“Nobody” Files First For Keene Mayor; Greenwald Welcomes, Says Nobody’s Campaign “Needed”

Vote for Nobody

Vote for Nobody sign found on the internet.

Nobody has shaken up this year’s contentious Keene mayoral election by filing his candidacy before the ‘major’ candidates this morning at the city clerk’s office in downtown Keene. It was an unusual scene today, as I was also in attendance with Nobody and former mayoral candidate Robert Call. For those unfamiliar with the process, when the City of Keene opens its filing window at 8am, there’s always a line of the most punctual candidates. I predicted I’d see current city councilor and 2019 mayoral candidate Mitch Greenwald there waiting and a few others, and I was right. Greenwald in fact had a large number of supporters present, at least 20 inside city hall, many wearing Greenwald campaign shirts. Even more supporters were gathered two doors down at Luca’s for a campaign breakfast.

Nobody shook hands with Greenwald and informed him of his intention to run for mayor of Keene. Greenwald responded positively by saying Nobody’s campaign was “needed” explaining that it would bring levity to what so far has been a very serious race between Greenwald and another sitting city councilor, George Hansel. Nobody is a previous tenant of Greenwald, who is a successful local realtor who also managers a large number of rental properties in town.

This election year has been unusual, at least in the several municipal election cycles I’ve observed. Though the filing window for candidates just opened today and ends on September 10th, Greenwald and Hansel announced their intentions to run months ago, and signs started popping up for both candidates in a heated visibility campaign unlike anything I’ve seen in Keene elections thus far.

Nobody, then Rich Paul, released from jail for selling cannabis.

Nobody, then Rich Paul, released from jail for selling cannabis.

Though anyone else registered to vote in Keene is certainly able to file for $5 at city hall, it’s possible the two councilors’ expensive mayoral campaigns could be upset by the political newcomer. Excluding Nevada where “none of the above” is a non-binding choice on ballots, this may be the first time anyone anywhere has ever been able to truly vote for Nobody. Nobody’s campaign may even excite people who have quit voting or have never voted into actually showing up at the polls.

Anything’s possible with Nobody.

Nobody is a longtime Keene resident that loves cannabis, cryptocurrency, and freedom. He’s a blogger here at Free Keene and has also launched a campaign website at ElectNobody.com. Follow him there or watch for updates here, but definitely stay tuned to the hottest and likely most entertaining mayoral race in Keene for years!

Oh, and in case you doubt his name is really Nobody, here’s the less-than-four-minute probate court hearing from July where it was officially changed from his old name of Rich Paul:

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  1. Go Nobody!

  2. No no no no no no no no no no
    No no no no no no no no no no no
    No no no no no no no no no no
    Nobody can do the (shimmy) like I do
    Nobody can do the (shake) like I do
    Nobody can do the (boogaloo) like I do
    Nobody can do the (Philly) like I do
    Well, I wanna stay? I do, ain’t nobody do it but me
    (Nobody but me)

    Needs more shiny things to mesmerize the masses. I humbly suggest a campaign song and some costumery.

  3. I’m quite excited about Nobody’s campaign. Strange things happen in politics, and it’s not out of the question that Nobody might actually win this thing!

  4. He changed his name? He is a nobody. Leave it to the freekeeners to make a mockery out of everything. To actually think he would win or even get noticed as serious will never happen. Just like all the freekeene stunts, they fall flat on their faces.

  5. You know Jacks, maybe you should put a stop to this travesty and move back to New Hampshire post haste? Maybe you could even run against him? Think of the children, pookums!

  6. Mayor Nobody !!! Has a nice ring to it. I like it.

  7. The hilarious thing is jacks is too stupid to get it. It does not matter if Nobody wins. Winning an election is not the goal here. That publicity your giving to libertarians is however an objective. I’m not talking local politics either. I’m talking drawing more libertarians to NH. We’ve already got a great start. This publicity just demonstrates to others who are thinking about moving that yes- someday we’ll be a significant force to be reckoned with.

    Effectively the publicity we get accomplishes the real objective regardless of any actual election outcome that occurs in the short term for a particular election. If we win great! But it isn’t all that important in the scheme of things. The quickest road to publicity is through mockery of the system you are unhappy with and Nobody has clearly done that.

    The real question is why are you so scared jacks if you don’t think he can win?

  8. Yea..Greenwald likes him because he won’t win and will. Increase Greenwald margin for winning against a actual challenger …right?

  9. Mitch wants to win that’s why he likes Nobody…the democrats have been shit in the election so far..it’s been really sad and disappointing; it’s not like they dont have a edge at the outset…it’s really been unneighborly and dirty.. Councillor Clark’s shenanigans particularly…

  10. You notice i said “the democrats”. See, it isn’t a partisan election it isn’t a red ,blue election. It’s just for who you like.
    But,see, people found out, in this lefty section of NH, that one candidate isn’t a lefty. So the local lefty radio host was, for a while there, screaming “it’s always a partisan race” ! Which actually was dog whistle to the dem troops to rally. lol Then councilor Terry Clark ,pulled some despicable nonsense shenanigans , which it sickens me to even write.

  11. kk – “It does not matter if Nobody wins. Winning an election is not the goal here. That publicity your giving to libertarians is however an objective”. Oh yeah, it really has brought thousands of people to NH. This gives libertarians a bad name. They are already the red headed step children of the political world. This ridiculous stunt will only confirm libertarians are insane. No one ever takes you seriously.

  12. My band “Nobody” thanKS you for the publicity!

  13. I’m not so sure that’s true, Jacks. Susan Bruce is certainly taking us seriously. That’s why she’s finally given up and moved back to communist-occupied Maine. Maybe you should come back here yourself, pookums, especially now that all the reds are all leaving to fan the flames of revolution elsewhere. Then you can take us head on in person! Wouldn’t that be exciting?

  14. Jacks: If that was sarcasm and knowing you it was then you haven’t been paying attention to the Free State Project and related migration efforts. Ian’s little band of publicity whoring has resulted in the vast majority of movers for the Free State Project. Most people when asked have credited Ian and his band of publicity whores. The one thing there is no denying is Ian’s style of publicity whoring works.

  15. Well I didn’t know about Keene, NH but I know now. Nobody should win, because Nobody is the best. If he wins, Nobody wins. Nobody is good enough, Nobody knows the troubles we’ve seen.

  16. kk – “Ian’s little band of publicity whoring has resulted in the vast majority of movers for the Free State Project”. Just how many are we talking about? The current data says New Hampshire’s population has increased only 3% since 2010. https://www.census.gov/quickfacts/fact/table/NH/PST045218 Yeah, just like Ian, you like to over eggerate the real facts and figures.

    “The one thing there is no denying is Ian’s style of publicity whoring works.” How? it really hasn’t increased the population of New Hampshire especially libertarians.. The only thing that is shown in Ian’s “stories” is that you are all nuts.

  17. Say Jacks, did you know that right now more than 10% of New Hampshire’s elected State Representatives are Free Staters? Scary, huh?

  18. To what ends its this campaign…I guess it’s for sport. It could be a spoiler for the right leaning candidate;the side the libertarians usually say the are more inline with..

  19. Jacks: Without libertarians moving in this state would be losing people. You honey just can’t do simple arithmetic.

  20. kk – Just how many are moving into New Hampshire?

  21. It’s 4,392 people as of today, Jacks my sweets. You could have looked that up yourself, by the way. That’s ok, though. I know how much you hate doing the extra research needed to form your opinions.

    Anyway, as kk’s already pointed out, there’s also a tidy sum of people currently moving out of New Hampshire. Luckily though, those are mostly leftists. Nobody really cares about them.

    But the best thing is that some of those people who’ve left won’t ever be coming back. People like you for instance, Jacks! And you folks can’t ever take back New Hampshire from the home team if you’re all living unobtrusively in other states, right pookums? Just saying.

  22. We don’t really know what the exact number is. 4,392 people is just a number based on movers who have come as part of the FSP Inc and confirmed they moved. But certainly it’s at least that. The migration movement is bigger than FSP Inc.

  23. None of that is important, kk. As I’m sure you’re already aware, Jacks prefers to remain blissfully uninformed about any subject here that he has an opinion about. That’s why he’s always so dismissive of any news that isn’t reported on Yahoo! News and the like. He’s funny that way, isn’t he kk?

  24. kk – Out of the 4,392 supposed people who moved to NH, how many of them are libertarians or believe in the same things freekeene does? I’m sure very very few.

  25. Who care, Jacks? They’re part of the Free State Project. And as long as they’re not communists or uninformed voters like yourself, then they’re good enough for us, pookums!

  26. I think jacks has yet to comprehend that people who moved for the FSP or other libertarian migration movements to the state are libertarian.

  27. That knuckle dragging waste of skin is back!? It’s too bad Mr. Nobody didn’t die from that hot dose he did.

  28. Jacks isn’t here to learn anything, kk. He’s too wrapped up in himself for that sort of thing. What Jacks really yearns for is high fives from his chums over at Stop Free Keene. Pretty depressing, isn’t it?

  29. Knives and socket wrenches, Bbsizzle. Knives and socket wrenches.

  30. Oh, and Bbsizzle? I really like what you’ve done with your name. So what’s the extra “b” signify, lambikins? The number of guys you’ve raped in the slammer?

  31. Does “Stop Free Keene” even exist still? Didn’t they lose there domain name years ago and then the main losers who were primarily behind it got run out of town within maybe the past couple years. There was a foreclosure and rumor has it they moved back in with mommy and daddy in MA.

  32. Their public Facebook page is still around. You’ll see Jacks post there from time to time, usually trying to show everybody how pious he is.

  33. If all your “group” consists of is a Facebook page it’s hard for me to take you seriously jacks. Look mommy! I have a Facebook page! Wake me when there are real people that your group consists of rather than some imaginary “group” based on a Facebook page.

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    Write on, beautiful sister, right on…

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