NH’s “Free Talk Live” Reaches 200 Radio Affiliate Milestone!

Adam Kokesh joins from the Free Talk Live broadcast table at Anarchapulco 2018.

Adam Kokesh joins from the Free Talk Live broadcast table at Anarchapulco 2018.

Free Talk Live“, the world’s only nationally syndicated pro-liberty radio show, was created in Florida on a little FM talk station in Sarasota in 2002. In 2004 we became nationally syndicated with an initial three radio stations by the Genesis Communications Network. Seven years later, we reached 100 affiliates in 2011. Now, approximately eight years after that, we’ve reached 200 stations!

What an amazing run it has been so far and we couldn’t have done it without the support of our various sponsors, especially Credit Adjustments Inc and Bitcoin.com and the nearly 2,000 people who have helped AMP our show over the years.

In the syndicated radio world, it’s hard to find a show that keeps an accurate affiliate count. I know this because it’s my job to contact radio stations about FTL. Whenever another syndicated show ends, the first thing I do is try to acquire their affiliate list and call their stations to pitch Free Talk Live to the program directors. If I can even find a list, nearly always there are a BUNCH of stations on there that have changed formats, gone off-the-air entirely, or had already dropped the show in question, sometimes years prior. Syndicated radio shows are notorious for keeping inaccurate affiliate lists, but Free Talk Live is different.

I call all our stations multiple times each year to keep in touch, remind them I’m here to help, and if I find out we’ve been dropped, I take them off our list. If we kept our list like the other shows do – keeping every station we’ve ever had on the list forever – we’d be claiming 400 stations! Ours is the most accurate list in the business, of that I am certain. As of now, we have 203. You can see the full list here on our website.

I’ve lovingly dubbed FTL the “radio vulture”. Whenever a syndicated show dies, we’re there to pick at its remains and grab a few new affiliates. This tactic, plus just good old-fashioned persistence, has resulted in Free Talk Live being the longest running syndicated show in our daypart of 7-10pm Eastern.

"Free Talk Live" Moves up to #27 on the TALKERS "Heavy Hundred" for 2018!

“Free Talk Live” Moves up to #27 on the TALKERS “Heavy Hundred” for 2018!

We’re like an appliance – turn us on during our live times, and we’re there. FTL is one of the few shows that’s live all seven nights per week. In fact, I think Coast 2 Coast is the only other show that does this in the industry.

We just jumped from 196 affiliates to 203 thanks to the demise of multiple shows on our own network, GCN. Recently they decided to whittle down their inventory of shows to simplify their operations and lower costs. Free Talk Live is their number one show for radio affiliates. We have more than their previous top show, Alex Jones, and we’ve bested Jones for many years now. To Jones’ credit, he kills us in internet popularity, but we win by a longshot in broadcast affiliates.

We’re not crazy conspiracy nuts. We just love freedom and are grateful to be able to talk about it seven nights a week to a national and international audience. If you’ve never listened, you can grab archives and our podcast here at FreeTalkLive.com.

If you want to help us bring the message of liberty to our next major milestone of 300 affiliates in the U.S., sooner rather than later, please take a moment and join the AMP program for just $5 (or BTC) a month. Right now we have just under 200 AMPlifiers and we could use your help. The $5 you’ll spend will go further today than it did 15 years ago when we had fewer stations, as the more affiliates we have, the easier it is to bring on new ones. Plus, you’ll get access to some cool perks!

Thank you again to all our AMPlifiers, advertisers, affiliates, and listeners, whether you’re supporting us now or have at some point in the past. You helped make this unprecedented success possible.


P.S. Here’s a handy interactive map showing all our transmitter locations across the US and beyond:

Map of FTL Stations

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  1. Congratulations to Ian, Mark, Darryl, and everyone at Free Talk Live!

    I was encouraged on seeing the map of affiliate stations to notice a station that looked close to San Francisco. It would be great to get FTL on the radio here. But when I visited the website of KMYC, I didn’t see FTL listed in their schedule. I called them and left a voicemail message asking them to confirm whether they carry the show and whether their signal can be heard in SF, and encouraging them to carry it if they currently don’t. It looks like their lineup is generally conservative, but if they’re willing to host a libertarian/anarchist show, that’s excellent. But just wanted to give a heads-up that the listing may be outdated.

  2. Great job! I always look forward to listening to a show.

  3. Starchild, KMYC is one of the few stations on our list I have been unable to reach for a long time. You are better off contacting stations like KKSF-AM.

  4. this is nothing but a big ad asking for money. Now days, everyone with any kind of transmitter claims the same thing you do. This is nothing I haven’t heard before.

  5. Jumping Jacks, I want to thank you for your long time consumption of Free Talk Live and its affiliated media. It is people like you that make it worth coming to work everyday.

  6. Mark Edge, I don’t listen to your station. I have a family and a life.

  7. Gee whiz, Jacks, just look at how spiteful FTL’s success has made you! Boy, one would think you being the sole owner of three booming addiction treatment centers would make you much less resentful of other peoples’ accomplishments!

  8. Nice! Always nice to trigger JJ!

  9. Now, now Rich. Our dear friend Jacks here doesn’t get triggered by anything he reads here. After all, he has a loving family and a great life to think about whenever he feels a strong emotional reaction towards the exceptional accomplishments of his political rivals.

  10. Oh, and by the way Rich, I saw your show with Chris Cantwell the other day. Well done.

  11. Jacks, I realize you are busy with your life and stuff, but I wouldn’t think you were too busy to read and comprehend 2 lines of text. I said “I want to thank you for your long time consumption of Free Talk Live and its affiliated media”. Meaning you comment on just about every story that is posted on Free Keene, and FK is affiliated. This story is about FTL. So, mentioning it is relevant. I just wanted to say thanks and you act in an insulting manner. It is almost as if you are in fact not not busy, and don’t find gratification in your family or life. I mean, what kind of pathetic, boring, loser would post some negative crap on in the comments section of a second rate blog month after month and year after year?

    I scrolled down past the article thinking to myself, “I wanted what that a-hole Jack-whatever posted”. The laughable thing is your come-back is “I have a life”. No you don’t. If you did, you wouldn’t be here … so reliably. See you in a year when I pop back in. HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAh!

  12. I think Jacks just got pwnd.

  13. Mark Edge – “I wanted what that a-hole Jack-whatever posted”. The laughable thing is your come-back is “I have a life”. No you don’t. If you did, you wouldn’t be here … so reliably. See you in a year when I pop back in. HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAh!

    By your statement “No you don’t. If you did, you wouldn’t be here” Apparently that must apply to anyone who would listen to your show. Are you saying I’m singled out because I don’t agree with a lot of the BS you people do Of course saying ““I wanted what that a-hole Jack-whatever posted” Calling people names who share a different opinion is pathetic at best. It shows weakness in your character and a frustration that someone doesn’t agree with you.

    “I want to thank you for your long time consumption of Free Talk Live and its affiliated media” I believe you are using the word “consumption” wrong. But hey, you people are always complaining about the public school system so it doesn’t matter.

    “This story is about FTL. So, mentioning it is relevant”. You are trying to justify another persons opinion by making that statement.

    ” It is almost as if you are in fact not not busy, and don’t find gratification in your family or life”. That is an interesting statement. Because I may post one comment on this web page you come up with a ridiculous statement like that. Apparently you really do not know me like you claim.

    ” you act in an insulting manner”. How did I insult you? I didn’t use names. I didn’t call you names. I voiced my opinion. You chose to take what I sad and twist it around so you can feel like a victim. Isn’t that what you people do? Past articles have demonstrated such behaviors,

    “I scrolled down past the article thinking to myself, “I wanted what that a-hole Jack-whatever posted”. This statement typically falls under childish and inappropriate. Name calling to justify your insecurities is pathetic at best. You accuse me of insulting you and freekeene but you are the one calling me names because i don’t agree with your opinions. It only takes me about 2 minutes to write my opinions but you said “The laughable thing is your come-back is “I have a life”. No you don’t. If you did, you wouldn’t be here”. Again posting my opinion takes no more than 2 minutes of my life. How you came up with that statement is beyond comprehension. Isn’t this an open blog that believes every opinion matters? How you take tat opinion is your problem.

    I will let you get back to your victim fest.

    Have a nice day

  14. Jacks my love, stopping Free Keene has been a treasured part of your life for years now. Everyone here knows this. So why bother to lie about it?

  15. It’s funny how jacks has failed to take down Ian and Free Keene. One might think he is so angry because well, he is a failure and his arch enemy has been a success.

    What Mark is saying jacks is that obsessive commenting on a 2nd tier blog demonstrates you have no life. Some of us comment here, but not because we have issues with the blog or a vendetta. Rather we do so because we enjoy it. The difference being only a pathetic loser would comment on a 2nd rate blog they hate obsessively. To have such a miserable life that you feel the need to focus on the negative and attack.

    You should try and focus on the positive more and maybe separate from your partner if that is the cause of your miserableness. If life isn’t working out for you try changing things up a bit. Maybe listen to the enemy for instance. Sometimes even those you might have a distaste for are right. It’s the bigger man that will recognize that.

  16. Oh Jacks I wouldn’t take any advice from mentally diseased individuals who are on this thread. I mean one guy is a murderer and the other is an ephebophilie, and their all just washed up keyboard warriors. But you must have hit a nerve here because you brought them all out kicking and screaming. Kudos.

  17. kk – When have I ever said I want to take down Ian and freekeene? I know I have never said that but you assume it. Who says I hate freekeene? Again those are your assumptions. The rest of your rant falls on deaf ears.and is not worth the time to read.

  18. Now Jacks, you really shouldn’t lie about these sorts of things. Especially when a lot of us remember the time you tried to convince the fine gentleman over at the KPD to focus an investigation on Ian. As I recall, none of that panned out once they found out that you lived in another state. Boy, that was really unfortunate, wasn’t it? Maybe you should consider moving back here so you can engage in more effective activism, eh pookums?

  19. And don’t forget those bad check writers. knife-wielding child abusers, and hard-drinking plumbers who aren’t financially responsible enough to keep their homes from being foreclosed on! Boy, those folks are absolutely contemptible, aren’t they NNH?

  20. Jacks: You’ll probably love this. Here is some ammunition to use against us. So there have been ongoing discussions within the libertarian community in NH about zoophiles. You know the kinda people who like to have consensual sexual relations with animals. Sooo what are people talking about??

    Rich Paul was apparently housed with a man who was into having sex with dogs. Then the other day there was a story about how John McAfee apparently supports the rights of those who like to have sex with whales! His point was these animals are HUGE. If it doesn’t kill you with its tale there can be no doubt about its consent to your sexual moves.

    Or if you’ve ever owned a dog you’d know an animal can consent. Just try giving a dog a bath or taking a dog to a vet. The animal will absolutely resist. If a dog doesn’t like what your doing to it- it’ll let you know.

    Anyway- if nothing else I think most (all? not sure you can call yourself libertarian otherwise) all libertarians at a minimum think its a waste of resources to throw people in prison who have hurt no one. But also it’s a clear violation of peoples rights not to be harmed, murdered, kidnapped, or kept in a small cage for the sake of anothers morals when there is no victim involved.

  21. My goodness, Jacks! This is right up your alley! That has all the elements a busybody like you needs to save the world! There’s pets to rescue. Activists to call the cops on. What are you waiting for, pookums?

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