Manchester Families Flout Lockdown Restrictions, Cops Act Decent

I went to the park in Manchester today. This is illegal both due to the lockdown and the signs on the park stating that it is closed pursuant to the lockdown. At least 20 other people were at the park, with children playing on equipment and adults having conversations. With the exception of the signs, it looked like any other day at the park. People went about their lives as people, instead of characters with Stockholm Syndrome in some dystopian book. I very much doubt that all or even most of these people were anarchists, and I did not recognize any of them. No one was doing anything attention seeking or obnoxious. As far as I could tell no one was there to make a political or philosophical statement (including me).  It was, oddly, non compliance in a way that would be completely acceptable to the average person.

Two Manchester PD cars were parked prominently in the parking lot for most of the time that I was there, which was about four hours. At no point did they approach anyone, yell orders, or turn on their lights, which is consistent with my experience during the lockdown in general. It is my position that the presence of cops is inherently threatening, but outside of that they committed no other aggressions that I am aware of. It is possible that their intent was to be intimidating or monitor how many people violate the lockdown.

To be fair to cops and to be fair to just logic in general, intimidation tends to become denatured after hours of you sitting there just staring at people committing crimes. It approaches zero. The reason why the cops did not take it any further than looking at people is not because public support for the State has waned. It is because politicians care about the welfare of cops less than I do.

Christopher Sununu has absolutely no intention of enforcing the shutdown of an entire society. That would be dangerous. He didn’t sign up for dangerous; he signed up for a desk job. And there is nothing wrong with a desk job, most people in them just don’t pretend that their employment involves shutting down societies by force or other such delusions of grandeur. Sometimes politicians get carried away and pass laws that are so lacking in public support that they either have to be enforced in secret or not at all. Politicians aren’t thinking about officer safety when they write laws and they do not care if cops die. They care about their own popularity. The job of a police officer is relatively safe. This is even more true in a low crime state like New Hampshire. And since cops are people (much to the chagrin of my philosophical peers, but also the reason they are responsible for their actions) they take jobs for the same reason that most people take jobs. They want the money. Some will even admit that they do not agree with a particular law and will arrest people for it anyway. They are not self-sacrificial defenders of a misguided view on justice and order. This would be almost physically impossible as it would require individual cops to change their moral principles every election, and there aren’t anywhere near as many self-sacrificial ideologues as there are cops. And they usually work under conditions where they grossly outnumber and outgun their direct victims. The continued existence of the State depends more on popular support than it does its firepower. Resisting the State is life threateningly dangerous when done alone or with the support of a few. When the majority of people ignore the State, not only is it unable to enforce its dictates, its enforcers have no interest in doing so. Because at the end of the day, they aren’t devotees of Christopher Sununu’s every word who start fights for the honor of the cause; they start fights for $1200 a paycheck.

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  1. Interesting article, Thanks. Good to hear you saw good people disobeying bad laws, er, rather, disobeying “not laws”. Since the “lockdown” b.s. is not backed by the mythical and magical constitution anyway.

    I liked that you mentioned the continued existence of the State relies on continued support. Massive withdrawal of consent is powerful. Of course many of us, never really consented to being “a subject” in the first place. “Normal” people are doing many acts of civil disobedience every day. That’s a good thing for freedom. I always thank any store clerk that isn’t wearing a fear mask. Hopeful.

    On the bright side, government schools being closed may slow the implantation of propaganda.

  2. Te police are not going to nab everyone who is outside.This topic has been done to death. The pandemic isn’t over as of yet. Anything you do is your responsibility. Should you get covid-19 or pass it on to someone else will be your responsibility.

    People who do these things are just slapping health care workers in the face. Health care workers don’t want to continually put their lives in danger because someone decided to act stupid and then contract covid-19.

  3. “This topic has been done to death.”

    You know what’s also getting stale, Jumping Jacks. Your tired old mantra that authority will keep us safe.

    Case in point. In March, Andrew Cuomo ordered nursing homes to take CV-positive patients so that hospitals wouldn’t be overwhelmed. It was illegal for them to refuse. Six thousand people died because of that order. Mostly elderly people. The same people Cuomo said was necessary to save by quarantining the entire state. You can’t make this stuff up, Jumping Jacks.

    “The pandemic isn’t over as of yet.”

    Then why are states starting to open up, Jumping Jacks?

    “Anything you do is your responsibility. Should you get covid-19 or pass it on to someone else will be your responsibility.”

    That’s fascinating, Jumping Jacks. So what happens when government bureaucrats allow CV to spread to others? Will they be sharing any of that responsibility with Melanie?

    “People who do these things are just slapping health care workers in the face.”

    Moral solipsism at its finest, Jumping Jacks. And hence a complete load of bullshit.

    “Health care workers don’t want to continually put their lives in danger because someone decided to act stupid and then contract covid-19.”

    Another load of bullshit, Jumping Jacks. Outside of New York City, hospitals have been virtually empty since April. They’ve even been furloughing hospital staff because they can’t afford to pay them. Do you know why? Because governors have been ordering hospitals to nix “elective surgeries” and only accept CV patients, which have been far lower in number that what was originally projected. This is the kind of thing that happens when those who make policy are insulated from the consequences of it.

  4. We should have a national medical emergency response team. they could control the hospital occupancy and needed supplies to the right warehousing and logistics for on demand. We’ve seen as a hodgepodge of make it up, guessing by gosh throughout every level of government from the White House down. It has been chaotic and that is why so many people have died. Eventually something of this nature will come along that will be far worse. We are being shown our weaknesses. But no other country in the world is better than United States are converting manufacturing to needed supplies and moving them to where they need to be quicker than anyone.

  5. @Chuck, we should have an intergalactic medical marijuana response team, that controls nothing, but facilitates cooperation. Run by brightly colored courier Parrots. That’s what “we” should do!

    This prohibition hodge podge is chaotic and many people have died!

  6. Lmao

  7. Melanie, this is terrific! Thank you for documenting for the history books.

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