Video: Conan on Trial for Uninspected Vehicle

Vehicle inspection is nothing more than a racket for auto shops being operated by the people calling themselves the “State of New Hampshire”. As Free Keene blogger Conan Salada points out during his testimony at trial this week, the auto repair shop he went to gave him quotes for what Conan determined were unnecessary repairs in order to pass the vehicle inspection. This happens to people all the time and allows unscrupulous auto repair shops to take advantage of ignorant drivers.

But wait, don’t we need mandatory yearly inspections to keep cars as safe as possible on the roads? Actually, no. Not all really cold states have mandatory vehicle inspections and there’s no evidence those states’ roads are any more dangerous. Turns out, the market handles safety just fine.

Meanwhile, the crime gang known as the State of New Hampshire continues to prosecute and convict people for taking care of their cars how they want. Here’s the full trial video from this week in Keene District Court. Conan is ultimately found guilty and sentenced to a little community service:

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  1. > This happens to people all the time and allows unscrupulous auto repair shops to take advantage of ignorant drivers.

    Actually no, it doesn’t

  2. Except that it does, STD. After all, there’s very little incentive for auto shops to leave things to chance when all they have to do is use that adorable little sticker as leverage to get their customers to pay more.

  3. Most other states do not have this vehicle inspection insanity. Sure, it’s nice not being required to have auto insurance or wear seat belts but the so-called freest state screws you in other ways. Many Free Staters get around the required inspections by having their cars registered in other states. The problem with this is you may be targeted by the local pigs for having out of state plates. New Hampshire is a low crime and low population state. This greatly increases your chances of being harassed by domestic terrorists for victimless crimes or no crimes at all on muh roads. They get bored.

  4. David Jurist You are wrong. Most of the US states require mandatory vehicle inspections. Not having insurance on your vehicle is about the dumbest thing someone could do. Not wearing a seat belt is the dumbest thing you could ever do. freestaters who register their vehicles in other states only proves stupidity because everyone will get caught.

  5. “The Conan Trial” only proves what an idiot he is. freekeeners are always complaining about the environment but if someone does something about it, freestaters call it anarchy. It shows the true colors of how stupid someone can get when joining a freestater group of people. Conan never wins because everything he has tried to do is so ridiculous the town of Keene laughs at him.

  6. No Jacks. It’s dumbest by far for someone to unceasingly pay for expensive car insurance that he doesn’t need. The stupidity is magnified when that same person promotes the idea that his government should force his neighbors to do this as well. Fortunately, most of the voters in NH are much smarter than you and have made it very clear to their politicians that mandatory automobile insurance is not the way to go. Isn’t it glorious, pookums?

  7. Jacks, less than 19 states require periodic safety inspections per Wikipedia. Some states plus the District of Criminals have ended the requirement in recent years. I wouldn’t call that most states. You can count right?

  8. As you’ve already noticed, David, Jacks doesn’t fully understand the ideas he’s trying to make his case for. But he’ll defend them to the end regardless, even when he has to lie to everyone about their worth. He’s a completely uncompromising creature, isn’t he? You can imagine the sort of company he keeps.

  9. ok heres my take on the whole ..sticker protest thing: It’s better NOT to be overt regarding it! I understand the overt reasons; but it’s a losing battle and achieves basiccally zippo save a video on FK and a fine for the protester aka Conan ,here. COVERT is better because of the reasons over isn’t good… the protest is a tree falling in the woods and the only one hearin it is conan.

  10. I’m at 17.00 in Conan certainly did state his case very well!. And it is a case many could ,also, attest to so,good for him!

  11. shes the lady i argued to and got a lesser fine for it.

  12. Conan’s argument was great but in this viewer’s opinion it would better suited for the legislature.. Getting that you had not had a sticker in fours years,suppressed as evidence would have been good because ,in my opinion that was something that sunk you. But i guess it was a uphill battle …I was thinking that saying you don’t get stickers may not be the best thing to say publicly when you have a driving job.

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