NH State House

Interesting things are brewing at the Ridley Report! In a recent video, Dave Ridley explains that he’s hired Free Keene blogger Garret Ean to target the NH state house in Concord with ambush interviews!

Here Garret takes on some awful prohibitionist as she leaves a hearing regarding reforming prostitution statutes in NH:

Ridley’s hiring of Garret marks a first, major expansion to the Ridley Report brand. I’m looking forward to seeing what the video activist duo does next!

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  1. I thought Garrett moved out of Keene. So Ridley hired him? I thought Ridley was in dire straights with his welfare situation.

  2. it was good garret was good…daves high n mighty critiques before n after were..
    a bit much… maybe we should just talk abouts daves hair next time
    or not. good production though 🙂

  3. So Jacks, are you trying to sell yourself as a welfare case worker now? I think you should stick with your old lie. You’ll definitely get more girls that way.

  4. Harassing a woman who was actually a victim of sex trafficking? Nice work, Garrett! Thank you Ridley for the clownish intros which will continue to prevent you from being taken seriously.

  5. You didn’t watch that video very closely, now did you velcro darling? Garret was merely walking along side of this woman and asking her questions. In what way can that be construed as an act of offense, velcro? People learn things by asking questions and exchanging ideas, you know. Do you think it’s constructive for someone to respond to this with knee-jerking indignance?

  6. Well said Velcro. No one takes these people seriously. That is why they only get one or two likes or comments on their blogs and posts.

  7. So opinions are only of value if they lots and lots of “Likes” under them, Ernesto darling?

  8. So opinions are only of value if they have lots and lots of “Likes” under them, Ernesto darling?

  9. Third times a charm.

  10. You really should watch that video again, Ernesto darling. And I think you’ll get the most out of that exercise if you repeat this over and over to yourself. “Words can’t hurt me, only physically aggressive actions can.” That will really help you to see things more objectively, my dear. I promise.

  11. She may have only seen a strange-looking young guy with a clownishly huge afro, and not noticed the little video camera which makes Garrett a Citizen Journalist.

  12. what do unkind people call you Mr. Horrigan?

  13. People call you Creepy Crawford. Are they unkind or just honest?

  14. No they dont pedo… just internet fakes like you…with fake names saying fake things… grow up

  15. pedo is fake name saying fake things on the internet.. im sure it goes by many other names..

  16. The video is titled “confronts prohibitionist.” since when do you call a confrontation “walking beside and asking questions.”? Nice to know I can still pop in from across the country and get a good laugh.

  17. Can we stop trying to give legitimacy to prostitution by calling it “sex work?”

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