Grand Opening & Free Talk Live Broadcast from Shoppe

Wow, what an incredible day. It began at noon, when a man who had walked in weeks prior to buy his first bitcoin, returned to spend some on a 3D-printer kit to build with his son. Then, nationally-syndicated radio hosts Ian Freeman, Mark Edge, and Darryl W. Perry arrived and set up microphones to record an episode of their show Free Talk Live. Finally, we all headed over to the Seacoast Repertory Theatre for the 5-year Anniversary Screening of Victimless Crime Spree!

Here’s what you missed:

Broadcasting From the Free State Bitcoin Shoppe’s Grand Opening in Portsmouth, NH :: Operating the Store :: Is Bitcoin the Best? :: Bitcoin and Banks :: World Famous Bitcoin Tour :: Derrick J’s Favorite Customer Stories :: Joel Valenzuela from Dash Force News Joins Us :: Cryptocurrency Acceptance in Other Countries :: Bitcoin Vending Machine :: Victimless Crime Spree Fifth Anniversary

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  1. I visited the shop! It’s got some great stuff. Bought a bit of Bitcoin while I was at it. Machine works. Also picked up some bumper stickers and other cool toys.

  2. So a store selling toys, trinkets, and trash was opened by an activist. I doubt it will stay open for long. Also, he still has to pay taxes both federal and city.

  3. this is a awesome success..

  4. jumping jack is the definintion of “mysery loves company” or a bob dylan quote …”cares not to come up any higher but rather drag you down into the hole that he’s in”….. full quote is “one who sings with his tongue on fire gargles in the rat race choir bent outa shape by societies pliers CARES NOT TO COME UP ANY HIGHER BUT RATHER DRAG YOU DOWN INTO THE HOLE THAT HES IN” unquote lmao

  5. You neglected to mention that bitcoins are volatile and easily manipulated, Jacks. I’ll expect you to be including that specific criticism the next time this topic is discussed. Don’t you disappoint me again.

  6. Recently, chatted with co-host of the Free Talk Live (FTL) Ian Freeman. It is the first radio talk show to start accepting Bitcoin for ads payments globally.
    Have look on here:

  7. The free state bitcoin shop looks super cool !?

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