Penn Jillette Talking About Possible Move to New Hampshire… if Vegas Dies

Back in 2009, half of the magician/comedy duo Penn & Teller, Penn Jillette gave Keene a ringing endorsement, saying “I should be in Keene, with the Free Staters”. He later weighed in support of Keene’s controversially named new restaurant, Pho Keene Great.

Now he’s openly discussing a possible migration to New Hampshire as part of the Free State Project, in the possible event of Vegas dying due to the COVID crackdown:

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  1. Free staters are the stepchildren of society. States have people like them always claiming they are going to succeed from the union. It will never happen in NH. I suggest you learn about the topics of your questions. You continue to claim to be the “press” yet you don’t know your subject.

  2. sounds good …. who knows how bad this covid 19 stuff will get

  3. Hey- if it means a free New Hampshire bring the end of the world on! At least I’ll finally be free one way or another.

  4. Oh Please, you have posted a story like this in the past. His show is successful along with his partnership with Teller.

    Las Vegas will not die.

  5. Well, it’s currently dead. It’s more like will it come back to life? I hear the guy is likely to retire before then.

  6. @runningwolfkenpo

    I hope you succeed in knowing the difference between succeed and secede.

  7. runningnosewithfootinmouth – What a joke. What have you people done? Nothing. If you live in this country, you are subject to our laws and repercussions should you break those laws. To actually say succeeding is no big deal shows how informed you really are. Educate yourself fool.

  8. Ian, why are my statements “awaiting moderation”?

  9. Jumping Jacks – What was the point of your comment? I guess you want to show everyone that you are a stalker with a statement. How pathetic. You really need to learn different questions. Yawn.

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