Cannabis Civil Disobedience Hits NH State House for 9th Year of 420 at 4:20 on 4/20

Hardcore civil disobedient activists who came out in the rain for 4/20/2019!

Hardcore civil disobedient activists who came out in the rain for 4/20/2019! -Photo courtesy Shire Free Media

For years, I’ve been reporting on the brutally slow political progress in New Hampshire, of ending the prohibition on possession, growing, and selling of cannabis, one of the most amazing and useful plants on the planet. Though New Hampshire finally legalized medical cannabis in 2013 it took a few years for the first dispensary to open due to bureaucratic foot-dragging – as patients died waiting.

Though Democrat governor Maggie Hassan did sign the medical cannabis bill, she stood in the way of any decriminalization efforts. Decriminalizing possession was finally signed by the new Republican governor Chris Sununu in 2017. However Sununu has promised to veto any legalization efforts, despite it having large support in the state house.

Given sales of and growing cannabis are still criminal offenses and people can still be ticketed for possession, the annual 420 rallies on the steps of the state house in Concord continued into its ninth year last weekend. At least sixty hardcore activists came out from across the state on April 20th to gather on what started as a rainy afternoon but ultimately cleared up in time for the mass civil disobedience at 4:20pm.

Rich Paul gave his tradition invocation and spoke on why government regulation of the cannabis business was unnecessary and Rick Naya led the crowd in a moment to remember the activists who have died or been incarcerated along the road to where we are today. Thank you to everyone who came out this year despite the weather. Mark your calendars for April 20th of 2020 and join us in Concord next year! Here’s the video I took from this year’s event:

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  1. What an inspirational speech! Its so good to see free people come together to say no to government and just stand up to the state.

  2. 9 years of smoking marijuana in front of the NH State House. It should be noted there are more Dr.’s out there that do not believe in cannabis therapy then those that do. Dr.’s don’t want to put their licenses on the line should something go wrong. There continues to be a lot of unanswered questions about it’s use and mechanism of action.

    “it took a few years for the first dispensary to open due to bureaucratic foot-dragging – as patients died waiting”. You need to understand patients die waiting for a lot of miracles in medicine. Cannabis use just isn’t at the top of the list in medicine. We currently have a measles outbreak because parents fell for the misguided information people are saying about the inoculation. The same could be said about cannabis.

    If you feel getting high is more important then many other things in your life, then you truly have mental issues that need addressing.

  3. Say Jacks, don’t you think it’s a tad on the cuckoo side to be so enthusiastic about a policy that prevents patients with terminal conditions from having access to an effective means of relief? You know, just so that grouches like yourself can stick it to a few potheads?

    Really pookums, if you think that this sort of approach is so vital that even the dying should suffer for its advancement, then maybe it’s you who needs to seek some psychiatric help.

  4. Jacks: You are a mental case. Nobody dies from overdosing on weed. There is no study needed to see what it can and can’t do for people who are suffering. There may be studies needed from a strain in relation to treatment or impact on something specific, but that is different from weed being used as a means to reduce suffering.

    People die every day and should be refused drugs that will reduce that suffering in the mean time. These people would die either way and far sooner than any potential impacts from smoking. When you are going to be dead in 5 years what may or may not happen in 40 is irrelevant.

    The measles “outbreak” is real, but hardly comparable.The one can be solved with legislation and without violence and the other not so much. Though it can be solved with education.

  5. Perhaps the state refuses to legalize because the advocates fall in line with the stereotypical image of drug dependence.

  6. Additionally, It has to be noted that the ‘advertised’ objective for legalization is to save lives. Deep in our hearts we know that it’s to get high. Saying anything otherwise, and you’re met with accusations and slander. The real reason we aren’t going to see legalization is because the advocates are not politicians, they’re just men & women who love getting high.

  7. kk – “There is no study needed to see what it can and can’t do for people who are suffering”. Yes there are, Many studies have been under taken regarding this issue. Your rants and raves and name calling just goes to prove you are not mature enough to handle this topic.

    “People die every day and should be refused drugs that will reduce that suffering in the mean time”. I’m not quite sure what you are getting at. I assume should is shouldn’t. People who are dying and suffering from pain ect, are given a multitude of meds and narcotics that will reduce their pain. They can be administered IV. There are a lot of patients who cannot swallow, or have end stage lung cancer and cannot take cannabis. There are more Dr.’s against the use of cannabis then for.

    “These people would die either way and far sooner than any potential impacts from smoking”. Again, I’m not quite sure of your meaning. “”Across the developed world, 90% of lung cancer deaths in men and 70% of those in women during the year 2000 were attributed to smoking.[26] Smoking accounts for about 85% of lung cancer cases” (American Cancer Society)
    Do you really believe these patients are to take cannabis? For what? A couple of people who have had some success with cannabis? It doesn’t work that way. You should also be aware that those hospice patients are already on heavy narcotics. They can’t take cannabis on top of those meds.

    “The measles “outbreak” is real, but hardly comparable”. It is very comparable. It shows what happens when the public is educated by media who are posting these stories before the real truth comes out.. Hysterics about “autism” and other social and physical symptoms claimed by uneducated parents have caused a public health emergency. If the same thing is happening with cannabis. Hysterical people and burnt out drug addicts are playing Dr. with a drug that cannot do everything as they claim it can. So people are inclined to believe one or two success stories instead of all the evidence that is contrary.

  8. “Pain ect”? Wow, that sounds really, really scary, Nurse Jacks. It’s a good think we have experts like you around to keep us up to speed on these sorts of things.

  9. Prohibitionists ‘such as Sununu, and mostly within the Republican Party are far too ignorant and poorly educated to hold any position of responsibility. These greedy corporate parasites are going against the will of the citizens by refusing to allow marijuana. Where did we get these ignorant and greedy creatures anyway? And how do we keep them from the infestation of public service positions? No one but another ignorant and equally poorly educated idiot would actually vote for one of them. While Teachers beg for pencils and the students suffer for adequate lunches these greedy authoritarians are allowing law enforcement to steal hundreds of millions of dollars through asset forfeiture. Money that should go into the general budget to help fund schools and to help the elderly and others, but instead is miss-appropriated and commandeered from the citizens and used to extend their police state. Anyone that would allow this is an ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE or just too ignorant and incompetent to hold public office., If these greedy creatures are allowed to continue soon they will demand everything. We should do all possible to remove them from public service. Besides; we already have way too many crackpots in public office.

  10. Jacks meant to say “pain, etc” Dracula. “It’s a good think” that you aren’t in the field of medicine. You may just write the wrong prescription for a patient. Wouldn’t that be just awful? That would be really, really scary.

  11. Gee, NNH, are you aware that Jacks regularly has difficulties constructing complete sentences? Still, even if you weren’t, it should have been plainly obvious that I was mocking him. I wonder how you missed the joke? It’s not like it was particularly nuanced.

    Say NNH. I’m feeling generous today. And I’d like to help you if I can. Did you know that solving crossword puzzles and the like can help a person like yourself increase his IQ? And by as much as several points? That may not sound like a lot, my pet, but believe me, any small improvement above where you’re at now would be immensely helpful!

    You should run over to Walmart and buy few puzzle books, ASAP! And be sure to work on them this weekend! You know what they say, dear: the early bird gets the worm!

  12. The reason it took a few years for NH to get their lame ass medical marijuana program up and running was the State had painted itself into a corner legally, when they didn’t follow their own silly laws.

    People should note the implementation of medical only happened after a judge (out of the loop?) made it happen by “allowing” the first patient to go to Maine to get cannabis. He didn’t get the memo detailing the legal reasons to stall the medical program in NH, apparently.

    The State became aware a few years back (with a little assistance) they had legally wrongfully prosecuted people using the Federal Drug Schedule as their schedule. Since they never made or published a New Hampshire schedule as their own laws said they were supposed to do, when medical marijuana was legalized it triggered an absurdity. Gee what a surprise, a State creating a legal absurdity.

    Any person prosecuted under NH law for “controlled drugs” could have a great time pointing out how the legally double talking State of NH both prosecutes using the Federal drug schedule and VIOLATES the same schedule they prosecute people under when they operate their medical marijuana monopoly. That’s just the tip of the corruption iceberg though…trust me.

    As an aside, the reason why the State of NH has stalled recreational legality is because they want to hold off until the coast is clear from the Feds, so they can sell it alongside alcohol in their State run monopoly stores. If they let the slaves grow a little legal weed now in their backyard now, the slaves might start defiantly pissing in the cotton fields and we can’t have that. “But, but opioid crisis” is just a lame conflation even for a fat head Governor who is the son of a fat head Governor.

    Getting a New Hampshire cop on a witness stand to admit that he works for a criminal organization that commits federal crimes wouldn’t be hard to do in front of a jury. Live free or die!

  13. they had a hearing today

  14. @Richard Price, so you’re not okay with drug warrior cops because you think they should stop forcing themselves into peoples personal lives? That sounds reasonable.

    Instead you’d like the drug warrior cops to focus their efforts on forcibly making people pay for things you like, such as government schools, but the person forced may not like? That doesn’t sound reasonable.

    Is there any reason why you are being inconsistent with how you view freedom of choice?

  15. These people believe in freedom! I will make it next year, I promise.

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