Liberals Surround Man, Yell and Prevent Him from Walking at Straight Pride Parade

When I heard the first ever Straight Pride Parade was happening just an hour from my house, I knew I had to go. I brought along my video camera and a microphone with the goal of conducting as many interviews with interesting people as possible. No gotchas, just straight questions: “What brought you out today,” and “What do you think of the event?”

While I am pouring through yesterday’s footage, I came across 4 minutes of particularly defining footage. A man walking down the sidewalk gets blocked by a woman, and then a group of people, and prevented from moving. He yells for help but his calls are unanswered. The masked thugs revel in their positions of power and his vulnerability. They have deemed him the enemy. Why? That is unclear. But they have him. And they are going to project all their anger and hatred onto him. He smiles. He does not relent.

Here is a 2-hour video featuring all my raw footage from the event. You can feel as if you were there yourself!

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  1. Being a Nazi apologist and fascist bootlicker is a predictable path for your sad pathetic life.

  2. Are you wearing one of those adorable Che Guevara t-shirts right now, DD darling?

  3. What color is it? I’ll bet it’s red!

  4. I’d say this is normal for a str8 pride parade

  5. this is your normal RUN OF THE MILL straight pride parade

  6. Incidents like this always happen at these kinds of marches.

  7. Typical the Free Keene goofs go maga pro police violence as soon as the black guy leaves office

  8. That’s right, DD darling! Now you’re getting it! Viva la revolución and all that good stuff!

  9. Thanks for the video Derrick.

    It looked like angry chubby pony tail guy, bicycle grammy and company were hoping for some slave on slave violence. Their anger displacement is a poor substitute for striking root causes and plays into the hands of the Police State who will use any justification (real or imagined) to “restore order” and ratchet up to a new security norm.

    It’s like the whole event from “both sides” is a giant non sequitur to what the real problems are. Sad.

  10. gay people and black people, by a larger percentage ARE LIBERALS …because liberals stand up for the OPPRESSED

  11. i realize there have been great strides MADE …so now liberals can be dissed and dismissed, now that those things were fought for and won

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