2018 Candidate Spotlight: Ian Freeman, Libertarian Candidate for NH Senate District 10

Thanks to Darryl W Perry for putting together his ongoing Candidate Spotlight series. This five minute speech will be airing on Cheshire TV, the local cable access channel until the 2018 election. Here’s an HD version with the correct campaign website (http://ianfreeman.nhliberty.info) on-screen. I misrecalled the URL when we were recording.

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  1. Good campaign video. Nicely done.

  2. A very different approach to campaigning. Notice how Ian doesn’t try to bribe voters with free stuff and promises of greater safety. None of the snake-oil salesmen from the other parties would dare to do that.

  3. Let’s see what constructive criticism Jacks has to offer.

  4. It’s always entertaining to watch Jacks overestimate the effectiveness of his trolling capabilities, isn’t it David? I wonder what he’ll try this time? Will he call Ian a hypocrite again? Or will he fall back on his old favorite and accuse him of plagiarism? Any bets?

  5. More Ian Bullshit. Libertarians are the greedy little children in the corner. They want and take without ever giving back. Your views on marijuana are absolutely ridiculous. Any state that would decriminalized marijuana is going to have the last say about it. Which means it will be regulated and taxed. You pie in the sky fantasies are laughable. I’m glad you are just doing this for a goof. No one will ever take you seriously.

  6. Say Jacks, I don’t mean to be a noodge or anything, but don’t you think that maybe just this once you could explain to everyone why this “giving back” you’re always speaking so fondly about never seems to allow the gifter the choice to say NO to the deal being offered? Because you know pookums, from an unprejudiced perspective this “giving” looks a lot more like “taking.”.

  7. Oh and Jacks? I have something for you to think about.

    Have you ever considered that the reason our dear friends in the government consistently act unjustly is because selfish and greedy people like yourself imagine that government institutions can be used to control other selfish and greedy people?

    Libertarians know better than this, you know. We recognize that greedy and selfish people can only be controlled by blocking their access to government power entirely. Once private property and the means to obtaining it is completely off limits to government employees, the only way such people can satisfy their selfish desires is by pulling their own weight and serving others. Scary, huh?

  8. Hmmm! Hmmm? Good luck Hmmm!?

  9. Thanks for keeping us updated on the crypto market, Jacks. I know it’s very important to you.

  10. Still waiting for the miracle that will never come, eh Jacks? I don’t think the Lord has any intention of smiting the financial holdings of your hated rivals, pookums. Maybe you should consider asking Him for something else, instead?

  11. Bitcoin still up over last year jacks! I have to say I’d consider starting a go fund me for you jacks so you can get the help he so desperately need if only you weren’t so gung ho about stealing from me. Someone after all is going to have to wipe your ass given your inability to use even a few brain cells.

  12. Perhaps you haven’t heard, BC? Jacks here is very well-to-do. He also has a great life and he lives it to the fullest. So I’m sure he has all the insurance he needs to cover the costs of a full-time caregiver once he’s no longer able to care for himself. Isn’t that right Jacks?

  13. You didn’t shave ,man. You need handlers. 5 o’clock shadow is a mistake.

  14. Bit Catcher – Your rants and raves are childish at best. How am I stealing from you? Bitcoin “Still up” over last year? It’s 2018 not 2017. Bitcoin has lost over half it’s value this year alone. There have been bitcoin scams that have left people completely broke. If you want to by something unstable as you are then buy bitcoin. If you truly believe in what you say, you wouldn’t of attack me because I posted a news article. You are nervous and that is very apparent.

  15. But Jacks, you’re still forgetting about all of those other undaunted sorts who were fearless enough to buy bitcoins BEFORE 2017. Remember the Winklevoss twins? Boy, those guys are REALLY winning, aren’t they pookums?

    Oh, and Jacks? Cryptocurrency markets aren’t the only markets associated with scams. I’m sure you remember the Madoff investment scandal, don’t you my love? Our dear friend Bernie had been scamming equity market investors since the 1970s. It took over twenty years to catch him, too! And he was using what you sorts call REAL money! Isn’t that just terrible, Jacks? I trust you’re keeping dear Bernie in your prayers, though.

  16. Jacks: $6400 > $4200, so yes, it is up over last year this time.

  17. Bit catcher – We are currently living in 2018. Bitcoin was almost $20,000 and is now below $7,000 and is struggling to keep it’s current value. I guess you gotta hold on to pie in the sky dreams or you would go crazy.

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