Keene Dentist, Vape Shop, Indian Restaurant, & Hair Salon Now Accepting Bitcoin & DASH!

Dr. Drower Dentistry Now Accepts Cryptocurrency

Dr. Drower Dentistry Now Accepts Cryptocurrency

Longtime readers here know that Keene and Portsmouth New Hampshire are two hotspots in the world of cryptocurrency. The Western and Easternmost cities in New Hampshire are living proof that cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or DASH can be used successfully at retail, with multiple downtown local mom-n-pop businesses accepting crypto at point-of-sale. Though real life crypto usage is not all about delicious handmade pizza, BBQ, Indian food, burgers, or alcoholic beverages that you can buy with crypto in downtown Keene, it’s also about products AND services.

Keene’s newest vape shop, Lineage Vapors recently opened in the Center at Keene on Gilbo Ave and is accepting both Bitcoin (BTC) and DASH. While Corner News has been selling vaporizers and accessories for years (and accepting crypto for longer than anyone in Keene), Lineage Vapors is a full-on vape-only shop and worth checking out. That makes Lineage Vapors the third business in the Center at Keene that accepts crypto. Little Zoe’s Pizza was first and was recently joined by Curry Indian Restaurant who serves excellent Indian and Pakistani cuisine seven-days-a-week for both Bitcoin (BTC) and DASH. Not only is the food great, it’s also nice to know that cryptocurrency helps local merchants by keeping more money in their pockets and therefore in the local economy but can also easily be sent internationally if needed, for next to no cost. This can surely help families like the Alis who run Curry Indian send money to relatives worldwide, bypassing the expensive, slow, old money methods of remittances like Western Union and the big banks.

Keene Defeats Major Cities in Per-Capita Businesses Accepting Crypto

Keene Defeats Major Cities in Per-Capita Businesses Accepting Crypto

In addition to food, convenience items and vaping, and even auto repair (all available for crypto in Keene), you can add dentistry to the list with Dr. Drower Dentistry receiving coverage in the Keene Sentinel for accepting cryptocurrency. In his press release announcing the welcoming of cryptocurrency-paying patients, Dr. Sean P. Drower said, “For digital coin to become useful in everyday life people need to be able to use it as currency, for something besides speculative investing.” Kudos to Dr. Drower for helping lead the way into the future of money.

Dr. Drower Dentistry, Curry Indian, and Lineage Vapors are all part of the DASH-Back program active now in Keene, where customers get an instant rebate in DASH whenever they spend DASH in Keene and at other New Hampshire merchants. DASH-Back is really cool and only happening in New Hampshire, thanks to Portsmouth-founded, the merchant point-of-sale crypto processor.

Also joining DASH-Back in Keene is longtime crypto-friendly Main St. hair salon, Moda Suo. Proprietor Nicholas Sansone was one of the original Bitcoin-accepting downtown businesses, however their original merchant provider, Coinbase, just wasn’t built for retail. So this week Moda Suo upgraded to the Anypay Point-of-Sale system, enabling DASH-Back for any customers who pay with DASH.

The Keene Crypto Network Meetup Group at Hot Hogs

The Keene Crypto Network Meetup Group at Hot Hogs

One of the really cool things about living in a place with a high concentration of crypto-accepting merchants is there’s a business-to-business crypto economy already developing. Business owners who are accepting crypto are finding ways to spend it with other crypto-accepting Monadnock businesses. For instance, one local business owner is currently ordering a shed from Route 101 Local Goods with her crypto she’s been saving up. Multiple local businesses have purchased advertising in the Monadnock Portal Map with cryptocurrency. Even radio ads are now available for crypto in Keene thanks to the sales manager at classic rocker 101.9 The Peak and sports radio 93.5 WEEY.

Plus, the local cryptocurrency Meetup group recently surpassed over 100 members and the group regularly attracts crypto-newbies to its real-life meetups held every eight days.

It’s really an exciting time of expansion for cryptocurrency in one of the top global hotspots, Keene, NH. According to, Keene already handily beats major cities like San Francisco and New York when ranked per capita for crypto-accepting merchants. It’s only going to get better as more liberty-friendly cryptocurrency advocates move to New Hampshire as part of the NH freedom migration and add their economic strength to the area! Stay tuned here to Free Keene for the latest news on the developing crypto scene across New Hampshire.

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  1. I average making 3-4 payments a day with crypto currencies. Most of those are at local businesses in Keene, though I do pay for some products and services online as well. Plus my business is also accepting of a few crypto currencies and we save a significant amount of money as a result each time someone chooses to pay us with Bitcoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, or even Zen Cash. Most people don’t realize that there is a 3% fee that merchants have to pass on as well as maybe another 3% that results from credit card fraud (depending on the business). As a business owner I can’t wait for the day when crypto currencies have completely replaced credit cards as the dominate form of payment.

  2. Wonderful. Keep up the good work. This is one thing that is actually going well for the New Hampshire freedom movement. Cryptocurrencies are the most powerful weapon we have for defeating the bankster cartel and Federal Reserve.

  3. researching NH as a place to live, now!

  4. And this means what? ” two hotspots in the world of cryptocurrency” Really? how do you come up with that one? DASH charges a fee each time you use it. So, to think you are making money is a joke using DASH. The services from these three places are mostly from freekeeners. Except the dentist. I’ve seen pics of the freekeeners and they obviously don’t go to the dentist.

  5. Sounds great! Hope you accept BCH soon too.

  6. Say Jacks, you know how you’re always telling everyone how you live your life to the fullest? It certainly doesn’t look that way to any of us! You’re always so resentful, aren’t you pookums! People are making money right now! That’s reason for celebration, not condemnation, isn’t it pork chop?

  7. Why are you so angry jacks? What did “Free Keene” or those who have moved to New Hampshire for freedom ever do to you? Why do you hate freedom? Why do you hate America so much?

    Your sarcastic tone begs to amaze me. In response to: “two hotspots in the world of cryptocurrency” I have to say that while there are two hotspots in particular in New Hampshire there are places all across New Hampshire taking crypto currency. As I’ve said before it took credit cads 40 years to see widespread acceptance. It should be no surprise then that there are cities and places where its seeing greater adoption first for one reason or another first. That is how these sorts of things tend to happen. Despite that there is widespread usage in various places from online drug marketplaces to virtual private networks. You’ll see it accepted certain areas or certain types of business more so than others. But one thing is for sure- as far as general adoption goes by the masses Keene and Portsmouth is where its at.

    In response to Dash “charging” a fee you’d have to be really dense or mentally retarded to not understand that the amount coming back is greater than the tiny tiny tiny fee involved. “So, to think you are making money is a joke using DASH”. The fee you pay went sending Dash is less than a penny and that amount people are getting back is in the $5 USD range. The amount you pay when using a credit or debit card for a $20 mean is around $1.50. This is one reason you will see “$10 minimum for credit/debit cards” signs.

    “The services from these three places are mostly from freekeeners.”

    Wrong. There are maybe 3 businesses in Keene run/owned by people who moved to New Hampshire as part of the freedom migration currently operating and I think only two of these have really ever gotten any press on this site. Only one of these is a brick and mortar business with a retail establishment of some type. There are other business owners in Keene that take crypto currency online but not everybody is counted on coin map for one reason or another.

    “Except the dentist. I’ve seen pics of the freekeeners and they obviously don’t go to the dentist.”

    WTF are you talking about. I can’t even think of a single person whose got unmaintained teeth. If you have ever seen someone who doesn’t go to a dentist / brush / etc you’d quickly realize the people moving here obviously do see a dentist. In fact there may even be another dentist coming on board shortly because various among us have been talking to our own dentists. And if that doesn’t happen- well- either way- I can already assure you there will be people switching to the crypto friendly dentist(s).

  8. fff – Give it up. What you consider freedom just may not be my version of freedom and like wise. I’ve watched a nice city like Keene get raked over the coals by these freekeeners. Graffiti, constant tickets for driving infractions and other infractions, Under age dating from freekeene members ie.. Ian Bernard, Ademo, two people who killed themselves after raping a child and then running to Mexico. These freekeeners claim to be such fans of New Hampshire yet they don’t register their vehicles with New Hampshire license plates. The list goes on and on. It’s sad when freekeeners are practicing hypocrites. The rest of our rhetoric falls on deaf ears. To make claims that other dentists are going to move to New Hampshire just for your cause. If you want to use crypto currency who cares. With it’s unsteady value and constant hackers stealing bitcoin it’s no wonder these articles are desprit and full of garbage that mean nothing.

  9. Jacks, what is your preferred version of freedom? Is it the free range slavery and government granted privileges we have today?

  10. David, I’m afraid that the notion of not having someone interfering with every single peaceful decision a person makes is completely foreign to Jacks. He prefers at all times to have the guiding hand of all-knowing bureaucrats to save himself and others from themselves.

  11. How many Free Staters have moved to Keene in the last 5 years?

  12. You go Jacks and toolbag, you tell these toothless bastards what’s what! Unfortunately it will fall on deaf ears. Their blind to it. They don’t have any backbone, they’re spineless. Hmm, they do need medical attention don’t they? Thank God they have bit-coin and dash to pay for all of this.

  13. Thank goodness for Bitcoin and Dash indeed! Say Oksure, have you noticed that Bitcoin’s been going up again? I’ll bet that’s leaving a really bad taste in Jacks’s mouth, don’t you think?

    Oh and toolbag? Since we’re all just the best of friends here, maybe you could tell us exactly how many of our chums over on the left have finally made that move back into New England’s surrounding communist-occupied territories? I’ll bet they’re much, much happier over there!

  14. There are a lot more people who own property in New Hampshire today then there were a few years ago jacks. Keene lacks jobs because of a shitty socialist government. If it weren’t for that we would have a wonderful town and people wouldn’t be fleeing to other parts of NH. But its not like this trend is exclusive to free staters. The town has a spending problem and its growth is stagnate. On the plus side we spread our wings and our activism to other parts of the state. Now humorously jacks there are quite a few amongst us that don’t have jobs because we became filthy wealthy as a result of Bitcoin. So you are right to one degree or another about people not having jobs. I can count quite a few people who have comfy lives today and have moved to nicer more expensive parts of the state. I myself choose to work to one degree or another rather than because I have to. My life partner actually has done very well too here as of recent. He is going to be getting a sizable chunk of cash. Enough to buy a house outright if he so chose to.

    Nobody has hacked Bitcoin-ever. The only people who have lost Bitcoin to hackers are those who have handed there Bitcoin over to another or maybe have stupid written on there face and voluntarily sent it or otherwise have super shitty hygiene.

    Your suggestion that Ian Bernard or Ademo have had underage sex has no merit. In fact its legal to have had sex with the girls at which your suggesting they had sex with in NH and the state refuses to change this age because we’re not all moralist scum. And neither of these people committed suicide jacks. They are both alive and well.

    Nobody claimed the dentist moved to NH in order to accept crypto either. Your reading comprehension makes me wonder how you ever managed to pass the 4th grade. I suppose I’m jumping to conclusions though in assuming you did pass 4th grade.

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