Libertarian Party State Reps Caleb Dyer, Joseph Stallcop Speak and Toke at Concord 4/20

The speeches from the Concord 4/20 just keep coming! This time it’s two videos featuring two of the New Hampshire state representatives who are actual Libertarian Party of NH members, Caleb Dyer of Pelham and Joseph Stallcop of Keene. Both flipped to Libertarian after being elected as Republican and Democrat in 2017, respectively. (Here are articles about Caleb and Joseph’s historic party changes.)

First up, Caleb Dyer’s speeches from both 2018 and 2017‘s 4/20s at the state house steps in Concord:

Joseph Stallcop couldn’t make it this year, but here’s his off-the-cuff speech from 2017 that had not yet been released:

New Hampshire has more Libertarian Party state reps (three) than all other states combined (zero)! Oh, and in case you missed it, here’s footage from 2017’s event, including the reps enjoying the celebration:

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  1. The libertarian party in New Hampshire is a joke. They have done nothing. They have not passed a single bill but wasted time. The LP is like a tiny little click of people who play dungeons and dragons in a corner.
    I laugh when I think of people that will smoke an illicit drug with more carcinogens then cigarettes, Yet claim to be vegans, or are particular as to what they will put into their bodies.

  2. Say Jacks, you know what else is funny? Just how mad you got when naloxone became available by prescription. Remember when you threw that epic temper tantrum over it and Amanda Bouldin put you in your place? Boy, those were good times.

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