Comedian Jim Breuer Says Keene’s Mayor a NAZI

Jim Breuer

Jim Breuer vs the “New Normal”

In an interview this week on local radio, comedian Jim Breuer didn’t mince words when it came to his opinion about COVID-madness including mask mandates. He even called Keene’s mayor a NAZI!

“When it comes to the ‘New Normal’, I’m one hundred percent against that saying”, Breuer said, pointing out that he doesn’t think he’s alone. Breuer believes 80% of the people are on his side against the “New Normal”, but afraid to speak up, saying “you’re gonna have to soon”. Breuer exclaimed, “This is as serious as it gets, and I can’t wait to unleash when I get up there”, referring to his September 4th show slated for the Cheshire Fairgrounds in Swanzey from 8-10pm.

“Your mayor must be a NAZI”, Breuer said regarding the mask mandate in Keene.

It sounds like it’s going to be an epic show!

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  1. Ever since moving to Keene I wondered what was up with the lack of jews here. Well, now I know.

  2. Another idiot comic with an act. I’m surprised no one is out rallying against him coming to Keene because he used the word “nazi”

    “80%” on his side? I wonder how he came up with that number? I’m sure it’s a joke.

  3. Uh huh. Those are all very fine points, Herr Jacks. You’re a very clever gefährte. I mean that, leibchen.

    Anyway, the thing is, if we don’t stand up to Nazi lunatics like Burgermeister Hansel and his freunde, that will only encourage them to hegemonize us, take everything we have, and claim that was what we wanted in the first place. You don’t want that to happen to us gute leute, now do you Herr Jacks?

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