Libertarian State Reps Dyer and Phinney Speak at LPNH 2018 Convention

Last year, state representatives Caleb Dyer, Joseph Stallcop, and Brandon Phinney made history by flipping from Republicans and Democrat to the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire.

The three of them outnumber the total number of Libertarian Party state reps in all the other 49 states combined.

At this year’s LPNH convention in Concord both Reps Dyer and Phinney spoke to the attendees about their decision to flip to the Libertarian Party of NH and what it’s meant to them. (Rep. Stallcop wasn’t able to make it.) Phinney even highlights some of their legislative victories. Here are both videos. First, Caleb Dyer’s speech:

and Brandon Phinney’s speech:

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  1. These people have done nothing. How can you call them representatives when they haven’t done anything but take up space. They switched to libertarian so they don’t get voted out of office. If they hide in the libertarian party, they will be ignored and can their cushy jobs.

  2. Jack’s honey, that’s really kind of the point here. You see dear, outside of its legitimate roles of protecting life and property, our government heroes should really just be content with staying out of our way.

    And besides Jacks, what have our heroes been doing for us anyway? Provide us with parking services and limited edition vodkas? It’s not like there aren’t any entrepreneurs out there who can’t provide those things for the rest of us, right sweet pea?

  3. That doesn’t make any sense; doesn’t flipping party affiliations after getting elected make them more likely to get voted out of office? Fuck all politicians either way, even “libertarian” ones.

  4. To “Jumping Jack”: A hundred bucks a year makes it a “cushy job”? You are unclear on the concept, Bro.

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