Keene’s Imam Launches Weekday Radio Show; Makes Major Splash in NH Media

Ernest Hancock and Will Coley Broadcasting from Shirefest 2017

Ernest Hancock and Will Coley Broadcasting from Shirefest 2017

In the face of threats from the City of Keene, New Hampshire’s first full-time mosque opened its doors during the holiday season for both Islamic and interfaith gatherings. As a result, mainstream media covered the grand opening, including the Keene Sentinel and Union Leader.

Shortly thereafter, imam Will Coley was interviewed by WKBK‘s morning talk show host, Dan Mitchell. The interview is very good and you can listen to it here:

As of last week, Coley has launched a weekday afternoon drive talk radio show, “Call to Freedom” on Keene-based LRN.FM – the Liberty Radio Network. LRN.FM is a 24/7 streaming audio network heard online and on free-to-air satellite internationally. Coley’s new weekday show along with longtime nighttime show “Free Talk Live“, (on which Coley is a frequent co-host) are also both simulcast in HD video via the brand new LRN.FM Twitch channel.

Join our new Discord at!

Join our new Discord at!

Call to Freedom features a daily Crypto Hour, where all the conversation is focused on the world of cryptocurrency. Also, throughout the full three hour show per day, listeners have a chance to win cryptocurrency giveaways if they hear either a faucet sound effect, or a satellite targeting sound effect. You can listen live to LRN.FM from 4-7pm Eastern, Monday through Friday and call in to win free internet money at 603-283-6160. The show also features plenty of libertarian opinions on the issues with a rotating set of co-hosts including several area libertarian personalities as well as remote hosts including crypto-expert Aria DiMezzo aka, “the Anarchist Shemale” and attorney/wrestling manager Thom Gray.

The rapport between the hosts of the show is excellent and Coley’s sense of humor and energy is outstanding. Be sure to listen live on LRN.FM, or later on via their podcast.

Also, LRN.FM recently launched a Discord where you can text or voice chat with other listeners and hosts, so be sure to join us on the new Discord at Discord.LRN.FM!

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  1. Really? You are going to blame the city of Keene because you didn’t check all the regs needed for your mosque? That is truly pathetic. Everyone has to follow these rules but you seem to feel you can do anything you want. So Coley is now being an activist? Promoting his own activism? I thought Muslims don’t want that kind of ostentatious displays as it focuses on the wrong type of lifestyle that is Muslim. I have a feeling you are going to piss off your congregation and they will leave on a sour note.

    As far as your cryptocurrencies, It would appear countries are jumping on the bandwagon to stop these currencies which are falling in value. I wonder how long it will be until the USA outlaws these types of cryptocurrenies.

  2. My goodness Jacks, you sure do seem to know a lot about Islam, now don’t you? It’s a shame you can’t apply that level of awareness towards more important things – you know, like economics? Because if you could, you’d already know that cryptocurrency consumers in South Korea really don’t like it when their politicians mess with their financial affairs. Now I know how much you loathe being confronted by the truth, pookums, but If you want, you can read all about it by clicking on the links I’ve provided for you below. Enjoy!

  3. There is only one Islam, and Allah has very simple demands and they include killing and subjugating anyone who isn’t a muslim. Would be curious to see how Ian think about Islamic books. Ian thinks the Shire Declaration is proof of sufficient peaceful intent for starting ventures, including starting a mosque. At the same time, he’s either uninformed or dismissed the words of Allah. There’s no good muslims other than those who do Jihad. As a result, the “bad” muslims comprise the majority of victims of jihad. There is no reforming the words of Allah since it’s the word of God. It is sufficient cause for being killed.

    Muslims are absolutely like any other people who are good and bad. But if you’re a suicidal psychopath then you get everything you ever wanted to affirm your aims of spreading death to further the religion of Allah.

    It maybe true that people pick and choose aspects of a religion to make it part of their lives and it’s true that other forms of religious and secular killing that is not part of Islam has been gruesome. But Islamic texts have been responsible for creation of empires and attributed killings for the last 1400 years, since its founding.

    This will make hair in the back of your head stands up —

    Sahih Bukhari 1:9:490
    Narrated ‘Aisha: “You have compared us (women) to donkeys and dogs.

    PS: Without modern law, weapons, and education, women are subjugated very easily. For this reason, I look on them with a lot of sympathy. No doubt some women find life comfortable in the Islam faith. As for me, I try never to disparage them. If it’s the nipple they want to free then we need to listen to them and they have been saying that it is not sexual, other parties made it sexual. If we don’t listen to them, we may as well call them dogs or bringing them closer to that status. Islamic texts say they’re unclean and that’s final. Maybe we should listen to them that modern feminine products made that irrelevant?

  4. Jumping Jack seems to know a lot but chose not to say a lot about Islam.

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