“No Mandatory Masks” Protest Set for Keene on 8/15, Regardless of How Council Votes

Nicole and David Lheureux in Plymouth

Nicole and David Lheureux in Plymouth.

David Lheureux wasn’t expecting to be a protest leader, however he couldn’t ignore our freedoms slipping away and decided he was going to do something about it. This Spring, the self-described “gearhead” created “8.3L”, or “Eight Point Three Leader”, named after a six-wheel military truck used to pull big trailers. I spoke with Lheureux by phone this morning and asked him about the vehicular mascot. He told me, “Engine heart of vehicle, we need to think about our hearts and what’s driving us.”

What is driving you? Is it fear or love?

As he created the group, the medical authoritarian state began to rise and along with it came mask mandates being passed across the country and now beginning to crop up even in supposed “live free or die” New Hampshire. This week, Keene’s city gang bosses are expected to vote Thursday night on a proposed mask mandate targeting business owners with fines.

Masks- the new symbol of tyranny.

It’s also a symbol of obedience and fear.

Lheureux’s event, set for Central Square 11a-4p on Saturday August 15th, will be going on regardless of the Keene council’s vote on the issue. We know from the BEARCAT debacle that they don’t actually care about rights or what people want. Expected speakers at the event include the two gubernatorial candidates who are taking on tyrant-king Chris Sununu in the primary, Karen Testerman, and Keene’s own “Nobody“!

The Keene event follows Lheureux’ successful mask freedom event in Plymouth last week.

While positioned by its proponents as pro-health, the face mask is actually anti-human. Combined with so-called “social distancing” – which is anything but social – the masks prevent people from making the most human of connections with others – being able to see facial expressions.

Sadly, large numbers of Americans have fallen right in line and begun wearing them as their corporate overlords have been demanding. Most aren’t willing to lose a job in a protest over a work uniform, understandably. However, because the corporations are working hand-in-hand with the state to propagate obedience, the seeming ubiquity of the masks leads more people to comply, if not for fear of receiving a threat from a uniformed government gang member, then certainly because of the immense societal pressure from fearful peers and neighbors. Some of whom are so scared of COVID – which has killed a very small percentage of people – they will yell at or even physically attack non-mask-wearing free people.

We need more businesses like this - no masks allowed

We need more businesses like this.

Worse, some have even politicized the issue and conveniently ignore that the mandates and lockdowns come from both Democrat and Republican government goons. I don’t care what politicians and their pet doctors say – they are liars and they are always seeking more power. 2020 has been a banner year for the power-seekers thus far. They’ve successfully locked down swaths of the population, deployed checkpoints and armed, masked gangsters in the streets, destroyed countless businesses with their insane restrictions, and are now telling people what they have to wear. It’s tragic.

Thank goodness there are still people in New Hampshire who care about human freedom. See you at Keene Central Square on 8/15 11a-4p for the “No Mandatory Masks” protest. Bring your favorite signs or whatever else you think is appropriate to get your message of freedom across.

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  1. Ian, As usual you have outdone yourself. It’s people like you who have caused the Covid-19 virus to strike hard in Arizona, the coastal states including Florida and California.

    “While positioned by its proponents as pro-health, the face mask is actually anti-human” So are ventilators Ian.

    Your article is full of half truths and wrong information. The scare tactics you use are your ideas and have no merit and are lies. Unfortunately that is your position on everything.

    People who wear masks are educated about the virus. People who choose not to wear masks are the ones who only think of themselves and not the consequences to the community. I’ve seen pictures of freekeeners wearing masks. Are you going to point your uneducated finger at them and try to shame them out of wearing a mask just so you can make yourself look good.

    You continue to push it until tragic consequences occur. It’s pathetic

  2. Mandatory masks? Not OK. Masks? Heck yea. But, apparently I’m not welcome at the protest. We’ve got the state religion, and then the anti-state religious. I prefer not partake in either.

  3. Jacks: While you aren’t totally right your comment above is more in line with reality than usual. What’s going on? Did they put you on some new medication or something?

  4. If you feel you need to wear a mask, that’s your business, KK. You can do whatever you want. This event is not anti-mask, though I personally think wearing them contributes to the overall zeitgeist of oppression. You do you, though.

  5. Tragic consequences, Jumping Jacks? Is that so? Wow. That’s really scary.

    There’s one small problem, though. Most sensible people don’t think this new apocalyptic blight you self-anointed prophets are trying so hard to warn us about is anywhere near worth the level of hysteria you’re awarding it. Maybe you and your friends in the progressive cult should work on inventing an even scarier looming catastrophe? I have a few ideas if you’re interested.

  6. Ian – you are an dangerous asshole.

  7. You incels don’t get close enough to people to infect them. Still, best wear a mask during your nightly circle jerks, boys. Rich Paul doesn’t look like much of a hand (or anything else) washer.

  8. CGK, you genderfluid simp. Next time I catch you trying to steal my cable TV I’m gonna lay ruts on your front lawn and run over your BBQ grill with my Cub Cadet. Now shove off, fagbait. I’ve got to powerwash the bird droppings off my Chrysler before I head out to the titty bars.


  9. Masks are a solution in search of a problem.

    Nearly all of the covid related deaths in NH have been old people ALREADY under long term health care. Meaning they were in danger of dying from nearly anything they contract.

    As of August 1st, about 214 people (89% over age 70) out of 1.4 million in NH had died from covid. (or “with covid”) . I think that comes out to .0015 percent chance of dying if all ages had equal death stats, but they don’t. Deaths are skewed heavily towards old and sick people.

    People under 60 have a much smaller chance of dying, pretty close to zero. Young people and kids wearing masks is like wearing a helmet so a piece of sky won’t fall on their head.

    If I don’t have any right to force a person to wear a mask, I’m not sure how I could delegate that nonexistent right to somebody who claims to represent me. Magic?

    What’s next, the Obesity Police ?

  10. Poor Cliff is as tiresome as Yablowme as he was as Drac Vermell.

  11. Respect your war heroes, CGK.

    And stop strutting around your yard in those leopard thongs, fagbait. Nobody around here gives a shit how skillful you are at tucking it in.


  12. Oh Jacks,

    You’re so sweet for warning is about all these invisible threats to our health and safety that our government caretakers need to save us from (in case we missed it on every TV channel.)

    But are you sure your chastisement of Ian is warranted? Afterall, he is merely following what the CDC and many other public officials told us in just a few months ago. You know, to NOT wear masks? Remember that Jacks?

    Gone outside lately? If you did, perhaps you’d rethink your opinion that Ian is public enemy no. 1, since, well, he is doing the same thing as millions of people are doing right now?

  13. All you fear mongering trolls make me giggle.

  14. Ian is bumpin uglies with Aria and no one is talking aboot it

  15. I celebrate every anti mask death.
    Hopefully we get to add yours to the count!

  16. Isn’t Aria too old for Ian?

  17. If I ever change my name, as is the habit or the freedom people, I’m going to change it to something like Lheureux., Or I’ll just throw random letters together… That are virtually impossible to utter. Then I can watch people get flummoxed

  18. kk -” While you aren’t totally right”.

    Please tell me what I am not right about.

  19. keene just got a mask ordinance so Ian et al are gonna be in big trouble by the MAN, Keene NH edition

  20. ^that was just yesterday…so i guess that puts threat Kbosh on Ian’s little tea party

  21. Jumping Jacks ‘Please tell me what I am not right about.’

    How about your claim that ventilators are anti-human? Quoted here:

    “While positioned by its proponents as pro-health, the face mask is actually anti-human” So are ventilators Ian.

  22. Intrigare is laugh at Jumping Jacks expense. Boris join in on fun.

    Hey Jumping Jacks! Boris is reminds Karen to wear ventilators at all time to protects Amerikanskys from covid! Ha! Ha! Ha!

    No. That is sillyness talking. But Jumping Jacks is huge twat, no?

  23. Hehe Good one, Boris 🙂

  24. What will happen if I go to this and set up a free mask table…

  25. This mask nonsense needs to stop. For one, a N95 PARTICULATE mask protects from particles down to .3 microns. The Covid-19 coronavirus is .1 to .15 microns. Most masks don’t have a good seal around the face and cloth masks are completely WORTHLESS. If anything it picks up virus and you’re recirculating your carbon dioxide and viruses that should be expelled (as well as lowering your oxygen intake). Does your underwear stop your stanky farts from polluting the environment? Plus people reuse these things over and over when they should be a onetime deal before being thrown away or disinfected if people were being serious. If you are actually scared of this virus, or are immuno compromised, then you should get yourself an M40 Pro Mask that actually protects you from biological contagions. Get a grip!

  26. Integrals – The masks aren’t going to protect you. Masks protect others from you. If you try to order masks on the internet including the HAZMAT kind you mentioned, you may find you can’t get one or are so back ordered you won’t get one for a month.

  27. Integrals – Dr’s opinions will always very. As I said before, a mask is to protect those around you, not you in general. If you don’t keep it clean and in good shape, it won’t work.

  28. Video is not expressings opinion Jumping Jacks. It details scientifics experiment which puts holes in mask theories. Ha ha ha. Get it? Boris make joke.

    But that is sillyness talking. Boris is sorry Jumping Jacks is mentallys ill person who thinks sounds health policies is killing malaria-spreading mosquitos with bazookas.

  29. >1984 Jumping Jacks
    Amazing. Jacks is a perfect example of why this country is in such bad shape and why it’s about to fall apart. Jacks is a living example, for all to see, of cognitive dissonance. But don’t feel bad Jacks (I’m sure you are completely oblivious). You are a “victim” of Ideological Subversion:



  30. Wow, these comments…

    I think this is great! I live in Burlington but will most definitely make the trip to be a part of this! So nice to see this??

  31. Wow, these comments…

    I think this is great! I live in Burlington but will most definitely make the trip to be a part of this! So nice to see this??

  32. Calms your tits, Integrals. Boris is remind Integrals that Karens like Jumping Jacks is failed to develop modicum of critical thinking and self identity over entire lifetime. Karen will never abandon listen to expert’s many lie. Makes impossible for average citizen likes us to takes back control over insane asylum from Karen, no?

  33. I just came from the epicenter in NYC. Want me to come walk around at your rally? I could distribute Covid to all of you?

  34. I live in Virginia and heard about this on the radio while passing through. An anti-nask rally? Seriously? Are you people brain damaged?

  35. I love how NH is down to an average of 0-1 death per day; very low infections/deaths per population compared to all these other states that put mask mandates in place. Clearly whatever NH has been doing is working….. if it’s not broke don’t fix it. Mask mandate at this point is asinine.

  36. No thanks, Jenna. We’d prefer you stay put in your nitrous oxide tent listening to dubstep music or whatever the fuck it is you do. We don’t have any use for a crab-infested NYC skank who takes a knee every time a colored “protester” shifts an angry look in her direction.


  37. Pete your dangerous for saying people are dangerous … See what I’m saying? you weirdo

  38. gametables

  39. Remember the Stamp Act? Remember the Mask Act!

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