Nobody Interviewed on WKBK’s Morning Show + Pro-Liberty Trans City Council Candidate on Cheshire TV!

Just days after appearing on the morning show on the college radio station and announcing the 10th anniversary of the 420 rallies, Keene mayoral candidate Nobody was interviewed for most of an hour at WKBK-AM/FM. He and host Dan Mitchell covered various issues including the insane war on drugs and even took phone calls, which included one local asking about secession:

(Nobody’s interview is also archived here.)

However, Nobody isn’t the only pro-liberty candidate on the ballot this year in Keene who is getting media attention. Aria DiMezzo is running for city council Ward 2 in a competitive and unprecedented four-way primary. You may recall that last year she became the first trans candidate for sheriff, likely in history. Here is her appearance on the Cheshire TV “Spotlight on the Candidates” series, where each candidate is invited to CTV for a five minute statement video that runs in rotation through the primary election on October 8th:

I’m also running for city council, in the at-large race. Here’s my 5-minute “Spotlight on the Candidates” video:

Stay tuned to Free Keene for more on the pro-freedom municipal election choices this year in Keene!

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  1. Great job, Aria. Wow, Ian you nailed it. And Conan, I saw your name at the end of these videos. You guys all did an amazing job producing this historic content. So cool to be on the record advocating for these things the way you are. Makes me feel happy and excited that people in Keene are being offered such a wonderful opportunity to not only hear and consider some fresh new ideas but also to show their support for them by voting.

  2. Yea- they really did an amazing job didn’t they?

  3. I didn’t watch each video in entirety but if it wasn’t mentioned…prospective liberty councilors might mention they will NOT accept the councilor stipend and if “forced” to will donate it to something that leads to a peaceful and voluntary society.

    Of course any voluntary contributions they receive, (non tax derived) would be their own to use as their conscience directs them.

  4. Hi Bob.

    Actually, Julia Miranda made a similar sort of promise when she ran for city council a decade ago. New Hampshire’s election officials ended up trying to paint her gesture as being equivalent to that of a campaign bribe.

  5. I see the circus is in town.

  6. Say Jacks, didn’t you once tell us that you were a professional therapist? Perhaps you could give them some counseling and make them all better?

  7. I thought jacks worked at a nursing home not for the money because he doesn’t believe in capitalism, but for the “kicks” he gets helping old and decrypted ladies. Personally I think its sick, but unlike jacks I’ll leave him to his own devices so long as he doesn’t take it to the next level and use force.

  8. Jacks never debases himself by applying any force of his own. Jacks prefers to play things safe. This means he has to vote for others to do his dirty work for him. He’s funny that way, isn’t he kk?

  9. dont have anything against trans…but shes a fucking asshole…so shes got that and fk on her.. … …

  10. nobody i thought did well….. it helped that dan was ok, this time lol

  11. ians presentation, seemed like it was off the cuff and no preparation…like he didn’t care

  12. Arias…it was ok….thet both touched on the bearcat …whiich is old news and beaten to death…though the issues are still relevant

  13. im glad to know someone took over …of political tv now since Darryl left; it make me hope they do a mayoral debate..tho it probably won’t be

  14. this is for nobody because i no you’re listening, i ha e acampaign song for your campaign: ” nobody knows the trouble i e seen,nobody ” etc …Everone.knows that!

  15. nobody said nothing so ipso fatso the interview is dead air

  16. if theres another race election,im going to run as just “Whitey”… Vote for whitey!

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