NH State Police Admit Mistake! Criminal Record Annulment Saga Continues

The NH State Police called me back today.

The nice woman on the phone was very polite and respectful. She let me know that she looked into my records and found the judge’s order saying they were supposed to expunge my entire record, and they must have made a mistake and missed some.

(An honest mistake, they took care of 5 arrests and 16 charges with a single $100 fee. It’s reasonable to have missed a couple pages in the huge stack of paperwork they had to sift through.)

She took care of it and asked me to re-apply for a criminal history check — with no fee for that — just a note saying the fee had been waived. So I sent that in.

What happens next? Will my record finally be cleared after all these years?

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  1. Why don’t you make a video after your “journey” is over. Each of your recent videos repeat the same thing over and over.

    Maybe you just want to hear yourself say it over and over trying to convince yourself you are not a criminal

  2. So Derrick J’s a criminal no matter what his police record says, huh Jacks? Wow, that’s really scary. But the truth is that’s why we like him.

    Anyway, aren’t you one of those “letter and spirit of the law” kind of guys or something? I mean you do understand that expungement means Derrick J no longer has a criminal record, don’t you? So why continue holding a grudge? NH’s authorities haven’t. Besides, it’s not like any of this is your concern. You don’t even live in NH, ya knucklehead.

  3. Oh Jumping Jacks, don’t be salty. If Derrick didn’t include updates, then where else could you frequent and get proven wrong over and over again? Think about that one Jacks.

    You know, repeating over and over that Derrick is a criminal doesn’t make it so either Jacks. The NH police don’t seem to think he is a criminal. If he is a criminal, then where are his victims Jacks? Have any ever come forward?

    I like Derrick J’s format… Giving us updates every step of the way. In fact, I’d be happy if he included more, such as the phone call to the police where they admit the error. But I understand he has a life outside of this.

  4. People jump through all the hoops and pay all the money to get their records expunged, then they might go for that job they wanted, or maybe they’re going for some housing that they’ve been waiting for forever as it is with section 8 housing that people need, they have to wait forever. So maybe some family figure that they have all their ducks in a row, and they go for that thing that they wanted that was being obstructed by their record; but because they didn’t do what Derek did; double checking the work of the people who are supposed to fix things, they get blocked from that job ,they get blocked from that housing, they get blocked from whatever they’ve jump through all the hoops for. So thanks for this Derrick.

  5. The State is a legal fiction that people are taught to worship, or at least comply with, if you don’t want them to steal your stuff or murder you.

    It’s just violent criminal people doing things that would be wrong if ordinary people did the same things. Some of the State lackeys are ignorant and don’t realize they are useful idiots, while others know they are evil and relish the tingle in their tiny power boners they get when forcing genuflection.

  6. Derrick’s giggly mugging for the camera almost makes one long for the days of Dave Ridley.

  7. I’ll bet it really sucks to have scrotums for eyelids, CGK. Speaking of scrotums, while you’re sexing yourself up to Indonesian trannies on your computer tonight, I’ll be in your garage stealing all your motor oil.


  8. maybe DJVCS should be updated, with this..if not with video, maybe with text

  9. You’re so defensive, Cliff Yablowme. Does Derrick make special, intimate videos just for you?

  10. I’ll bet you’re laying in bed, drinking White Claws, and reading about Linux right now, aren’t you CGK? Fucking college boys. I never went to college because college is for nancyboys and rich dickheads. Also, I was too busy fighting for my country, which, thanks to yours truly, is something lazy assholes like you don’t have to worry about. If we had a war, you can bet your zit-covered ass you’d be straightened out pronto and there’d be none of those faggoty Priuses around town. One time I caught a college boy driving around in one of those and I took the thing and drove it into the river and said “Now this Japanese crap is where it should be goddammit! Buy American, dickweed!” The cops let me off with a warning because I’m a fucking war hero.


  11. Oh, and heads up, CGK. I have it on good authority that you’ve “Liked” numerous videos of pre-teen girls, you have no children, and you’ve posted that you love watching Disney movies. You commie, cross-gender weirdos make me sick.


  12. Cliff Yablowme, illustrating the Free Stater journey – from Cop Block to Cop Blow.

  13. Respect your veterans, CGK.

    I guess you forgot I saw you in the emergency room last month when I was getting the plate in my head checked out. You were complaining you were constipated ever since you “accidentally” sat on your pet hamsters. All twelve of them. Repeatedly. Was that a new personal record? You looked pretty proud of yourself. I hope the Feds try you as an adult you sick fuck.


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