First-in-History Transgender Candidate Enters Race for Cheshire Sheriff as Libertarian

Aria DiMezzo files for Cheshire County Sheriff as a Libertarian

Aria DiMezzo files for Cheshire County Sheriff as a Libertarian

In what appears to be a historic first, the Libertarian Party of Western NH has nominated Aria DiMezzo as their candidate for Cheshire County Sheriff. DiMezzo says that her research shows that she may be the first-ever transgender candidate for Sheriff in United States history.

She’s a principled Libertarian who hosts a weekday afternoon talk show on LRN.FM named “The Call to Freedom“. She’s on the show daily from 4-7pm including the 5pm “Crypto Hour” which features her expertise on the subject of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. (You can watch it via the LRN.FM Twitch channel or listen at LRN.FM.)

The last-minute filing was thanks to the Libertarian Party of NH re-attaining major party ballot access on the level of the republicans and democrats for the first time in over two decades. That means that the party executive committee has the ability to appoint a slate of candidates to fill any races for which no one had yet filed or won enough write-in votes in the primary election. Parties have one week from the primary date to file such a slate.

It’s an interesting approach and throws a surprise libertarian challenger into a long-stale county sheriff’s race that has been a re-match for several terms between incumbent democrat Eli Rivera and longtime republican challenger Earl Nelson.

Aria DiMezzo, LPNH Chairman Chip Spangler, and Robert Call outside the NH Secretary of State’s Office

DiMezzo claims she’s going to be doing real campaigning and has already launched her campaign website which includes her opinions on ending the entire war on drugs. She admits to being a former opiate addict which means she’s got an insight into the world of drug addiction and the insane War on Drugs not shared by her republican and democrat competitiors. As she points out in her essay,

“Each addict has their own unique reason that they turned to drugs as an escape, and the only way to help any of them, if they decide they want help, will be individually and personally. There is no easy, convenient, one-size-fits-all answer. The folly of simplistic solutions like “Arrest them!” is that it allows us to feel like we are doing something about the problem, but we aren’t–at least, not anything beyond exacerbating it.”

DiMezzo, on her campaign site, also calls for the immediate release of peaceful, “victimless criminals”. She tells me she’s more than happy to do media interviews and appear at any local events to which she is invited. It’s refreshing to finally have a principled freedom-advocating candidate for which to vote in the upcoming Sheriff election this November 6th.

Robert Call and Aria DiMezzo standing outside the state house in Concord.

Robert Call and Aria DiMezzo standing outside the state house in Concord.

In addition to the surprise appointment of their first-ever candidate for Sheriff in Cheshire County, Keene’s Ward Four (Cheshire District Seven) has also received a libertarian challenger to democrat newbie Sparky Von Plinsky in the form of former Keene mayoral candidate Robert Call. Call is a free sofware advocate and programmer who lives in Keene. Curiously, his democrat challenger Von Plinsky is a former NSA agent. It should be an interesting race!

That gives the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire more candidates on the general election ballot in Keene than the Republican party who could only scrounge up one candidate for just the Ward 5 election. In order to help keep major party ballot access status, the libertarian candidate for Governor, Jilletta Jarvis must receive at least 4% of the vote. If you’re tired of government ruling your life and always growing more expensive and more demanding, you finally have a choice. You can vote for the multiple libertarian candidates that will be on your ballot in the general election on November 6th. Remember, if you’ve never voted before, New Hampshire allows same-day voter registration. Here’s a City of Keene webpage with information about where you should go to vote.

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  1. It is very sick each day to see young people being deceived by satan to carry out his wicked work. GOD only created A male and a female and told them to reproduce. Marriage is only between a man and a woman.

  2. Nestor: What does your lack of humanity and morals or lack thereof have to do with her choice of clothing? If God exists he clearly created more then a male and a female or are you denying what is right in front of you? Obviously people who where clothing that is outside the norm exist or you wouldn’t see them on the street, running for office, or working with em. Even if you believe that version of your religious mythology / story it doesn’t preclude others from having sex or dressing in clothing you associate with a particular sex.

    Goo luck Bob, Aria, and every libertarian who is running for an office! Maybe this year will be the year we succeed at bringing down the state of corruption. A lot has been happening / is going to be getting interesting at the court level this year too! Good luck to those partaking in civil disobedience and/or other legal action.

  3. Nestor if ‘god’ only created male & female then explain peeps born intersex

  4. is she really motivated to do this or is she just being thrown up

  5. A drug addict with no law enforcement experience running for Sheriff. Yeah………. good luck with that one. lololol

  6. Running a transgender heroin addict with no listed qualifications is “making history.” What makes this historical? IDK maybe she’s the best candidate to enforce the LPNH’s “Guns for Homeless People” policy.

  7. I’ve never done heroin. I stopped at oxycontin.

    I don’t need law enforcement experience. People enforcing law is the problem, not the solution. We need love, not law. Cheshire County has negligible amounts of victim crimes; the arrests are overwhelmingly from victimless ones, and increasingly drug-related. Assaulting and kidnapping people for their harmless choices is no more likely to prevent them or others from making those choices than the threat of it has been.

    All research and psychology shows that rewarding good behavior is a better way of influencing behavior than is punishing bad behavior. We can reward their return to normal society by getting the boot of the state off their necks, allowing them to return to work with clean records and without fear, securing their intoxicant of choice in safety and security like everyone else.

    I’ve lived in that world. You don’t send in a comfortably middle class white oppressor to do outreach to the downtrodden, which is why County and city officials are noticeably absent from addiction awareness functions. They instead do outreach to people who don’t need help. This is ineffective at best, and counter productive at worst.

    I don’t need experience in enforcing law. I need experience helping people, and I’ve got that. The other candidates don’t.

  8. Regarding the “first” thing, we have trans state representatives in the U.S., so I’m obviously not the first trans candidate to public office. Just the first one for Sheriff, as the article states.

  9. It amuses me that in the same breath you reference my previous life as an opiate addict, you say that I listed no qualifications.

    Indeed, my past as an opiate addict *is* a critical qualification in an area increasingly consumed with opiate addiction and opiate-related deaths.

  10. Rogan, I like how you say I list no qualifications in the same sentence you point out my past as an opiate addict.

    In an area increasingly consumed by opiate addiction and opiate-related deaths, this is a critical qualification. One doesn’t send in the comfortably middle class white dude with no history of substance abuse to fix this problem. If the threat of assault and kidnapping deterred opiate abuse, then opiate abuse wouldn’t be on the rise. That same old solution won’t work as the answer when it created the problem. We need someone who has lived in that world and won knows what it’s like. Condescension, arrogance, and threats won’t work here.

    Regarding the “first” thing, I and the article both make it clear I’m the first trans candidate for sheriff. We have trans state reps in the U.S., so I’m obviously not the first trans candidate period.

  11. Godless, I apologize if I mischaracterized your drug use, and am happy if it’s true that you have recovered. Nonetheless, opioid addiction is not a qualification to run for office.

    I know the “middle class white oppressors” who peacefully live and contribute to the community will take note of your divisive rhetoric, and hope we can collectively retire the phrase “making history,” which applies equally to the American Revolution and the mass extinction of the dinosaurs.

  12. I’ve been off opiates for about five years.

    What do you suggest they do about the “divisive rhetoric”? Abuse the power of the office and arrest me? Target me for any and every traffic violation? Also, there are an entire two people my statement was directed at, and, yes, by victimizing non-violent offenders, they are, by definition, oppressors. This is literally what oppression means, and it has always been the case that the state writes laws to justify the oppression.

    I didn’t write the article, though. Ian did, so take the phrasing up with him. 🙂

  13. The entire state apparatus is enforced with violence, not peace. This is why my message stands out. We should be making ourselves available to addicts to help them, not seeking them out to assault and kidnap them. This isn’t to say all police are bad or even that the current sheriff is bad. The system is the problem and, as Thomas Paine wrote in “The Rights of Man,” the benevolence of an oppressor does nothing to decrease the damage of that oppression. As long as they are enforcing immoral laws, they are part of that system. I will not uphold the law. I will uphold morality and love. That these things are not synonymous is the daily of the system, not law enforcement, but that doesn’t change the fact that most LEOs have chosen law over love.

  14. godlesslawless – Once and addict, always an addict. How many times were you arrested because of your addiction? How many people have you hurt because of your addiction? The system isn’t the problem. The problem lies within the communities and the lack of social welfare programs and the fact that many of these programs along with education get axed during budget discussions. People’s morals and values have been corrupted through news media including unqualified “journalists” you find on this form and youtube. All the self entitled people want everything their way without giving back to the communities. Those are libertarians.

  15. “is she really motivated to do this or is she just being thrown up”

    There was a fight over who would get to run, and Aria one. So yea.

    “A drug addict with no law enforcement experience running for Sheriff. Yeah………. good luck with that one. lololol”

    Stop making shit up. Supporting recreational drug use does not make one a drug addict. I’m not a recreational user or medical and I also support the elimination of drug criminalization laws.

    The drug users are not the ones committing atrocious acts of violence. To the extant that there is violence in the drug trade is to the extent and result of its criminalization which has spurred on violence because proper measures to protect ones assets are more limited. If the drug trade was legalized we would still have violence. The only difference is it might be the cops doing the protecting so it wouldn’t make the news. Or not come off as outrageous. The cops kill people all the time for a lot less than major thefts. A drug dealer killing a thief trying to steal millions is no worse than a cop killing a bank robber or attempting to that is in the process of stealing $10k.

    “If the threat of assault and kidnapping deterred opiate abuse, then opiate abuse wouldn’t be on the rise. That same old solution won’t work as the answer when it created the problem.”

    What we need to do is replace those locked up in prison for drug offenses and replace them with those who eagerly participate in the violence against others by voting in such candidates and similar. These are the people who are a threat to society. It’s never been the recreational users.

    “Regarding the “first” thing, I and the article both make it clear I’m the first trans candidate for sheriff. We have trans state reps in the U.S., so I’m obviously not the first trans candidate period.”

    If I’m not mistaken you didn’t make that claim in the first place and this was more or less speculation as stated by Ian. He admittedly said that much in the article. It’s amazing the number of sick creeps who will go out of there way to come here and attack people. The hate group in Keene is alive and well.

    “Once and addict, always an addict. ”

    Are you talking about yourself Jacks?

    “The problem lies within the communities and the lack of social welfare programs ”

    Jacks: The problem isn’t the drugs- it’s the socialist programs that you speak of which create environments which hinder wealth and economic development. The government’s socialist programs and regulations create inefficiencies which reduces jobs and wealth potential for everyone. Which leads people to depression and drugs. The other half of the story is education and an over-prescription of dangerous drugs that lead people to addiction and there being no good solution which leads people to heroin.

    The thing to do is eliminate taxes and transfer ownership of some of the infrastructure thereof to the hands of non-profits which would then enable for-profit corporations to compete with one another on a fair and equal playing field. So you might have multiple ISPs/power companies/etc providing services over the same physical telephone poles.

  16. Libertarians simply want to give power back to individuals like yourself, and away from a centralized, unnacountable bureaucracy. The best gift we can give to others is education that will help free individuals from the slavery of socialism, communism, and statism.

  17. Let me see if I understand your formula, Jacks. So what you’re saying is that all of us just need to be less self-entitled and accept living our lives the way YOU want us to? Boy, that sounds really exciting! Oh, and we get high taxes and absolutely no freedom in return, you say? Gadzooks! Now that’s what I call a bargain! You’ve got me on board, comrade! Where’s the sign-up sheet?

  18. In some cases, Jacks, I’d agree. However, in the last few years I’ve gotten opiate prescriptions from doctors and used them legitimately without problem. The source of my addiction was deep seated, and one that I addressed (not coincidentally) shortly after kicking the addiction. As long as the root cause goes unaddressed, yes, addiction is a Sword of Damocles. Once the root cause is identified and resolved, though, we go back to being ordinary people in our reactions to drugs. The key is to identify each person’s root cause.

    I know someone sentenced to 28 days in rehab. She leaves Tuesday. She’s a bit flustered and optimistic, saying that she needs it for herself.

    Yeah, and she’s 31 days from a relapse. I know because I’ve been there.

    I want to help her, not see her punished.

    There is no easy answer here, no one-size-fits-all platitude about social programs. This is the real world that I have direct experience in. It’s not the fantasy world that outsiders pretend it is. It’s dark, ugly, and filled with internal demons. You send Thesseus to help others with minotaurs, not Ariadne.

  19. Jacks is mentally challenged and not worth your time explaining anything to. He’s never going to comprehend even the simpler aspects of anything.

  20. Jacks has much larger obstacles in his path, kk. He’s very vulnerable to the influences of people he thinks deserve his deference – particularly politicians and journalists. In fact, he’s spent most of his life deferring his good judgment to them. I don’t think he’s ever stopped to consider the possibility that they would lie to him.

  21. How can she run for Sheriff? She has a drug problem. She can’t own a firearm.

  22. Say Jacks, did you know that there are all sorts of American politicians who’ve admitted to using controlled substances? It’s absolutely scandalous that not one single federal bureaucrat has ever threatened to take away THEIR gun rights, now isn’t it?

  23. Jumping Jacks: Your making a false accusation which she has already disputed by claiming she has a drug problem. Unless you are talking about cigarettes. Are you really suggesting that people who smoke can’t own firearms?

  24. @Jacks

    How do you be sure that anybody running for sheriff doesn’t have a drug problem at least Aria is honest about the drugs she’s done

  25. @Jacks

    Do you like having a cup of Joe in the morning?

  26. ZX81 – I’m more than willing to bet she has a criminal record and trying to compare her to other elected sheriffs. She will never get elected. Ian Bernard has a better chance running for sheriff then her. I’m sure, based upon NH’s laws, she will not be able to own a gun or carry a gun.

  27. I can, indeed, own i firearm, and I do own firearms. I have no criminal record. Try again.

  28. And no, legally I never had a drug problem. Everything I took was 100% government-approved, given by government-approved doctors. If you’re anything like an average American, then you do more substances than I.

  29. Actually, I do have a criminal record. One thing from when I was a minor, the records of which have been sealed, and then contempt of court as an adult. None of these things disqualify one from gun ownership, or from public office, which is good because probably every libertarian had a few Contempt of Court charges notched on their belts. 😉

  30. @Jacks

    You’ve nor answered my question that being how can you be that sure anybody running for the Sheriff’s office doesn’t have issues with drugs?

  31. Rogan’s “apology” for saying a “heroin addict” is complete horsecrap.. ::He lied to slam someone . Plain and simple…fucking liar

  32. In contrast, ZX81, Aria has answered all of Jacks’s questions. And she did so by maintaining her dignity and honesty.

    Superbly done, Aria. I wish you great success in your future political endeavors.

  33. So Jacks, now that all your questions have been answered, do you have anything more to contribute here today? I hope you don’t plan on doubling down again, pookums.

  34. Jacks is like a serial domestic abuser. He just doesn’t know when to quit.

  35. Jacks will stop the day he and his dear friends force the last Free Stater out of NH. The same day Hell freezes over. right kk?

  36. I think I figured out jacks real problem. He resents us because we are smarter than he is. He knows us free staters have it good and in spite of the good we bring to his life he can’t stand the fact we still have it better than he. He’d rather suffer under socialism than let others smarter than he live the good life. That is truly a very depressing way to live jacks.

  37. Yup.

  38. A fine example of GOP representation

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