Penn Jillette Models Pho Keene Great Shirt, Promises to Visit!

Magician and Comedian Penn Jillette Wearing Pho Keene Great Shirt!

Magician and Comedian Penn Jillette Wearing Pho Keene Great Shirt!

The Pho Keene Great victory over the dastardly City of Keene gang continues to reverberate throughout the world. Now, the already popular Pho Keene Great t-shirt is being modeled by magician and comedian Penn Jillette on his Twitter account, where he’s followed by over 1,840,000 people.

In another tweet, Jillette also promises he’ll be stopping in to Pho Keene Great, presumably when he next visits his nearby hometown of Greenfield, MA.

Long-time readers of Free Keene will remember when years ago Jillette expressed his desire to move here to Keene and join “with the Free Staters”. Looks like he has continued to pay attention.

Pho Keene Great t-shirts have been continuing to fly off the shelves at Route 101 Local Goods. Proprietor Chris Rietmann says orders continue to come in daily both online and in-person at 661 Marlboro St in Keene, NH. Plus, fans can now order Pho Keene Great hats and bumper stickers! Yes, you can pay with cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, DASH, and a bunch of other cryptos.

Pho Keene Great is expected to open its doors sometime in March, according to co-owner Isabelle Rose.

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  1. Hilarious. Pho Keene could retire just selling t-shirts. It’s a novelty. Remember the “Big Johnson” t-shirts? The Pho Keene sign was a misunderstanding between the city and the owner. It got worked out. Penn will say anything to get some attention. I seriously doubt he is going to join freekeene when he is well respected where he is. You freekeeners are obviously desperate for a hero.

  2. You know Jacks, at least we can say our heroes don’t make their living inflicting harm on peaceful people. We both know that yours can’t say the same, now can they pookie bear?

  3. I saw Penn Jillette on TV a year or two ago. He and some others were talking about the Christian baker who wouldn’t bake a wedding cake for a homosexual couple. Commenting on the issue, Jillette said “well if he doesn’t want to do a cake for them maybe he shouldn’t be in the baking business” (or words to that effect). He endorsed initiation of force by the state for a favored minority against a blameless businessman. Jillette is no libertarian, despite him posting as such.

  4. Jim, him saying that , is maybe just his opinion: my opinion is that guns are stupid, it doesn’t mean i want the state to take over

  5. yay for loud public expletives! lol

  6. if we try really hard maybe it can be parlayed into just people yelling really loud sweats on Central square! I know we can ! lol

  7. *swears

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