CNN Covers Free State Bitcoin Shoppe, DASH in Portsmouth New Hampshire aka Bitcoin Village

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I still can’t believe it. I just watched this video by CNN about a New Hampshire man who is able to live his entire life on cryptocurrency. I’ve come close, but he’s got even me beat. Truly an impressive feat. To learn his secret, watch this video:

Amazing, Joël. Brilliantly done. You are welcome at the Free State Bitcoin Shoppe anytime! To level up your crypto game, attend the next Portsmouth Bitcoin Network meet up. Or if you’re super-serious, enroll in the Blockchain Institute of Technology.

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  1. I make my living writing on Steemit- that’s my entire income… not that difficult!

  2. Bitcoin is not stable at all. I’m sure you have been following the loss of value and the regulations and boycott of bitcoin in foreign markets not to mention many large store chains won’t take it.

  3. Gold’s value has remained stable for years, Jacks. That’s why anyone who bought gold five years ago instead of bitcoins has yet to become a millionaire from the purchase. But don’t you fret about any of that, pookums – you still have another chance to buy low and sell high. All you have to do is swallow that celebrated pride of yours! What do you say, Jacks? Are you game for that?

    Oh and Jacks? I’ve linked three more postings from the bitcoin experts sitting on the other side of the table. You should look them over when you have some free time. I know you won’t of course, but it never hurts to make a friendly suggestion, now does it? Not to spoil anything for you, sweetie, but strangely enough, their predictions are much less dire than those being advanced by our dear friends over at Yahoo Finance and the like. Who to believe… who to believe… Only time will tell, eh Jacks?

  4. Jumping Jacks: Not everybody shops exclusively at major retailers. It’s utterly irrelevant whether or not major chains even take crypto or its fluctuation in value. What matters is peoples willingness to accept it and spend it. The CNN reporters really don’t have a great understanding of the situation. It’s not just Portsmith that crypto is widely accepted. There are tons of places throughout southern New Hampshire to spend it and we’re not just talking the big cities. We have many small towns with just one or two stores in the entire town where you can find crypto currencies like Dash and Bitcoin being accepted and there are lots of companies which are more than happy to take your crypto for things like car insurance:

    And the other mistake the CNN reporter makes is thinking you need cash to ‘pay your bills’. Crypto is more than just an experience in New Hampshire. It’s gone from an experiment in 2011 to being widely adopted here. I have all sorts of bills that I pay with Dash or Bitcoin. Car insurance with Inguard is just one example. Just because you take crypto like I do for my business and get paid regularly in it doesn’t mean you’ll ever have to convert it to dollars to ‘pay your bills’. Unless crypto becomes so popular that you only ever get crypto- but at that point you probably will find that crypto is also accepted everywhere else so converting is unnecessary. I have also paid employees in crypto. Entire salaries were 100% paid in crypto and these people got along just fine. They actually demanded it- more or less.

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