Announcing Forkfest 2018 – The Decentralized Liberty Camping Festival, Jun 14-18th

Five-Hour Rave at Somaliafest & Shirefest 2017

Five-Hour Rave at Forkfest 2017

Last summer marked the beginning of the decentralized, friendly competition to the longtime centrally-organized Porcupine Freedom Festival. Some people called it Somaliafest, others called it Shirefest, still others came up with other names. What it ended up being was a couple dozen liberty-loving people camping with each other, a couple of great parties (one including Will Coley as the DJ), and a nationally syndicated talk radio show recording in the campground.

This year, New Hampshire’s decentralized liberty camping event is back, once again to be held Jun 14th-18th (the five days prior to Porcfest). However, the talk radio shows on LRN.FM have been calling this year’s event Forkfest, a name created by Liberty Lobbyist Darryl W Perry.

Why Forkfest? It’s an embracing of the idea of “forking” or when a movement (cryptocurrency, political, religious, or whatever) has a split, usually when some perceived impasse among a growing group is reached. It’s something that has happened in New Hampshire’s freedom migration over the last fifteen years on multiple occasions. Such schisms are natural with large numbers of people, which most libertarians don’t have if they are outside of New Hampshire, so libertarians aren’t used to it. Given the ever-increasing number of liberty activists moving to NH, they were inevitable.

Ernest Hancock and Will Coley Broadcasting from Forkfest 2017

Ernest Hancock and Will Coley Broadcasting from Forkfest 2017

Unlike Porcfest, which is a great festival in its own right, Forkfest differs in that there is no organizer, no board of directors, and no one in charge. That means that everyone attending must decide how to self-organize. Throw a party, perform music, put on speeches, sell food or merchandise, whatever happens to be your inspiration! Or, if you just want to take it easy and camp around the company of other libertarians, voluntarists, and liberty-minded anarchists, no problem! Just lock down your camping, RV site, or Motel Room at Roger’s Campground for June 14th-18th and enjoy. There are no tickets to Forkfest.

If you’d like to plan something for attendees to do, see what else is being planned (there’s at least one party, athletic events, and a marriage already scheduled as of this writing), or just connect with other Forkfest attendees, visit the Forkfest forum (part of the Shire Forum). Also, you’ll find links to Forkfest chat rooms and an event to which you can RSVP on the unofficial Forkfest website at

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  1. I’m going! And I’m probably going to drag some others with me. OK OK- they already want to go so maybe drag isn’t quite the right word.

  2. So Ian can attend this festival? If there is no leader at an event it can turn into total chaos. This should be interesting to watch what happens.

  3. Jacks, Jacks, Jacks, it’s just so heartbreaking to us that you’re still unaware of the fact that order can set itself into motion without the aid of any leadership whatsoever. There are plenty of instances of this phenomenon found in the real world, you know. You only have to look around to find it. Would you like to learn more about this, snookums?

  4. “It’s heartbreaking to us?” Look who the leader of this pack is? An old washed up libertarian.

  5. Interesting they are having a marriage (permission from the state for two commercial “legal persons” to be joined) at a freedom festival

  6. Ernesto my love! Welcome back! You know dearie, that link I provided for our mutual friend Jacks was meant to help the likes of you as well! Perhaps you should click on it and see where it takes you? Who knows? it just might change your life for the better!

  7. Neil: Marriage doesn’t have to entail the state. I have no idea if this marriage is official although the person I have a relationship with may at some future date throw a celebration. Whether we choose to call it marriage or not is entirely up to us. There was a time prior to the state where people were still married. It’s a custom, religiously based or otherwise, and mostly has been based around necessity and wealth rather than love, religion, or any other matter.

  8. So Ernesto my dear, have you taken the time to watch that Stossel in the Classroom segment I posted for you and Jacks yet? I promise you’ll found it just as thought provoking and intellectually stimulating as the rest of us have!

  9. Look Jacks, more good news in the crypto markets! If I were you, I’d stock up on some cryptoassets lickety-split – you know, while you can still pick them up at bargain basement prices!

  10. What’s the matter, Jacks? You’re not finding it difficult to find grim predictions about the crypto markets lately, now are you? We really miss those links,you like to post.

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