Liberty Lobby 2018 – Week 1 Videos

DISCLAIMER: I’m not actually part of Liberty Lobby (though I’ve donated my time to help). I don’t get paid to talk to the legislature. Last year Darryl W Perry launched Liberty Lobby (making him the first crowd-funded lobbyist) and I accompanied him to Concord’s state house and recorded a bunch of videos of our various testimony before the state house committees on a variety of issues. You can see them all on the Free Keene YouTube channel.

While we were both in Concord last week, the first week of the 2018 legislative session, we were actually never in the same committee hearing. He attends the election committee hearings (here’s his week wrapup post), and I’m frequently in criminal justice and judiciary committees. So, here are the videos from the hearings I attended:

HB 1566 – This is the most ridiculous video of all of them from Week 1. Keene’s worst state rep, Delmar Burridge, a lover of big, oppressive government, proposed a bill to restrict open carry in multiple places statewide. I spoke against it and he was literally bouncing in his seat with excitement when I pointed out how it was wrong to try to force societal change from the top down. He disagrees, of course. You can jump straight to my testimony here. Here’s the full hearing video:

HB 1778 – State Rep Dick Marple proposes a bill to abolish driver licensing except for commercial purposes. I spoke in favor. This is the full hearing:

HB 1542 – Would legalize the concealed carry of guns on all NH state college campuses. I spoke in favor. This is the full hearing video:

CACR 16 – State Rep Neal Kurk proposes amending the constitution to enshrine the right to privacy from government. I skeptically spoke in favor. This is the full hearing video:

HB 1426 – This awful bill would make revenge porn a sex offender list offense. I spoke against. This is the full hearing video:

HB 1567 – A confusing bill from wannabe tyrant Delmar Burridge that adjusts prostitution penalties up and down. I spoke against. This is the full hearing video:

HB 1504 – Would add civil liberties violations to the purview of the Human Rights Commission. I cautiously spoke in favor. Here’s almost all of the hearing:

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  1. Say Jacks, have you had a chance to read those little news tidbits I provided for you yesterday? Assuming you at least bothered to read the headlines, I’m sure they were both real eye-openers for you. Now I know that someone as worldly as you doesn’t need me to tell you just how much those South Koreans love their bitcoins, but aren’t you just dying to find out how many of those naughty assemblymen will be losing their seats over this? I know I am.

  2. This is funny. Darryl and Ian go to these meetings and do nothing but whine and complain. By the way, it’s an open forum and anyone can go to these meetings. I seriously doubt Ian made anyone “bounce in their seat”. The reason, everyone knows who you are and what you do and have done in the past. You and Darryl are a joke to these people.

  3. Oh Jacks, and here I thought you’d be all flushed with excitement about the fact that our dear friends in the liberty movement are now focusing their collective efforts lobbying politicians – you know, just like you’ve always said they should? I guess their recent successes with cannabis decriminalization and constitutional carry has left a bad taste in your mouth, hasn’t it pookums?

  4. i dont care about guns very much….for some reason alota people go nuts for them…., which is fine, there is just no wind in my sails to argue for them, at all…

  5. i use to think revolution was a great reason to arguing for them ,power to the people and all that; i was disabused of that notion…

  6. Don’t take your clothes off if you don’t want the picture to show up online Ian says… I bet Ian doesn’t mind those pictures, especially the young unclothed kind, as he’s got a whole folder of underaged girls on his computer. And now with the proposed bill to change the law of getting married from 14 to 13 in New Hampshire Ian must love that. After all he was dating a 14 year old innocent lovely little girl a few years back. It looks like she’s out of that nightmare now. I wonder how many years it will take for her to come to her senses and realize she was taking advantage of, and put Ian where he belongs, caged in a jail cell.

  7. Then you’d better make haste and buy some before they start going up again, eh Jacks? Remember pookums, you have to buy low and sell high in order to make any money at this sort of thing!

  8. Ok sure: Ian’s never been convicted of any crime involving underage persons, but 14 is hardly a child anyway. The idea of childhood itself is an idea fabricated during the victorian era if my recollection of history has the time frame correct.

    Every allegation against Ian is nothing more than fabricated non-sense from enemies of freedom. The FBI has had a clear interest in fabricating or promoting these rumors explicitly because they have nothing on em. The government is attempting to divide our little community. In spite of that its been mostly a failure.

    The specific attack I believe in relation to the raid was a result of Mark Edge’s criticism of the FBI. Ian provides a platform and they wanted to take out the guy behind said platform. Mark Edge called the FBI a bunch of hypocrites on nationally syndicated radio for distributing child porn.

    If child porn is harming children as the FBI claims then the FBI must be in the business of harming children because they were caught DISTRIBUTING child porn. I’m sure there are a lot of creeps out there actually committing violence against others. Ian ain’t one of them and has a distaste for young persons. Again- a 14 year old ain’t a child.

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