“Stay at Home” Nightcap in Central Square Ignored by Police, To Return Next Week!

"Stay at Home" Nightcap 2020-03-28

“Stay at Home” Nightcap @ Keene’s Central Square

Last night in Keene’s Central Square, nine liberty activists gathered after the New Hampshire governor Chris Sununu’s seventeenth “order” went into effect at 11:59pm, demanding all “nonessential” people stay at home and close their businesses for the next month. I’m happy to say that police, despite passing by the group more than once, ignored the peaceful activists. We enjoyed each other’s company, ordered Domino’s pizza, and imbibed some tasty beverages.

Not long after “HIS EXCELLENCY” – no, I’m not kidding, the orders actually refer to Sununu this way – issued the “order” the people calling themselves the “NH Department of Justice” issued a 33-page memorandum to law enforcement, instructing them on how to handle people disobeying the “order”. Page three of the memo encourages police to use their discretion when enforcing the diktat, first telling them to give out warnings and attempt to propagandize people who are acting free into believing the fearmongering about this virus that has been purposely overhyped.

The government goons want you to believe this is about safety when it’s really about them grabbing as much power as they can get away with. And they’ve gotten away with a lot. People who would normally be skeptical of politicians’ lies have fallen under their spell and are now lashing out with “quarantine shaming” at those who would dare to continue to live normally. You can see examples of this in the comments on recent posts about Coronavirus noncooperation here on Free Keene. These Stockholm Syndrome victims will even go so far as to threaten violence and wish death upon those who question the media and government claims about this virus and choose to exercise what few freedoms we have left.

It's essential to have the company of other humans.

It’s essential to have the company of other humans. It’s also a human right.

To Sununu’s credit, and he doesn’t deserve much, his order does have an interesting provision that gives more flexibility than is found in other governors’ orders like Illinois. It allows people to leave their homes for several reasons, including:

any other errands an individual determines to be for essential needs

Given that most people need to have contact with other humans, as we are a social animal, it could be considered essential to the need of good mental health to go out and be with others. It’s also interesting that the language allows the individual to determine, not state agents, so he does deserve some credit for this carve-out. However, Sununu is not a defender of freedom and his overall actions here are contributing to the spread of fear and the destruction of New Hampshire’s economy.

Though we were not able to reach over ten people at last night’s Nightcap, we likely will at the upcoming event at the state house on April 1st at 2pm that Sununu’s challenger in the 2020 republican gubernatorial primary, “Nobody” announced this week. Ten is most recent limit on the number of humans who can gather in the same place, per Sununu’s “order” on the subject earlier this week. In case you missed it, Nobody received excellent coverage for his views this week from the Boston Globe. Hope to see you in Concord on April 1st at 2pm at the state house steps to make a stand for the freedom to assemble, a basic human right.

Also, Keene Nightcaps will continue Friday nights, at 11:59pm, at Central Square. Attend at your own risk, bring your substance of choice and enjoy the company of other humans, as is your right to do.

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  1. “Quarantine shaming,” exactly. The mainstream media is also working overtime on that one.

    “HIS EXCELLENCY” lol you can’t make this stuff up.

    I don’t see you in that pic Mr. Ian, or are you the one wearing the mask?

  2. CAN you assemble? Of course. Should you? Of course not. Not if you care about your families or your fellow citizens. But like most Trump worshipers, you have no respect for the experts. You think you are smarter than them. But regardless, I’m not sure what this article is about. You didn’t break the law. They say don’t assemble in groups larger than 10 people. You were 9 people. You are a group of people obeying the law. Ooooh, such rebels you are! Really, this is so embarrassing, I’m surprised you acknowledged that the “rebelion” even happened.

  3. Stupid morons

  4. Aw come on Joe, of course we should assemble. As Ian correctly points out, it is a basic human need and right.

    Ian is showing respect for the experts. He linked to one when making his point about the virus being purposefully over-hyped.

    If you are confused about what this article is even about, perhaps you could try reading it again? The article never makes the claim that they broke the law. Also you and the likes of “HIS EXCELLENCY” can rest word “rassured theebelion,” which you quoted in your comment, is not found anywhere in the actual article.

  5. *can rest assured the word “rebelion” which is quoted in your comment, is not found anywhere in the actual article.

  6. Just curious, if a person inadvertently coughs in the general direction of a liquor bottle display while perusing the wares at the New Hampshire State liquor stores is that a punishable act of Terrorism ?

    Felony for a cough ?

    Misdemeanor for a gurgly cough suppressed throat clearing ?

    Do you still get a speedy trial? Team of inquisitors ? How’s this shit work?

  7. “But like most Trump worshipers, you have no respect for the experts.”

    Remember when Trump recommended travel restrictions to and from China two months ago and you libtards bitched and moaned about all the racism that precedent would set? Uh huh, Joe. That actually happened.

    Now shut the fuck up and mow my lawn. And those clippings better be nice and neatly bagged on the sidewalk when I get back from Denny’s or I’m gonna stomp your guts out.

  8. Like with all laws, I just think of it as a suggestion

  9. Ian, your paranoia has take a train to nowhere. How is any of this a victory? These are the same 9 people you hang out with on a daily basis. Also, the number was below ten so you did stay within the governor’s request.

    The words, ““HIS EXCELLENCY” is just a misnomer. It’s wording that was placed in an enacted law. Of course you can’t see that and run with it.

    “The government goons want you to believe this is about safety when it’s really about them grabbing as much power as they can get away with”.

    That is an outright lie Ian. Again you let your paranoia runaway with your logic.

    I don’t know why people are trying to influence your decisions of gathering outside, There are several factors you have forgotten about.

    1. If someone tests positive for the coronavirus, you will all be in quarantine for 2 weeks. Yes, Ian, they can make you.

    2. You people will get caronavirus and the potential dangers of that illness can do a life time of damage to your lungs.

    3. Being hooked up to an oxygen bottle for the rest of your life. Some of that money for treatment will come out of your
    pocket. That is if you have health insurance.

    4. Most of you freekeeners aren’t healthy. You all smoke, typically have alcohol and drug abuse problems and are out of shape. This will only compound the potential to more serious harm to your bodies.

    It’s weird to read these articles and see that most of your followers are against your childish behaviors of puting everyone at risk. You are going to lose more support then gain.

  10. Can you post shorter posts JJ .. Being succinct and concise is good too

  11. Jumping Jacks-“The words, ““HIS EXCELLENCY” is just a misnomer. It’s wording that was placed in an enacted law. Of course you can’t see that and run with it.”

    A “misnomer?” Hey greaseball, you know the internet has online dictionaries, right?

    Anyway, the title Sununu’s using is also wrought with irony because NH’s motto is “Live Free or Die.” See the incongruousness of the whole thing, chicken-fucker?

    “Again you let your paranoia runaway with your logic.”

    You think they’re the ones who’re paranoid, you mooing shit stain? They’re not the ones crying out about how every man, woman, and child is going to get coronavirus and spend the rest of their lives on supplemental oxygen, now are they?

    “It’s weird to read these articles and see that most of your followers are against your childish behaviors of puting (sic) everyone at risk. You are going to lose more support then gain.”

    You know what’s even weirder? I heard your wife’s been spreading the clap around town and you still haven’t gotten it. Let me guess. You’re not into ladies these days, are you queerbait?

  12. I can’t wait to hear what you Free Keeners are doing to help out in your community. Sewing masks for hospitals? Shopping for your at-risk neighbors?

  13. Incarcerating Americans without due process? Well played Corona Virus !!!

    Why didn’t I think of that ? Oh, wait, I did.

  14. CGK. You bloated hog. You should have more respect for veterans. I think tomorrow I’m going to go over to your place and throw a gallon of paint remover on that ugly ass blow-up doll you call a wife and watch it melt. Now get back to making jars of pickled preserves or whatever the hell it is you do.

  15. @Cantwellls Gnarly Knob

    a) like the handle b) good point

    rather then help the most vulnerable when it comes to COVID-19 Ian & his bunch of FK cultists would rather help puts lives in endanger by helping to spread the fucking virus

  16. @Zx81

    Spread it to whom, you flaming twink? Didn’t you hear? Most everyone else stayed home. Now go back to your computer games and collect the powerups or whatever the fuck it is you do. I’ll be over later to piss in the windshield washer of that faggoty Toyota Prius you have.

  17. If you’re coughing, sneezing, wheezing


    We’ve got Rum, Vodka, Whiskey and some Gin

    If virus fears are makin’ you nervous


    we’re an important essential service

    might seem a little funny

    but we REALLY want your money

    it’s why we’re still open

    and we’re just a hopin’

    you keep buyin’ booze from here

    we got everything but beer

    maybe quit your dopin’

    while you’re stuck at home a mopin’

    and as long as you don’t hug

    we won’t give a fug

    if you chug – a – lug

    When Simon Sez you stop

    You say yass suh Mista Cop

    but off to work you’d better not go

    try it…AND… off your head we’ll blow

    Now don’t sit there and cry

    EVERYBODY repeat after me


  18. Cliff Yablonsky ‘Now go back to your computer games and collect the powerups or whatever the fuck it is you do’

    Better that then living in mom’s basement jerking off over Ayn Rand novels which it is evident your main occupation

  19. @zx81

    Yeah, yeah. You’re right. You’re way too butch to be a twink. So you’re a power bottom or whatever the fuck. I don’t really give a shit.

    Anyway, I know it was you who gave my neighbor’s dog AIDS. So don’t lie and tell me it was the Koch brothers. I hear that kind of shit from you libtards all the time.

    Now shove off, you zit-infested fungus factory, before I bust your teeth out with a urinal cake.

  20. nah Cliff it was your mama & sister I fucked so wonder your so fucked up

    zit-infested fungus factory? hey at least my mom & sister ain’t the same person


  22. @zx81

    Yeah, yeah. Sure, sure. I can tell you’re into ploughing trim about as much as Rosie O’Donnell is into Lean Cuisine. Anyway faggot, about those dogs you’ve been molesting around town. How many of them have choked to death on their own tongues because they’re allergic to peanut butter? Me and my pal Hector have been wondering about that.

  23. Joe Blow.

    You left your caps lock on, retard. And stop sending me secret messages through the comment section, you fucking wetback. I told you already, I’m not bailing you outta jail until you promise to fix my leaky water heater. I did what you told me last month and slammed it with a lug wrench and now my whole basement is flooded. Now make yourself scarce before the screws figure out you’re not on LegalZoom looking up how to get a green card.

  24. People, can we please all agree to just ignore these idiots.

    I know it’s hard, but what good can engaging with them do? If their minds were accessible to logic they wouldn’t be doing this stuff. Anything they’ve posted that is not trivially wrong, or is not simply petulant name calling, has been an outright lie.

    The title of the article (and all their previous posts on this topic) makes clear what’s going on here. This is just a bunch of spoiled brats with nothing better to do; and with grand delusions of “sticking it to the man”. An entire political philosophy straight out of a 5-year-olds mouth “YOU”RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME!!!”

    The single bright side here, is that we can hope that they will take vows to stick to their “principles” to they end, So that in the coming days they will commit to refusing the medical treatment that they will surely inevitably need, so their self-inflicted wounds won’t divert those critical, and increasingly rare, resources away from other, more deserving souls who will need them.

  25. Thanks Nichael. That was a long-winded, college-boy wusswagon of a speech that could only come from a draft-dodging, pasty wad of gascraps like yourself. I should back my Chrysler over you but I don’t have any cleaning shit that can remove libtards from my paint.

  26. Hi Cliff: Thanks for taking the time to prove my point. Very thoughtful of you.

  27. Back in Nam, I was knee-deep in mud every day kicking the shit out of festering commie bozos like yourself for my country. So respect your veterans, Nichael.

  28. @Nichael Cramer

    Sorry but the outcome you’re hoping for is just as likely now as it is any flu season. Police following edicts from HIS EXCELLENCY are the greater threat to their safety health and well-being. That’s the point. The Founding Fathers knew it, why don’t you?

  29. One final note: On the off chance that anyone starts to feel themselves believing anything these fools are saying, here’s a good resource about what’s actually happening out in the real world:


  30. You know Nichael, I had a CO that was a college-boy libtard just like you. Wanna hear a story about him? One time I had this hot date with this Viet Cong broad I met at a bar. I needed some condoms and toothpaste and was out of both. So I went and stole some from my CO’s foot locker. Later, that fathead scumbucket found out about it and called the fucking MP’s on me. Anyway, long story short, he’s the only guy I know of who’s survived having an entire flagpole rammed up his ass.

  31. @Nichael Cramer

    The contents of the article you linked w,basically says (paraphrasing) “social distancing may not seem like it’s not working, but it is, I promise you! Don’t give up,” can be found on any channel of the mainstream news.

    Many have chosen not to believe everything that they are being told 24/7 by the propaganda machine, and have found themselves less misinformed as a result.

    Have a nice day, its beautiful out.

  32. No it’s not, Intrigare. It’s rainy and shitty out which is just the way these pasty libtards like it. Now stop fraternizing with these fuckclowns before they turn you into one of them.

  33. I predict fewer people will die from this virus in the USA than the dead children in Iraq killed by the USA’s bombs, bullets and blockades after the fake WMD 9/11 kneejerk response .

    Let’s go with the popular figure of 500,000 as the number Corona Virus has to beat. (thanks Madeleine Albright!)

    Or should there be a scale, cuz old people aren’t valued as much as kids and will be the first tagged with “do not resuscitate” when the Government takes over healthcare. So maybe to be fair, Corona virus has to kill 750,000 people to equal the 500,000 Iraqi kids ?

    But wait, those were IRAQI kids, should their lives be valued THAT high?

    Can somebody help me out here? I’m having as much trouble with this calculation as a nincompoop trying to tabulate corona virus deaths by percent while failing to consider not every person has been tested.

    Am I still “allowed” to say nincompoop?

  34. Cliff Yablonsky Back in Nam, I was knee-deep in mud every day kicking the shit out of festering commie bozos like yourself for my country

    yeah sure you were in Nam as a future wet dream in your daddy’s ball sack

  35. @zx81

    I bet you like listening to goth music, don’t you dog fucker? Fuck I hate goths. I can’t even turn on the goddamn radio without hearing whiny suburban liberal shitheads like you bitching about how life is cruel because Hannaford is out of tofurkey or whatever the hell it is they sing about. If it doesn’t have a brass section or someone playing slide guitar, then it ain’t music.

    Anyway, trying to guess your gender is making me want to kiss the damn toilet bowl and puke my dinner into it. So get back to popping the zits on your uncle’s back or whatever it is you do. I’ve got to figure out what to spend my social security check on, because all the titty bars are closed right now.

  36. ‘trying to guess your gender is making me want to kiss the damn toilet bowl and puke my dinner into it’

    Christ Cliff you’ve got some weird sexual perversions & I bet you like doing that whilst Mistress Torture is threatening anal correction with a 10 inch strap on

    ‘I bet you like listening to goth music’

    Now your just being fucking offensive

  37. @zx81

    Fuck I hate goths. Ten years ago I slapped the whiteheads off of a particularly pathetic goth shitbag in Wendy’s who was moaning about the animal products on the menu. I supersized his asskicking for absolutely free.

    The cops brought me in for questioning, but I said I was at home at the time watching the Bears kick the shit out of the Steelers. The cops don’t bother me anymore because I’m a goddamn vet.

  38. It looks like Dracula bailed on FK… Maybe because of me.. and quantity replaced his quality… Well au revoir long time commenter…

  39. In your dreams, Crawford. You’re about as intimidating as vanilla pudding. Drac has taken on a new identity and persona.

  40. Thank you all for putting your lives on the line for freedom!

  41. If you idiots think hanging out and drinking is a good idea and not a big deal why not go volunteer somewhere and make your normally USELESS selves useful for once. If it was jo big deal why is one of your buddies wearing a mask? You all look like you crawled out of your mothers’ basements to waddle your way to the only “friends” you can find. I would say I HOPE YOU ALL CATCH IT AND SUFFER but you are the kind of pricks who will be out coughing on doorknobs and handrails with hopes of making one mor human being as MISERABLE as you in your pathetic lives. LOSERS…

  42. Fuck. You’re that greasy meatloaf from down the street with the two “mommies,” aren’t you? Yours truly keyed both their pickups last week. I should’ve slashed their tires too, but I needed to buy some shingles at Home Depot to fix the leaky roof on my tool shed.

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