Anonymous Cryptocurrency User Moves to Keene, NH: Area Crypto-Fans Help Unload Eight Moving Pods!

Perhaps you’ve heard about New Hampshire’s top cities for real-life cryptocurrency use, Keene and Portsmouth. Both small cities are global hotspots where various food and services are available for purchase with Bitcoin (BTC) or other cryptos like DASH or Bitcoin Cash (BCH). It’s not random chance that this has happened. The reason these two cities are world capitols for local businesses accepting cryptocurrency at the cash register is because of the New Hampshire Freedom Migration that has been going on for many years.

This month Keene got another boost as an anonymous libertarian cryptocurrency user moved to town and a bunch of us came out to help him move a huge load of stuff into his new home in Keene, Given the love for anonymity of many crypto users, it’s undertstandable why he and some others in the group photo wanted to stay anonymous. The fact is people like this are moving to New Hampshire all the time. Where else will total strangers come help move you into your home?

Another anonymous cryptocurrency user moves to Keene, NH and is helped move-in via strangers who also use crypto.

Another anonymous cryptocurrency user moves to Keene, NH and is helped move-in via strangers who also use crypto.

As has been the tradition with these move-ins over more than a decade, the mover orders pizza and provides refreshments and local libertarian cryptocurrency users show up and help move the person in. This particular move in set a record for most stuff and longest time. Normally we’re done unloading a full size 26-foot moving truck in under an hour. This was six hours of moving stuff in from a series of eight packed-full moving pods that had to be towed in by truck. It was basically a whole day of moving, but this is the level of dedication to this migration these people have. It’s an honor to be part of such a movement.

The ongoing NH Freedom Migration has brought libertarians to New Hampshire in large numbers over the last fifteen years, and libertarians were the ones there at the beginning of Bitcoin. Gavin Andresen, the libertarian programmer chosen as successor by Bitcoin’s creator Satoshi Nakamoto, is a longtime supporter of my radio show, “Free Talk Live” and even spoke on the Bitcoin panel at 2015’s Keenevention.

People who care about liberty and cryptocurrency have been moving to New Hampshire and Keene has always been an activism hotspot. It’s no wonder that Keene is where the crypto-explosion in New Hampshire began. Portsmouth has risen as a major competitor to Keene as the top crypto city, but that’s just because longtime Keeniac Derrick J Freeman moved to Portsmouth, where he and his partner Steven Zeiler then launched the Free State Bitcoin Shoppe as an epic outreach project. Since then, they’ve recruited dozens of Portsmouth-area businesses into cryptocurrency acceptance and then created the Blockchain Institute for Technology and merchant crypto-acceptance provider

Since then, both Keene and Portsmouth have become close competitors with Caracas, Venezuela for the highest amount of cryptocurrency-accepting businesses per-capita on the planet.

If you love cryptocurrency and liberty, New Hampshire should be your destination. Here are 101 reasons why. Look hard at Portsmouth and Keene.

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  1. Yea- moving to New Hampshire was the 2nd best decision of my life (ie next to asking my now partner out on our first date anyway). It’s great being here and I love seeing the regular stream of new faces in town. One of these days we’ll actually have control of it too! And ohh boy will that be exciting.

  2. One person moves to Keene and you pat yourself on the back Ian? This New Hampshire Freedom Migration is that ridiculous electronic paper where 20,000 people promise to move to New Hampshire. You are really reaching for the stars aren’t you. This little article really flows with your typical rivers of BS.

    Bitcoin is still below $5,000 as of today it’s 1 Bitcoin equals

    Not much of a recovery. considering it was close to $20,000 6 months ago.

  3. Jacks: Your an idiot.

    There isn’t a story written about every person who moves to town. There are too many people moving for that to happen. This was just one family.

    Considering the town is only 23,000 people the rate at which we see new people move in within the libertarian migration is impressive. The city of Keene has a problem with high taxes, a lack of jobs, and a decreasing population. People are choosing to move to nearby areas with less taxes and more job opportunities. That said those of us who have moved have frequently brought businesses with us. If it wasn’t for us this city would be in an even worse shape than it is.

    A year and a half ago Bitcoin was around $2,000. It’s still wayyyy up. It did skyrocket out of control and it’s come down a bit. So what? The stock market also crashed and this has little to do with crypto currencies and more to do with people’s fears. Stop investing in it and crypto currencies won’t fluctuate so much. Use it like you would any other hard currency. I’ll also remind you that Canada’s dollar dropped 40% over a few years too. It’s not something exclusive to crypto currencies.

  4. That kind of blur can easily be un-done to show the person’s face.

  5. biptunia: While I don’t doubt that you are correct I’m pretty sure it was sufficient for the purposes of this article. Nobody will die or be arrested or even become a victim of violence from uncovering the participants. In fact anybody who wants to discover who this is and where the picture was taken can do so relatively easily. I’ll refrain from pointing out the futility in smearing the faces or even eliminating the picture from the article.

  6. Thanks for all the financial bulletins you keep dutifully linking here, Jacks. It’s been absolutely wonderful to have someone like you around with their finger on the pulse of the economy to help keep the rest of us informed. And you’re right, pookums! As of today a single bitcoin is worth $4.2K! But on Saturday, one was worth $3.6K, wasn’t it? And any plucky individual willing to burden the risk of buying one is now 15% richer for their trouble! I’ll bet that doughty outlook on things is leaving a really bad taste in your mouth, isn’t it pookie bear?

  7. Omg hi Ian haha

  8. kk – How are people moving to Keene “all the time” as you put it. Keene’s population has barely moved in the last 28 years.

    “Considering the town is only 23,000 people the rate at which we see new people move in within the libertarian migration is impressive” really? Just how many people are “migrating to Keene?


    You can continue to praise bitcoin but the facts show differently.

    People will always invest in the market. The funny thing is bitcoin has always been “volatile”. Part of bitcoin’s creation was also said to not be affected by the government and many outside influences. It looks like those statements are wrong.

    You will continually brainwash yourself praising bitcoin but the markets are showing something different.

  9. Thanks for sharing Ian! You guys are really awesome out there for helping this family move in despite the large number of moving pods they brought in. I have a feeling if we ever make the move we’ll be in the same situation considering the amount of crap we have in our house :-P. Keep up the good fight out there! My heart is with you guys and I hope one day to help out in person.

  10. Jacks honey, Keene’s population has increased 10% since 1980. That’s hardly “barely” moving by most people’s standard of measure, don’t you think?

    Oh, and Jacks? You really should be more careful with your personal data, don’t you think? Now everyone here knows your dirty little secret!

  11. I didn’t read it.. Does that mean he’s part of anonymous? He’s a anonymous guy using a anonymous currency.. From Anonymous.No clue why crypto flipto isn’t catching on faster

  12. I did read it 🙂

  13. Once upon a time, Keene was the hot place for Free Staters to move – but those days are long gone, thanks to the embarrassment of the Robin Hoodlums, Ian’s proclivity for sexing up minors, andthe most popular Keene resident, Chris Cantwell.
    The FSP has moved on. The Free Keeners are desperately trying to convince us that there are people “moving in all the time.”

    How many have moved out?

  14. Hmmm, Renee, Rich Paul, Garrett Ian, Ademo, Sarah, drug addicts, etc, etc, etc, etc, Hmmm! Hmmm?

  15. There are lots of people moving in. Most of the nonsense you speak of was fabricated or old. Keene remains one of the few places actual activism still happens. What has Manchester done lately outside of Keene activists visiting ???? The only person or people I have respect for are those who moved from Keene and Jeremy of Even elsewhere in NH its largely happening because of Keene activists. Keene is a great place to learn how to be an activist even if its not the best place in terms of jobs and prosperity.

  16. That’s it, Mr. Hmmm! Renee, Rich Paul, Garrett, Ian, Ademo, Sarah, drug addicts, and etc.! Now you’re getting it!

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