Cheshire TV Hosts Debate for NH Senate District 10 Candidates

I had the pleasure last week of being part of the Cheshire TV debate featuring two of the three candidates for NH Senate District 10. Incumbent Jay Kahn was unable to attend so it was a two-way debate between me, the libertarian and Dan LeClair, the republican. We covered multiple issues. Here’s an HD version of the same debate that will be airing on Cheshire TV channel 8 through the election on November 6th. I hope you will vote Libertarian wherever you see them on your ballot!

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  1. Can’t wait to see what you had to say! Thanks for posting the debate Ian.

  2. Ian boasting and spouting off rhetoric. Libertarians take and never give back. You made no sense as usual Ian.

  3. You know Jacks, I really do enjoy your sermons and all, but I really think it’s long past time for you to start focusing on remedies, rather than just indiscriminately hurling out accusations in the hopes of provoking conflict.

    For instance Jacks, for some weeks now you’ve been maintaining that libertarians are in some unknown way failing to give back what they’ve taken. Yet you’ve never once bothered to delve into what exactly these things are! I don’t suppose maybe next time you could give us some concrete examples, now could you? It would really help to encourage the growth of purposeful dialog, you know. You do want that, now don’t you pookie bear?

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