Liberty Activists Migrating from Twitter to Censorship-Proof “Mastodon” Decentralized Platform

Liberdon is the Libertarian/Voluntarist Server running Mastodon

Liberdon is the Libertarian/Voluntarist Server running Mastodon

There has been a lot of controversy recently over social media websites like Twitter swinging their ban hammer on personalities with opinions they don’t like. As a libertarian, I believe in property rights and so Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and the like should certainly be free to ban people for whatever reason they want. I also believe in the free market’s potential reactions to bad decisions by business owners, which include boycott and competition.

Thankfully, the competition has arrived! Mastodon is a decentralized social media replacement for Twitter and it does an excellent job. I recently joined the “Liberdon” server intended for libertarians and voluntarists. Not only is Mastodon decentralized, in that anyone who wants to can run a server, but it’s also “federated”. Federated means your server can be connected to all the other Mastodon servers, that is so long as the other servers want to be connected to you. Each server sets its own rules for which other servers they’ll federate with. So if the NAZIs or Communists start a server, no one has to link up to them – the market decides instead of a centralized corporation like Twitter. However, even if no other servers federate with, say Chris Cantwell‘s server (I don’t think he has one – just as an example), he can still run his server and hate-filled bigots and racists can join it and talk to each other. Of course, each server can be controlled and its policy set by its administrator, so intra-server censorship is still possible (most servers prohibit spam, for instance), but given you are free to start your own server and set your own policy, you can’t be censored if you start your own platform.

I do not know who is running it, but a Mastodon server called Liberdon recently popped up, so I decided to join it. I also deactivated my facebook account this week after basically quitting using it in January. Here’s my personal account on Liberdon, should you wish to follow my posts. Plus, I created an account for Free Keene, one for Free Talk Live, and one for LRN.FM – the Liberty Radio Network.

If you are a liberty-minded person, protect yourself from censorship and join Liberdon and the “fediverse” today! If If you aren’t liberty-minded, but want to get a Mastodon account, you can start by picking a server and signing up wherever you feel most welcome. Visit for their offical site.

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  1. This is no different then any other fly by night social chat media. Before long, the rules will appear to get stiffer and stiffer and more and more people use this chat site. A lot of other well known sites started out this way.

  2. You clearly didn’t read the article, or do not understand what decentralized and federated means, Jacks.

  3. Jacks! You’re not passing judgment on topics you’re unacquainted with again, now are you? I thought we’d cured you of that nasty habit ages ago! You really need to start learning responsibility, pookums.

  4. Jacks: You are an idiot. The difference between this and Twitter is that you are not tied to a particular company with bad policies as you can change companies and still be able to communicate with the same people.

    If the racist Chris Cantwell joins the liberdon mastodon server he can communicate with any other user on any other server that is otherwise not censoring the liberdon server he is on. If liberdon decided to set a policy of no racists (hopefully that would not happen on a libertarian mastodon server) Christopher cantwell could setup his own server or join another and continue to communicate as if nothing had happened. Maybe the liberdon instance would censor it but who cares. He would still be able to get his messages out to any users on any other mastodon instances he was previously communicating with. Mind you users may have to follow him on his new server, but had he known there would be a problem, and he would he would have just setup his own server for racists to begin with. Problem solved.

  5. I want to say that while I have not joined the liberdon mastodon server myself I do have an account on a server my significant other setup and I have followed people on the librrdon instance and it seems to work great. I would highly encourage others to join and if you have the chops to setup and maintain a mastodon instance do so. The less centralized we all are the better. I personally could see someone banning me and that includes so called libertarians. For that reason alone I’d prefer not be on someone else’s instance. Giving others power over you is generally unwise if you can at all avoid it.

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