Selling Bitcoin – The Ultimate How-To

Aria DiMezzo, High Priestess of the Reformed Satanic Church, gives a detailed tricks-of-the-trade on how to sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies online. Presentation recorded at the Bitcoin Embassy NH:

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  1. “Aria DiMezzo, High Priestess of the Reformed Satanic Church” Now that is funny. A total pseudo religion.

    Isn’t this the person who was running for sheriff at one time?

    What qualifies to be an expert in this little “how to” get together? It’s nothing but a bunch of paranoid rambling and how to get back at big corporations and undermined them.

    What a joke

  2. ‘What qualifies to be an expert in this little “how to” get together?’

    I think I can answer that. How ’bout knowing how to sell Bitcoin and being willing to share the knowledge with others?

    ‘nothing but a bunch of paranoid rambling and how to get back at big corporations and undermined them.’

    Lol no if you watch the vid you can find its just about selling Bitcoin. But I have to admit that your idea could make an interesting video also. Why not work on something like that instead of spending your time here spreading hate. Just a thought Jacks 😛

  3. Jumping Jacks. Qualifieds experts is laugh. I survive Stalin. What you do, Amerikansky? Grope wiener at nails salon?

  4. Lol

  5. Because… We care about the location of polling places?

  6. No one is talking to you

  7. Aria, it was hard to hear your contact info at the end. How can I get in touch if I want to send you a message to discuss business?

  8. Great talk Aria! All religions are a scam Jacks. Aria is ultimately just jumping through hoops that the government requires, but ultimately won’t likely in practice protect her from the government goons.

  9. kk – No, all religions are a scam. Those are your words. How is being some high priestess for a satanic cult jumping through hoops? The presentation was not concise and flighty.

  10. Did you even watch the presentation jacks? It wasn’t as your describing. It was excellent.

  11. kk – Yes I watched it. The material was straight off a website and Aria didn’t even comprehend most of what was being talked about.

  12. Jumping Jacks. In news, Amazon announce many open positions available to Karen. If you gets hireds you moves out of parents house, gets the girlfriend, and finallys has the sex, yes? Then you is happy and is maybe less of asshat to everyone? There. Is fixed for you.

  13. Boris isn’t it obvious? Jumping Jacks is already in love. The way he has been following Ian’s posts for years and yet has nothing good to say about them. He is clearly obsessed, and any new gf he might have would not be willing or able to compete :/

  14. Ha ha Intrigare. Jumping Jacks to be in love is laugh. Karen is much like wind sock too. Is change whichever is direction of wind. All in vain to make pretenses of virtue, yes?

  15. Yes Boris. If he weren’t so busy working on his doctorate, he should run for office no? He would fit right in on capitol hill.

  16. Jumping Jacks is doctorates student? Ha ha. Boris think that is laugh. But Boris agrees with Intrigare. There always ample room on Capitol Hill sufficiently for Karen.

  17. @Jumping Jack what makes your made up fantasy story (I assume you are a Christian) any less real than her made up fantasy story?

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