An Open Letter to Crypto-Wealthy Libertarians, Voluntarists, and Anarchists

Manchester, NH Bitcoin Meetup

Manchester, NH Bitcoin Meetup – The world’s longest-running.

With $1 trillion market cap for all cryptocurrency on the horizon, it’s pretty clear a bunch of voluntarist/anarchists/libertarians have access to unprecedented wealth – if not now, very soon.

If achieving liberty in your lifetime is important to you and you have now found yourself with, or will very soon (if the prices keep rising) have access to more wealth than you have ever had access to, or could have imagined having, now is the time that you should seriously consider a couple of options:

Start planning your move to New Hampshire, ASAP, to join the largest concentration of liberty-minded people on earth. Many of whom are very active and having success in changing the status quo both inside and outside the system. The state is still a state, but for what it’s worth, NH’s state this year exempted crypto-only business from money transmitter statutes. Crypto-libertarians were the ones moving this legislation forward. (New Hampshire has a bunch of principled libertarians in its state house, unlike other states.)

More liberty-minded people like you have moved to New Hampshire than anywhere else in the world.

More liberty-minded people like you have moved to New Hampshire than anywhere else in the world.

Lots of things were already made possible just by bringing libertarians together to the same geographic area in real life, (as has been happening here for well over a decade) but now thanks to crypto, the game is set to change big time in the next five years. Besides the obvious ability to better fund political campaigns and other inside-the-system action, once the total crypto market cap goes up another 10x or 100x, outright buying existing mainstream media (TV, radio, print) should be possible, in addition to funding an army of attorneys to help crush the state in their own courts. I’m sure you can think of some cool possibilities that concentrating crypto-wealthy libertarian activists together can achieve!

Thousands have already moved and are thousands more are planning to move. Here are 101 reasons why you should:

If you can’t move, please fund the New Hampshire-based libertarian activism you like with your crypto. You may not be able to move because of family or career or whatever, but if New Hampshire succeeds (and we’ve already begun) at achieving liberty, it will be a beacon to the world that freedom works. You can help that happen even without moving. Nearly every libertarian activism group/project accepts cryptocurrency in New Hampshire.

If you find activism you like happening here, please send them funding. Not everyone here was lucky or wise enough to invest in cryptocurrency as soon as you did but they all know its value now and would love to collect more of it and use it to defeat the state. If you don’t already know some great groups to which you can donate, here are a few who are the most active:

Foundation for New Hampshire Independence
Free Keene
Free State Bitcoin Shoppe
Free State Project
Free Talk Live
Libertarian Party of NH
Liberty Lobby
New Hampshire Liberty Alliance
NH Copblock
NH Jury
Pax Libertas Productions
Shire Free Church

The numbers are bitcoin-accepting businesses.

Check out the coinmap to see the cool places you can spend cryptocurrency in real life in New Hampshire.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. There are more activism opportunities than you could be involved in here and more libertarians than you could possibly know. The best way to find out about them is to move and get plugged into the liberty/crypto community here.

If you’d like to meet some of your future neighbors and others who are planning a move, please visit the Shire Forums.

Come on up and visit and bring your crypto wallet because you can actually spend your cryptocurrency in real life here. You may want to connect with the various crypto-meetup groups while you’re here. Please use the Shire Forum to reach out and let us know you’re coming up.

(This article was originally published on my Steemit blog, a website that allows content creators to earn cryptocurrency called Steem for readers’ vote-ups, instead of useless likes. Pretty neat!)

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  1. Ian, I’m planning my move in the spring…probably late April. I’ll be in NH for a week in January, house hunting. Perhaps I’ll see you then…Craig

  2. What an amusing article. So what exactly have libertarians done for New Hampshire? I do not recall anything specific. I do recall a few libertarian law makers getting arrested and sent to prison for solicitation of sex from minors. It doesn’t look like libertarians are not what New Hampshire needs

  3. My goodness Jacks, you really should get that swiss cheese of a brain of yours checked out by a neurologist before it’s too late. I’m worried about you. I mean really, sweetums, how could you have already forgotten about all the wonderful things the liberty-loving people in NH have done in the last three years?

    For instance, in 2015 our dear friend Maggie Hassan signed into law a bill that removed naloxone from NH’s list of controlled substances. This finally made this life-saving drug available to anyone with histories with opioid abuse. That law was sponsored by FSP participant Amanda Bouldin, by the way. Remember how furious you got when she put you in your place here, Jacks? Boy those were good times.

    Oh, and then there was NH’s adoption of constitutional carry in early 2017. Many people credit the work of Susan Olsen of the WDLNH for making this possible. Now peaceful people like Derrick J. can carry a concealed firearm anywhere in NH without ever having to ask permission from naughty police chiefs like Kenneth J. Meola. Fun fact, eh Jacks?

    Oh, and how could you have forgotten about bitcoins, Jacks? You complain about them so much, I’m surprised you could have ever forgotten about HB 436. Especially since the LIberty Lobby’s very on Darryl W. Perry was instrumental in convincing Gov. Sununu to sign that bill into law in the first place. Now cryptocuurencies are explicitly exempt from Nh’s money transmitter regulations. Boy oh boy, you were absolutely beside yourself about that, now weren’t you sweetums?

    Care to rebut any of this, Jacks? I know you can’t, but it’s always entertaining to watch you try.

  4. Kyle Tasker is a dirty little libertarian boy.

  5. Yea- it’s exciting to see all that has been accomplished in JUST this past year by libertarians. But there are things I’m learning about which happened years ago that really make me glad I moved. This coming year I’ve heard we’re getting some very good news in relation to something else the community has been protesting in NH for years. A bill will be introduced to end unconscionable and unconstitutional police abuses. Hopefully it’ll be another success like the decrim bill this past year was. Another thing we can credit libertarians for are the numerous lawsuits and fights for civil rights in NH. The cops don’t fuck with libertarians these days. Not in most areas. Of my many interactions I’ve found them to be more apt to avoid interactions particularly once they’ve identified you as “one of them damm freestaters”. The cops along the NH / Vermont boarder actually run from us. The worst Keene cops seem to mostly just avoid interacting out of fear of being held accountable or are otherwise actually friendly! Who would of thought. Not all cops are ass holes after all. The further east you go the more work that seems needed. At least in Manchester. This year thought will be the year that Manchester cops take notice. They’ve already lost a $250,000 lawsuit and there are a dozen more of those coming. I know of three personally. Manchester cops have been so bad we may end up bankrupting the city.

    Then there is the mosque… so don’t think for a moment it’s all selfish. There is also rumor of another significant donation around the corner to solve one cities problems. Yea- the city has failed to do anything and its individuals who are stepping up to the plate exactly as should happen. Of course we could have more of this if 70% of our wealth wasn’t being stolen by government. The poor are only poor because even small acts of theft by government disproportionately harm em. If everyones income doubles particularly those at the bottom it would solve the problem of economic dependents on government for social programs. From schooling to housing to food.

  6. @jumping jacks Didn’t one Libertarian Fire a gun into a crowded house party?

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